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Feature Items

$7.09 - $46.14
The Classic Vibrax features a patented two-part body which emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes. Has a 45° mid-depth blade that runs at two to four feet.
Thomas Colorado
$3.79 - $4.19
A wobbler-type spoon, is a bait fish imitator par excellence. Its engraved half-scale pattern and two-tone coloration create a highly reflective flash that attracts all types of game fish, especially trout, and triggers them to strike.
Thomas Cyclone
$3.99 - $4.39
This wobbler-type spoon has a light reflecting embossed surface, creating an irresistible flash that attracts fish and entices them to strike. Use when casting or trolling.
Atlas Sac Attack
Soft plastic egg cluster looks and feels like the real thing. Super casting and drifting bait for steelhead, salmon and trout. Push single hook through the egg cluster and place desired weight 18-24 inches up on the line. Ideal for fishing in fast moving water conditions.
Shimano Stradic CI4 2500F
The Stradic CI4 2500F offers all the advantages of its unique component material in one of the most popular spinning reel sizes. Shimano knows that finesse fishing - light line, light rod and precise control - is often the key to unlocking the bass bite whether it's a tournament situation or a day out on the local pond. Gaining that control is accomplished with the construction advantage of the Stradic CI4 reels. CI4 is reinforced Carbon Fiber. Because it does not contain metal, it is impervious to rust. CI4 is over one-and-a-half times stronger than normal XGT7 graphite and is over 20-percent lighter. As a result of its strength and weight, Shimano can create an extremely lightweight reel with very precise tolerances. Add in Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement and Propulsion Line Management System and the Stradic CI4 reels make it easy to trigger bass to bite with the right presentation.
Berkley FireLine Fused Tracer
$17.99 - $19.49
Combines the ultimate in low-visibility with all of the FireLine features and benefits. Incredibly thin diameter for unbelievable lure action and low visibility. Incredibly strong, three times stronger than mono. Ultimate sensitivity, telegraphic feel for structure and strikes.
Berkley Powerbait® Power Nuggets
Preformed nuggets are easy to rig with little or no mess. Colors offer eye-catching underwater visibility. 1.1 ounce
Berkley Powerbait® Glitter Trout Bait
Smells and tastes like Garlic and Salmon Egg. Crystalina glitter reflects light and increases visibility. For optimal presentation all doughs will float a #14 or smaller treble hook.
Berkley Powerbait Glitter Trout Bait
The glitter catches light; and trout. Floating Trout Bait disperses advanced scent and flavor enhancers with bright sparkling glitter to reflect light, increase visibility, and trigger more strikes. 1.75 ounce
Atlas Spawn Sacs
Hand tied in soft nylon mesh cloth. soft textured eggs with food milking action are used to help attract fish. Excellent bait for rainbow, steelhead and salmon. 8 per jar.
Mike's UV Glo Eggs
Glowing Salmon eggs used as Trout bait
Atlas Premium Bait Eggs
Special processing of these extra large size eggs produces a firmness for keeping the egg on the hook.
Berkley Trilene® Sensation®
$11.99 - $13.49
Ultra strong and thin. Our highest strength per diameter mono, wet or dry. Ultra sensitive. Super sensitivity for detecting light bites. Smooth control. Low memory for outstanding castability and handling. Maximum knot strength. More fish-fighting capability and holding power.
Berkley Trilene® Xl®
$3.69 - $74.99
Smooth casting, resists twists and kinks. Strong, incredible strength for confidence and control. Versatile, outstanding for a wide variety of baits and techniques. Sensitive, good feel for structure and strikes. NEW BONUS PACKS AVAILABLE.
Jackson Cardinal San Juan Worm
The San Juan Worm is among the most popular fly patterns produced, and has reached out from its New Mexico origins, to fly fishing around the world. It is a productive fly year-round.
Jackson Cardinal Glo Bug
The Glo Bug is a simple egg-imitation fly.
