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Laramie Area Rivers

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Fair to GoodBig LaramieLaramie Area RiversWyoming

Big Laramie River 6/20/21

The fishing is Fair to Good right now. The water level just dropped over the last week and is getting clearer each day. Flow Rates: 130 cfs Current Flow Rates Water clarity is fair Best flies right now: Blue Dun, Elk Hair Caddis, Squirmy Worms, Mayflies Best Lures: Gold Kastmaster, Copper Panther Martin, Brown Trout Kastmaster Best Baits: Worms, Brown Trout Fireballs
June 21, 2021
SlowBig LaramieLaramie Area RiversWyoming

Big Laramie River 5/24/21

The fishing is Slow.  The water has gotten very high and muddy in the last week due to run-off. Flow Rates: 500 cfs Current Flow Rates  Water clarity is very poor. Best flies right now: Trina's Rubber Bugger, Craw Patterns, Rusty Trombone Best Lures: Little Cleo Copper/Red, Silver Rapala Original Floater Best Baits: Nightcrawlers
May 24, 2021
Fair to GoodLaramie Area RiversLittle LaramieWyoming

Little Laramie

Fishing fair to good. Flies: Elk Hair Caddis (brown, olive, black), Grey Drake, Mosquitos (nymph and dry), Gnats Griffiths, Renegades, Damsel Flies (blue and green), Mayfly (dry and nymph) Bait and Lures: Redworms, baby nightcrawlers, pink and green powerbait with glitter, Roostertails (rainbow and gold spoon), Panther Martins (Gold/red, black/gold, silver)
June 26, 2020
Good or greatBig LaramieLaramie Area RiversWyoming

Laramie River

Good to Great Flies: Grey Drakes, Elk Hair Caddis (olive, black, brown), Mayfly (black, cream, tan), Midges (olive, black, red), Mosquitos (nymph and dry), and Gnat Griffiths Bait and Lures: Kastmasters (small red/gold, nickel/blue), Mepps (gold, red, silver, chartreuse), Powerbait (Pink, purple, yellow with glitter), redworms and nightcrawlers.
June 26, 2020

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Big Laramie

Little Laramie