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Fishing the club lake at sunset

"A bad day fishing is better than a good day working!"

Fishing Report 


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Updated 11/23/2015

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Cold weather is here and the local area lakes are starting to cap with ice. Higher elevations have fishable ice but the lower elevation lakes need more time. It is early so please exercise extreme caution when venturing out onto the ice!

*Our reports are only as good as yesterdays news, so for most recent reports contact us at 307-745-5425. 

Laramie Plains Lakes

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Lake Hattie:  Fishing is Fair. Ice is forming around the lake edge, making shore fishing difficult. 

Lures: Rapalas (Rainbow, Firetiger, Gold), Tasmanian Devils (Xmas Tree, Brown Trout) , Kastmasters (Silver, Gold, MetallicPerch Flo Orange/Silver), Thomas Spoons (Gold, Silver, Gold/Red, Orange ) 

Bait:  Night Crawlers, Marshmallows (Orange and Chartruese garlic, Pink Shrimp), Salmon eggs (Garlic and Shrimp), Powerbait (Salmon Egg Red, Garlic, Flo. Red. Flo. Orange) 

Flies: Chironomids (Black, Red) BH Nymphs (Haresear,Prince, Pheasant Tail), Leech patterns (Hothead/ Egg sucking, Pine Squirrel), Crayfish Patterns (Rusty, Tan), Streamers (OBS, Peanuts, Barely Legals ),Wooly Buggers (Nilla, Black, Brown,Thin Mint), Muddler Minnows.

Meeboer: Fishing is great! Reports of Meeboer being capped with ice, but may not be quite safe yet. Soon!

Meeboer is a great trout fishery but has been plagued by winterkill in the past, but with the addition of a new aerator, we avoided winterkill. This is great news as we should see fat fish fast!

Lures to use: Krocodiles (UV Chartruese and Red), Blue fox Spinners (Orange/Brass, Red/Silver, Black), Mepps Spinners (Orange/Silver, GRW and SRW), Kastmasters (Gold/Red, Silver/Blue), Lil Jakes (Gold/Red)

Bait: Night Crawlers, Marshmallows (Pink Shrimp, Red Garlic), Powerbait (Flo. Red, Flo Orange, Pink, Garlic)

Flies: Use same setup as Lake Hattie

Twin Buttes: Fishing is good!  Lots of fish in the 20+ inch range being caught. Ice is forming around the lake edge, making shore fishing difficult.

Lures to use: Tasmanian Devils (Xmas Tree, Rainbow, Blue), Blue Fox Vibrax (Silver, Rainbow,Orange/Brass), Rapalas (Rainbow, Brown Trout, Silver/Blue), Kastmasters (Silver/Blue, Gold/Red, Silver/Orange)

Bait: Night Crawlers, Marshmallows (Yellow cheese, Pink Shrimp), Spawn Sacs, Salmon Eggs, Powerbait (Flo Red, Orange, Pink, Salmon egg peach)

Flies:  Use Same setup as Lake Hattie

Gelatt: Fishing is fair to good! Reports of Gelatt being capped with unfishable ice. Should be soon if temperatures remain low.

Lures to use: Buckshot Spoons (Rainbow), Rapalas (Rainbow, Silver, Gold), Kastmasters (Silver/Orange, Gold, Silver/Blue) Krocodiles (UV Red, Brown trout, Rainbow), Panther Martins (Gold/Black, Yellow/Red, Orange/Yellow), Blue Fox Spinners (Orange/Brass, Silver, Gold) 

Bait:  Night Crawlers, Marshmallows (Red Anise,Orange Garlic), Salmon eggs, Powerbait (chartruese, spring green, salmon egg red) 

Flies: Scuds (Olive), Damsel nymph Patterns,Chironomid patterns (Red, Black, Olive), BH Hare's Ear and Princes, Wooly Buggers (Nilla, Olive, Black), Leech Patterns (hothead), Stillwater Stimulators (Olive/Burnt Orange), Streamers (Various Colors), Mr. QT's and Renegades and Caddis patterns. 

