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Knot2Kinky Knot 2 Kinky Wire
$9.39 - $18.99

Our Knot 2 Kinky wire is a super elastic alloy which can be stretched and bent at least ten times more than ordinary steel leaders without permanent deformation. The perfect formula of Nickel and Titanium alloys creates a super elastic property which allows a fish to apply an enormous bite. The… [more]

Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (2 Reviews)
Hi-Seas Quattro Monofilament
$17.49 - $109.99

Extruded 4-color line (blue, GREEN, red, and black are alternated throughout). The result is a virtually invisible line which does not reflect light. Equally important is Quattro's blend of softness and strength. [more]

Trik Fish The Original Camo
$10.49 - $54.99

The patented perlon polymer is a super tough line. It maintains its strength better than mono and its camo pattern breaks up the underwater profile. [more]

Cortland 333 FLYLINE

The Cortland 333 Classic Floating Fly Lines are economically priced, durable, high floating, general purpose fly lines. These lines are designed to perform best with today's modern medium to fast action graphite fly rods. [more]

R&R Wind-on Leaders
$10.99 - $48.99

Standard trolling, daytime swordfish and vertical jigging leaders are designed to be the highest quality wind-on leaders on the market. [more]

Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Line
$59.95 - $379.95

Designed for deep drop fishing with Dendoh Style power assist reels, eight woven braids make it super strong, yet one of the finest diameter braids available, less affected by currents for a straighter, more accurate drop. Its smooth surface means less friction and noise from guides on the… [more]

$13.49 - $134.99

J-Braid line is a complete line up of high quality 8 carrier braid made of the finest materials from Japan. 8 Strands of tightly woven fibers makes for a perfectly round profile. The result is a much stronger, softer and smoother line that is more sensitive and farther casting. J-Braid is one of… [more]

Trik Fish 1 Pound Bulk Fluorocarbon

Virtually invisible, and supple for better reel performance. Superior abrasion resistance, with superior knot strength and low stretch. (1 lb. bulk spools) [more]

Power Pro Super 8 Slick Aqua Green
$18.99 - $209.99

Stronger & thinner.Smooth as Silk, 8 yarn Spectra fiber construction braided under high tension to create a live surface that feels smooth as silk. Cast like a Bullet, reduced line friction on the spool and through the rod guides allows Super 8 Slick to cast like a bullet. Silent as Assassin.… [more]

Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament
$3.89 - $16.49

This is the original green monofilament. This is a great all-around line for both freshwater and general saltwater fishing, casting well on spinning, bait casting and larger conventional reels. And even though it's soft and limp, Ultragreen retains Maxima's legendary tough, high durability finish… [more]

Brad's Dacron Leader Spool

Brad's Dacron leader spools are perfect for custom, hand-tied leaders. 10 yards in length. Braid. [more]

P-Line Fluorocarbon Line
$17.99 - $27.99

P-Line's castable 100% Soft Fluorocarbon is extruded from the highest quality Japanese Fluorocarbon Crystals. With a reflective index very close to that of water, FLUOROCARBON is clear in color and nearly invisible in the water, ensuring more strikes. (Measures 250 yards in length) [more]

Ande Premium Leader Material

Ande's 50 yard skeins are very popular for both straight leader material and for the rigging of high speed artificial trolling lures. The skirted spools make for easier handling. Also available in 100 yard coils of heavy leader material tests from 100-400 #s. [more]

Ande Pink Fluorocarbon Leader Material
$23.99 - $59.99

Leader 100% Fluorocarbon Leader on 50yd. Wrist Spools and 1lb. Bulk Spools from 20lb. - 150lb. tests. All Fluorocarbons are not equal. ANDE is 100% Fluorocarbon with all the properties you expect from a Fluorocarbon Leader. Excellent knot strength, strong abrasion resistance, low stretch, doesn't… [more]

