Laramie Plains Lakes

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Good or great

Alsop 9/19/19

By | Alsop, Laramie Plains Lakes, Wyoming

Fishing has been good as the weeds have come down some. Thanks to Jake for the report and pic.

From: Jake

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Caught a 22 inch 6lb Cutthroat on Sherbert power bait.


Diamond Lake 9/6/19

By | Diamond Lake, Laramie Plains Lakes

Fishing is Fair from shore, Fair to Good if you can get out past the weeds in a boat.

Flies:  BH Prince Nymph, Damsel Nymph, Wooly Bugger (Brown, burnt orange), Adams

Lures: Roostertails (brown trout, fire tiger), Mepps (silver, chartruse) 

Bait:  Worms, Power Bait (Yellow, Green)

Slow to Fair

Gelatt 9/6/19

By | Gelatt, Laramie Plains Lakes, Wyoming

Fishing is Slow to Fair

Flies:  BH Prince Nymph, Damsel Parachute, Damsel Nymph, Wooly Bugger (Brown, burnt orange)

Lures: Kastmaster (Blue, Red), Thomas (Gold, Silver)

Bait:  Worms, Power Bait (Pink, RWB)

Good or great

Diamond Lake

By | Diamond Lake

Fishing is Good to Great

Flies:  Caddis, Adams, zebra midges, Damsel nymph, scuds (pink, rust, olive), chironomids (snow cones, barbed wire), wooly buggers (burnt orange, black, brown, thin mint), leech patters

Lures:  Kastmasters (gold, silver, metallic perch), Thomas spoons (red/gold, silver, brass), Daredevles (red/white, five of diamonds) Rapalas (brook trout, rainbow, silver)

Bait:  Powerbait (Rainbow, garlic, fl. orange), Nightcrawlers, Meal Worms,

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