Leazenby: Fishing is fair! Leazenby was recently stocked and is fishing well . Leazenby is a very small and shallow lake but has been known to produce fish in the 20"+ range. Reports of Leazenby being capped with unfishable ice. 

Lures to Use:  Kastmasters (Silver/Blue, Gold/Red, Silver) Slender Spoons(Red/Silver, Chartruese/Silver), Krocodiles (browntrout, UV Red & Chartruese), Mepps Spinners ( Silver, Gold) 

Bait: Night Crawlers, Salmon eggs,Spawn sacs, Powerbait (Yellow, Red, Orange Twist) 

Flies:   Olive Scuds, BH Nymphs (Hare's ear, Prince, Pheasant tails), Chironomids (Red, Black, Olive)., Wooly buggers (Olive, Brown, Black), Leech Patterns, Streamers, Pale Eve Duns

Sodergreen: Fishing is good. No reports, but ice should be forming our at sodergreen. 

Sodergreen typically fishes the best of all the plains lakes. This lake may not produce the largest trout but it can produce in numbers.  The average size of fish caught out of Sodergreen is 10-14". 

Lures to use:   Panther Martins (Silver/Gold, Black/Yellow, Yellow/Red) , Mepps Spinners (Black Fury, GWR, SWR), Blue Fox Spinners (Gold, Silver, Black) 

Bait: Night Crawlers, Marshmallows (Anise, Shrimp), Salmon Eggs, Spawn Sacs

Flies:   Chironomids (Black, Red), Princes, Copper Johns (Black, Chartreuse, Red) , Hare's ears (Gold Ribbed, and Olive), Wooly Buggers (Olive, Brown, Black) , Leech Patterns, Caddis patterns. 

Alsop: Fishing is fair! Better quality than quantity! Reports of 2 inches of ice, so also may be ready soon if temperatures remain low. 

Lures to use: Kastmasters (Rainbow, Brown, Silver), Thomas spoons (Brass, Red/Gold, Blue/Silver), Rapalas (Rainbow, Brown, Firetiger), Slender Spoons (Gold/Glow, Silver/Chartruese)

Flies:  Scuds (Olive), Chironomids (Red/ Black), BH Nymphs (Prince, Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear), Wooly Buggers (Olive, Black, Nilla), Orange Blossom Specials, Leech Patterns, Stillwater stimulators, Damsel nymphs, Caddis Patterns (Goddard, Elkhair, Hornbergs), Renegades

Starting January 1, 2010
"The creel limit on trout shall be two(2) per day or in possession. All trout less than sixteen (16) inches shall be released to the water immediately.
Fishing is permitted by the use of artificial flies and lures only."
Wyoming Fishing Regulations 2010-2011, Wyoming Game and Fish Commission pg. 28,
© 2010 Wyoming Game & Fish Department


If you have any questions or a current report please e-mail us at flystore@flystore.netBack to top of page.

Laramie Area Rivers

Little Laramie:Fishing is fair to good! Ice is starting to form around the edges of the river. 

Lures to use: Spinners (Panthers, Mepps), Rapalas, Kastmasters

Bait: Night Crawlers, Salmon Eggs

Flies:  BH Nymphs (PT's, Princes, CJ's), Small Wooly buggers  (Brown, Black, Olive), Leech Patterns (pine squirrel, hotheads), Caddis larvae, pupae and adults, Stonefly nymphs (Pats rubber legs)

Big Laramie: Fishing is good! Ice is starting to form around the edges of the river. 

Use same setup as Little Laramie, but also try some larger streamer and wooly buggers patterns.

If you have any questions or a current report please e-mail us at flystore@flystore.netBack to top of page.

 Snowy Range Alpine Lakes

Lake Owen:  Open and fishing is good! Reports of safe, fishable ice. 
Important Access info about FS Road 517 closure.

Lures to use: Cubby Jigs (pink/white, char./white, flo. orange/brown), Ratso (Orange, Green), Tube skirts (red/white, pink/white, Orange

Bait: Nightcrawlers, Salmon eggs, Powerbait (Salmon Egg Red, Salmon Egg Peach, Pink, Garlic), Meal worms

Flies: Chironomids, BH nymphs (princes, CJ, PT)

Rob Roy Res:  No recent reports. Should have fishable ice but may only be accesible via snow machine.  