Ande Monster Monofilament
$64.99 - $124.99

Ande's Monster Blue and Yellow are extra, extra strong monofilament. In fact it is the strongest monofilament Ande has ever produced. Monster Line is for trolling and for targeting large, mean fish. It is a hard line with outstanding knot strength and abrasion resistance. It is a one-purpose line… [more]

Ande Premiumback Country Monofilament
$9.79 - $18.49

We put Back Country in its own category due to a number of factors. It has superior knot and tensile strength, is softer than our regular Premium and has medium to high abrasion resistance. It comes in tests from 6 - 30. [more]

Mason Mill Ends Monofilament

Mason Mill Ends spools contain up to 45 YARDS of fine quality monofilament line, dependent upon pound test. Each spool is labeled showing test and yardage. 1 spool free with every dozen. [more]

Cortland Fairplay Tippet

Made from the same high tensile strength polymers as the Fairplay leaders. Providing anglers with an effective and economical tippet material. [more]

Ande Ghost Monofilament

Ghost is practically invisible to fish, the company says. The line is also built to be sensitive and super soft, yet strong with excellent knot strength, and high abrasion resistance, for tough fishing conditions. [more]

Rite Angler Copper Wire
$3.69 - $7.39

50 pack. [more]

Malin Rigging Wire

Malin's high quality soft stainless steel, soft monel and copper wire are available in our patent pending dispenser can and our handy pocket pack dispenser. The pocket pack dispenser holds 200 feet of wire. Our Rigging Wire is a great value and is ideal for rigging Malin Soft Wire baits since it is… [more]

Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Camo Leader
$11.99 - $22.99

QUATTRO 100% FLUOROCARBON combines HI-SEAS exclusive Quattro 4-color camo technology with fluorocarbon line! The unique coloring process does for fishing line what camouflage clothes do for the hunter - it breaks up visual patterns making the line blend into its surroundings. Four scientifically… [more]

Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line

This next generation Seaguar braid is so thin that 20 # test has the diameter of 6 # monofilament! Smackdown Braid is made with 8 ultra-thin, micro-weave strands in a round, smooth-casting profile with extra sensitivity. It provides exceptional knot and tensile strength with unparalleled abrasion… [more]

Trik Fish Game Fish Green

The Trik Fish difference: Unlike nylon, which is weakened when stretched, Trik Fish Armour Tough monofilament line restores itself to near full strength after being stretched to the limit! It's Stronger: It's known for its strength.It's durable, it maintains its tensile strength hundreds of times… [more]

Billfisher ®
$10.99 - $29.99

Superior premium leader material with exceptional strength to diameter ratio. As with all Billfisher® products, this leader material is designed for saltwater use. Maximum shock and abrasion resistance. 100 yard coils come complete with sleeve chart for easy reference. 80 test through 400 test are… [more]

P-Line Cxx X-tra Strong Monofilament Mini Bulk Spools And Spools
$12.99 - $15.99

Features small diameter, virtually invisible, extra limp, high breaking strength, great cast-ability, low memory, soft and supple, high knot strength, extra abrasion-resistant coating, and increased sensitivity. [more]

Izorline Platinum Monofilament
$6.69 - $44.99

Premium copolymer monofilament-simply the best. Available in these convenient spool sizes. [more]

Tuf-Line Supercast Braid

Supercast, as the name implies this is the longest-casting and easiest handling superline in the TUF-Line family. Using a revolutionary post-process coating that adds lubricity, SuperCast will change the way you think about braided line. The coating allows the line to have superior castability and… [more]

Mason " Big Cat" Catfish B
$13.49 - $19.99

Mason Tackle Co. offers this all new braided nylon line for the serious fisherman. It is designed for fighting the big powerful cats. Excellent for still fishing or trolling. This braided line is tan color, but will absorb the color of the water to insure catching the wily catfish. This line is… [more]

Mason Multi-strand Wire
$21.99 - $22.99

Constructed of 1 X 7 stranded stainless steel wire. Kink-resistant. Excellent for downrigger fishing and rig making. [more]

478 Results
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