Twin Buttes

Good or great

Twin Buttes 12/8/19

By Laramie Plains Lakes, Twin Buttes, Wyoming

Twin Buttes has been fishing Good

Ice 2.5″-6″, thickness was extremely varied from reports but those that found ice they were comfortable with did well.

Jigging raps, and darters seemed to be the trick.

As always conditions can change quick so use best judgment and be safe.

Good or great

Twin Buttes Report

By Twin Buttes

Fishing is good

Flies:  Damsels, Half-backs,  Caddis, Leech patters, chironomids (snow cones, barbed wire), zebra midges, wooly buggers (burnt orange, black, brown, thin mint), scuds (pink, rust, olive)

Lures:  Panther Martins (yellow/red, silver, red), Thomas spoons (red/gold, silver, brass), Daredevles (red/white, five of diamonds), Panther Martins (gold, silver, gold blade w/ black body), Kastmasters (gold, silver)

Bait:  Nightcrawlers, Powerbait (chartreuse, garlic, fl. orange), Eggs (red)