Use same setup as Lake Owen.

Snowy Range Lakes: Lakes are covered with fishable ice, and fishing is great!  HWY 130 is closed

Lures to use:  Charmers, Tube jigs (various colors), Marabou jigs (black, white, yellow) Teardrops (pink, char, orange), Ice worms.

Bait: Night Crawlers, Salmon Eggs, Powerbait (Rainbow, RWB, Nymph Grape, Chartreuse), Meal worms

Flies:   BH Nymphs (Prince, Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tails),  Chironomids (Black, Red, Olive)

If you have any questions or a current report please e-mail us at flystore@flystore.netBack to top of page.

Curt Gowdy & Pole Mountain

North Crow Res: Fishing is good to great! No reports of fishable ice, but ice is starting to form around the lake edge making shore fishing difficult.

Lures to use: Panther Martins (Frog, Hammered brass/Orange, UV Colors), Mepps Spinners (Black Fury, Gold, Silver) , Bluefox Spinners (Black, Gold, Silver), Rebel Crayfish. 

Bait: Night Crawlers, Marshmallows, Powerbait (Cheese, Flo Red, Salmon egg, Yellow, Orange Twist)

Flies: Wooly buggers, Leech Patterns, BH Nymphs (Pheasant Tails, Princes, Copper Johns), Rengades, Parachute Adams, Caddis patterns, Ants, Beetles. 

Granite Res: Fishing is fair to good! No reports of fishable ice yet, but ice is forming around the lake edge, making fishing from shore difficult. 

The Curt Gowdy lakes are the best place in the area to go and simply catch fish. Many species co-exist in both Crystal and Granite Reservoirs, including Rainbow, Cutthroat, Lake and Brown trout, and Yellow Perch. Most fish caught are in the 8"-12"  range with some brood stock going over 18". Granite is the largest of the three lakes and many people go boating out here and it is more of a recreation lake. There is an outdoor archery range, play ground and plenty of camping areas around the lake.

Use same set up as North Crow Res.

Crystal Res: Fishing is fair to good! No fishable ice yet. 

Crystal is just down the road from Granite and fishes about the same as Granite. These lakes are known for their large populations of stocker trout!!!!! There is a 15 HP restriction on any boats at Crystal.

Use same set up as North Crow Res.

Beaver Ponds on Pole Mountain: Fishing is good! Game and Fish recently stocked golden trout in various beaver ponds on Pole mountain! Go try to find em! Ice on the ponds is fishable ranging from 4 to 6 inches.

Use same set up as North Crow Res.

If you have any questions or a current report please e-mail us at flystore@flystore.netBack to top of page.

Other Area Lakes

Wheatland Res #3: Lotsa Water!!! Fishing is good to great! No reports, but ice may be starting to form around the edges of the lake making shore fishing difficult. 

Lures to use:  Little Cleos(Gold/Orange, Chartreuse/ Silver) Thomas Cyclones (Gold, Silver, Flo. Orange), Kastmasters (Gold, Silver/Orange, Perch), Buckshot spoons (Perch, Globow), Dardevles ( Red/Yellow, Black/ Yellow, Red/White), Rapalas (Firetiger, Silver, Perch)

Flies:  , BH Nymphs (Haresear, Prince, Pheasant Tails), Chironomids (Red, Black), BMB's (Canadian blood, Brown, Black), Nilla buggers, Orange Blossom Specials, Boogeymen, Streamers (White, Black, Olive)

Bait: Night Crawlers, Sucker meat, Powerbait (Spring Green, Flo. Orange, Garlic, Salmon egg Red), Salmon eggs.


Toltec: Fishing is good to great! Reports that Toltec in capped with ice, but may not be safe yet. 

Lures to use: Thomas Spoons (Gold, Orange, Brown Trout),Tasmanian Devils , Slender Spoons, Buckshot Spoons, 

Bait: Night Crawlers, Powerbait (Orange, Red, Salmon egg red).

