Our History

"A bad day fishing is better than a good day working." West Laramie Fly Store

West Laramie Fly StoreMore than 40 years ago Bob Littlewood purchased the West Laramie Fly Store and began to grow it into the largest "one stop shop" in the region.  “What we bring to you is a place where you can pick up everything you need. From licenses to gas, info and supplies for hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and shooting, with a knowledgable friendly staff that has time to visit with you.”  The family tradition of service and selection continues to grow as Bob’s grandson, Brandon Specht has joined him the last 8 years as his partner and manager.  If you are wondering, that is Bob out fishing with his youngest grand and great grandchildren on our home page.

Legend has it that the “Fly Store” first started in the late 1930’s as a small one man fly-tying shop on the way to the lakes.  It was the place to gather for the latest fishing information.  Building one addition after another, the store continued to grow and expand into the a “One Stop Shop”.  Today, there is more inventory inside this shop than you could ever imagine.  We still sell more fishing licenses than any other location in the state and also sell hunting licenses and snowmobile permits.  If you need it for a great trip fishing, hunting or snowmobiling, we have it:  Gas, groceries, hunting equipment, fishing equipment, guns, ammo, and a huge selection of fly-tying materials as well as a fly-tier on location to show you how it is done.

Stop in for a cup of coffee, fill up the tanks, find out what’s biting and pick up all your supplies.  We will spin a few stories, point out the best locations and agree with you that.......

“A bad day fishing is better than a good day working!”

"Tons to offer here.  Gas, camping gear, food, soda, maps, fly fishing rods, reels, flies, fishing licenses, ice cream, you name it.  The staff is very knowledgeable about local fishing spots.  If you're lucky enough they'll even give you some hints as to their favorites.  I can't say enough positive things about this old-time local stop."