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Gelatt Lake


At 34 acres Gelatt is the smallest of the main Plains Lakes. Grayling where stocked int the lake a couple years back and we are seeing some good size to them as well as the trout. The easiest access to the Plains Lakes is 8.5 miles from the Fly Store down Highway 230 at Pahlow Lane. Please be mindful of your speeds on the access roads to the lakes.

Location and Directions

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Recent Reports

Slow to FairGelattLaramie Plains LakesWyoming

Gelatt Lake 9/7/21

The fishing is Slow to Fair right now.  Fishing is starting to recover after the kill and we've heard of multiple people catching fish out of the lake.   Best flies right now: Eyed Hornberg, BWO, Chan's Red Leech Best Lures: Green/Gold Panther Martin, Gold/Silver Thomas Colorado Best Baits: Worms, Chartreuse or Spring Green Powerbait
September 7, 2021
SlowGelattLaramie Plains LakesWyoming

Gelatt Lake 8/1/2021

The fishing is Slow right now.  We've heard of a few people still catching fish out of Gelatt, but has definitely slowed since the kill.   Best flies right now: Damsel Nymphs, Renegades, Hornberg Best Lures: Rainbow Rooster Tail, Brook Trout Rooster Tail Best Baits: Green or Chartruese Powerbait
August 1, 2021
SlowGelattLaramie Plains LakesWyoming

Gelatt Lake 7/19/21

The fishing is Slow right now.  From what we've heard, there was an algae bloom that killed a number of fish.  There are still fish alive in the lake, but not fishing like it was.   Best flies right now: Chironomids, Parachute Adams, Damsel Nymphs Best Lures: Copper Kastmaster, Green/Black Panther Martin, Pearl Swedish Pimple Best Baits: Worms, Chartreuse Powerbait
July 20, 2021
Slow to FairGelattLaramie Plains LakesWyoming

Gelatt Lake 7/14/21

Some info from the game and fish biologist about the fish kill this past weekend. Recent Gelatt Lake fish kill event: On Friday July 9th anglers at Gelatt Lake were catching fish. But by the morning of July 10th, hundreds of trout were lost due to low oxygen conditions. In addition, thousands of dead Fathead Minnows were observed. Oxygen most likely fell to lethal levels during the night due to plant respiration. While a good proportion of fish died from a lack of oxygen, it was not a total fish kill. There have been reports of fish still being caught since the event. Aerators were in operation and might have provided a zone of better oxygenated water for some fish to survive.
July 15, 2021
FairGelattLaramie Plains LakesWyoming

Gelatt Lake 6/25/21

The fishing is Fair right now. Fishing is best early morning and late evening. Plenty of dry fly action.   Best flies right now: BWO, Parachute Adams,  Damsel Nymph Best Lures: Firetiger Cyclone, Green/Gold Panther Martin Best Baits: Red, White, and Blue Powerbait, Night Crawlers
June 25, 2021
Fair to GoodGelattLaramie Plains LakesWyoming

Gelatt Lake 6/9/21

The fishing is Fair to Good right now.  Best fishing is early morning or very late evening (8pm).   Best flies right now: Blue Wing Olive, Boatman, Elk Hair Caddis Best Lures: Green/Gold Holographic Panther Martin, Green Black Fury Best Baits: Orange or Chartreuse Powerbait
June 9, 2021
Fair to GoodGelattLaramie Plains LakesWyoming

Gelatt Lake 3-25-21

Gelatt was 70%+ open water with plenty of fishable area from shore. Boat ramp was clear of ice. East end was still capped with ice and a small amount of ice was still left on the West end. Fishing was fair to good before ice started to come off.  
March 25, 2021
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