Flies: Use the same setup as Wheatland No. 3

East Allen: Fishing is poor. Game and fish recently stocked East Allen with Tiger Trout!!! No recent reports. 

Lures to use: 



Saratoga Lake: Fishing is fair to good. No fishable ice yet. Call Hack's tackle (307-326-9823) for the most up to date report. 

Lures to Use: Rapalas's (Rainbow, Brown, Silver/Blue), Kastmasters, Little Cleo's, Rebel Crayfish.

Bait: Nightcrawlers, Powerbait (Spring Green, Flo. orange, cheese), Powerbait (Garlic, Cheese, RWB)

Flies:  Chironomid patterns, BH Nymphs (Prince, Pheasant Tails, Hare's Ear), Scuds, Carey Specials, Wooly buggers (olive, black, brown) Crayfish patterns,Caddis Patterns

If you have any questions or a current report please e-mail us at flystore@flystore.netBack to top of page.

Northern Colorado/Walden Area

Walden Area Lakes: Lakes are fishing well! Call Lake John Resort (970-723-3226) for the most up to date reports

Lures to use: Kastmasters, Buckshot Spoons, Rapalas

Flies:  Scuds (Olive, Tan), Chironomids (Red, Olive, Black), BH Nymphs (Haresear, Prince, PT), Leech and Crayfish patterns, Damsel Nymphs, Mr. QT, Renegades, Callibaetis and BWO Patterns, Caddis patterns. 

 Honholz Lakes: Lakes are open and fishing well!

Use same setup as Walden Area Lakes.

If you have any questions or a current report please e-mail us at flystore@flystore.netBack to top of page.

North Platte River

Gray Reef:  Fishing is silly good! Lots of Large fish being caught!

Gray Reef is the tail water below the dam at Gray Reef Reservoir and is a great trophy trout fishery. Being a tail water, you can fish for big trout all year long. Winter flows will be around 500 CFS and high water flows can reach around 6000 to 7000 CFS.  Recent flows are around 500 CFS and the river is clear.  For the most recent flows on the Reef CLICK HERE.

Flies:  San Juan and Red Rock Worms, Scuds (Orange, Tan),  Vanilla buggers, Brown BMB's Leech patterns (Hothead, Pine Squirrel), Caddis Patterns, Hopper Patterns, BWO patterns

Lures: Mepps and Panther Martins (gold or silver), Krocodiles, Blue Fox Vibrax, Rapalas and Thomas Lures.

Miracle Mile: Flows are around 1000 CFS and fishing is good!

The Miracle Mile is a renowned trout fishery and is known for producing big browns and rainbows. The Miracle Mile is the tail water between Kortes Dam and Pathfinder Reservoir. Recent flows are around 500 CFS and the river is running slightly off color. Reports of browns starting to move in from pathfinder. For the most recent flow on the Miracle Mile CLICK HERE.

Flies: San Juan Worms (Purple, Red, brown) , Red Rock Worms, Egg Patterns. Scuds (Orange, Tan, Rusty), Leech Patterns (Black and brown Hotheads, Natural, brown, and olive Pine Squirrel and Mohair), Stone fly nymphs (Pats Rubber legs, Epoxyback stones), Brown and Vanilla Buggers, 

Upper North Platte: Fishing is good to great! Flows have dropped to around 140 CFS and the water is clear!

Flies: Wooly buggers (black, brown, olive), BH nymphs (Hares Ears, CJ's (red, Copper), Princes, 20 inchers),  Stonefly nymphs (Pats, Double bead Peacocks), Hopper patterns, PMD and BWO nymph, emerger and adult patterns, Caddis larvae, pupae and adult patterns, San Juan worms.

Lures: Panther Martins (Black/Yellow, Black/Gold )  and Blue fox vibrax (Copper, Black), Rapalas ( Rainbow, Brown trout)

 If you have any questions or a current report please e-mail us at flystore@flystore.netBack to top of page.

Encampment River

Encampment River: Flows are around 78 CFS. Fishing is good to great!

Use same set up as Upper North Platte.

If you have any questions or a current report please e-mail us at flystore@flystore.netBack to top of page.