Jaw Jacker JawJacker
The JawJacker sets the hook before fish spit the bait and get away. Now it’s fish on instead of fish gone when you get a bite on the JawJacker. It’s light, compact, and easy to use. Dramatically increase your catch rates with the JawJacker! An extremely effective new tool in the sport of ice fishing that uses the flex of your ice fishing rod to hook fish. The JawJacker adjusts to fit the length of your ice fishing rod and how hard you want to set the hook. The trigger is very sensitive and can sense the lightest bites. Trigger tension is easily adjusted from light to heavy by the turn of a wing nut. The JawJacker will fit all ice rods up to 30 inches and some rods up to 36inches depending on the flexibility of the rod. The JawJacker is made out of tough ABS plastic and folds down to 3 ¼” x 2 ½” x 16 ½”. You can easily fit 10 or more in a 5 gallon bucket. It comes with 2 rod tip loops and 3 jigs. Instructions and tips for use are on the back of the package. The JawJacker is legal in all Canadian Provinces and states except for Minnesota.
Jaw Jacker Jigging JawJacker Base
Use the Jigging JawJacker Base to turn your JawJacker into a Jigging JawJacker. To do this fold the legs up on your JawJacker (not included and sold separately) and slide the hole that runs through the bottom of the JawJacker onto the pivot pin on the Jigging Base. This will connect the JawJacker and Jigging base together and the JawJacker will teeter totter back and forth on the pin. Now drop your bait down the hole to the depth you want, put your rod in the rod holder, and set the JawJacker. Turn the switch on and the jigging wheel on the back of the Jigging Base will turn and move the JawJacker up and down and jig your bait for hours. When a fish bites the moving bait the Jigging JawJacker will set the hook. The Jigging Base will fit all JawJackers that have ever been produced. The Jigging Base runs off of 3 AA batteries and has a long battery life in the cold. With temperatures ranging from -15 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 to – 15 Celcius) the Jigging JawJacker will run for more than 24 hours straight. With temperatures ranging between 3 and 7 degrees Fahrenheit (-16 to -13 degrees Celcius) the Jigging JawJacker will run for more than 30 hours straight. Run times keep increasing as the temperatures get warmer. The Jigging Base comes with 3 jigging wheels, a carrying bag, and a spring. With 3 different jigging wheels you can match the jigging pattern to the type of lure you are using and how the fish are biting that day. The wheel with the smallest jigging pattern will just wiggle your bait and the wheel with the largest jigging pattern will jig the bait up to 8 inches. A spring is included that attaches to the nose of the jigging base. Sometimes when using longer rods (like the 35 inch JawJacker rod) and heavier baits the weight of the JawJacker is more forward so it doesn’t fall back and rest upon the jigging wheel. In these situations you can use the spring to push the JawJacker back so it rests on the jigging wheel and jigs smoothly. The JawJacker and Jigging Base fold up and fit together. The carrying bag will fit the JawJacker, Jigging Base, jigging wheels, and any extra batteries you have. With the Jigging Base, now you can add some motion to your bait to help bring in the big ones and catch more fish.
Jaw Jacker JawJacker Ice Rods
JawJacker ice rods have features and components that help them work well with the JawJacker. These rods have solid IM7 graphite blanks which stand up to being bent over for long periods of time. Higher modulus and hollow graphite rods are more prone to breaking in the JawJacker and fiberglass isin’t as light and sensitive to jig with. JawJacker Ice rods also have a generous amount of lightweight ceramic guides to help protect the line. I have seen some ice rods crack where the blank comes out of the end of handle. Being bent over in the JawJacker for long periods of time puts a lot of stress on this area. JawJacker ice rods have an enlarged foregrip blank opening to free float the blank in the end of the handle to prevent extra pressure and cracking. These rods have AA grade cork, which is a better grade than a lot of ice rods. They also feature a screw down locking foregrip, and a hook keeper. We carry 2 different spinning models to cover a wide variety of fishing situations that guys use the JawJacker for. Each rod has a different action and stiffness to set the hook with different amounts of force. There is a 29? Medium Panfish/Kokanee/Light Trout rod and a 31? Medium Heavy Trout/Walleye rod.
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