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Gelatt Lake 7/19/21

By Gelatt, Laramie Plains Lakes, Wyoming

The fishing is Slow right now.  From what we’ve heard, there was an algae bloom that killed a number of fish.  There are still fish alive in the lake, but not fishing like it was.   Best flies right now: Chironomids, Parachute Adams, Damsel Nymphs Best Lures: Copper Kastmaster, Green/Black Panther Martin, Pearl Swedish Pimple Best Baits: Worms, Chartreuse Powerbait

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Fair to Good

Meeboer Lake 7/19/21

By Laramie Plains Lakes, Meeboer, Wyoming

The fishing is Fair to Good right now.  Best fishing in the early morning or evening.   Best flies right now: Balanced Leeches, Damsel Nymphs, Tan Tent Wing Caddis, Parachute Adams Best Lures: Red/Gold Kastmaster, Green/Silver Panther Martin, Rainbow Trout Rooster Tail Best Baits: Rainbow Powerbait, Green Fireballs

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Slow to Fair

Gelatt Lake 7/14/21

By Gelatt, Laramie Plains Lakes, Wyoming

Some info from the game and fish biologist about the fish kill this past weekend. Recent Gelatt Lake fish kill event: On Friday July 9th anglers at Gelatt Lake were catching fish. But by the morning of July 10th, hundreds of trout were lost due to low oxygen conditions. In addition, thousands of dead Fathead Minnows were observed. Oxygen most likely fell to lethal levels during the night due to plant respiration. While a good proportion of fish died from a lack of oxygen, it was not a total fish kill. There have been reports of fish still being caught since the event. Aerators were in operation and might have provided a zone of better oxygenated water for some fish to survive.

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Lake Hattie 7/12/21

By Lake Hattie, Laramie Plains Lakes, Wyoming

The fishing is Fair right now.  Fishing is best if you can get out from shore, even 20 yards out.  Still waiting to hear about the impacts of the smallmouth and walleye stocking.   Best flies right now: Chironomids, Thin Mint, Mr. QT Best Lures: Copper Kastmaster, Firetiger Rapala, Red/Silver Swedish Pimple Best Baits: Worms, Chartreuse Garlic Powerbait

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9 mile lake, Alco rod and gun club

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