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Twin Buttes


Twin Buttes is the second largest of the Plains Lakes around 250 acres and is known to produce amazing brown trout, and also has rainbows and cutthroat. The easiest access to the plains lakes is 8.5 miles form the Fly Store down Highway 230 at Pahlow Lane. Please be mindful of your speed on the access roads to the lakes.

Location and Directions

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Recent Reports

FairLaramie Plains LakesTwin ButtesWyoming

Twin Buttes 6/25/21

The fishing is Fair right now.  The fish are moving deeper during the middle of the day.   Best flies right now: Balanced Leech, Olive Hare's Ear, Damsel Nymph Best Lures: Red/Gold Panther Martin, Orange Black Fury, Brown Trout Cyclone Best Baits: Worms, Chartreuse Powerbait
June 26, 2021
Fair to GoodLaramie Plains LakesTwin ButtesWyoming

Twin Buttes 5/25/21

The fishing is Fair to Good right now.  The rainbows are still in spawn, but only for another week or so.  Dry flies are possible on a warm, calm day.   Best flies: Hot Head Leech, Olive Buzzer, BWO, Renegades Best Lures: Red/Gold Panther Martin, Rainbow Pattern Rapala Original Floater Best Baits: Red/Orange Powerbait
May 25, 2021
Fair to GoodLaramie Plains LakesTwin ButtesWyoming

Twin Buttes 3-30-21

Twin Buttes opened up significantly yesterday in the wind. About 65% of the lake is now open including the boat ramp. There is still ice in the first bay and on the East end of the lake by the first outhouse. It was open water from the West end all the way past the boat ramp and all along the North shore. Should start to fish well with chironomid flies, and eggs but we'll have to see how this goes this year.
March 30, 2021
FairLaramie Plains LakesTwin ButtesUncategorizedWyoming

Twin Buttes

Fishing is fair. Flies: Scuds (olive, tan, grey), Midges (red, olive, black), Damsels (blue and green), Leeches (balanced and hot-heads), Streamers (olive, brown, orange, purple) Bait and Lures: Rapalas (fire tiger, rainbow, brown in countdown, floating, and jointed), Krocodiles, Daredevils (red/white, black/white), redworms, large nightcrawlers, Pink and green glitter powerbait
June 26, 2020
Slow to FairLaramie Plains LakesTwin ButtesWyoming

Twin Buttes

Lake is 90% iced hot shoreline is opening up and ice looks sketch on most of the lake. A couple of open shore areas that are fishable on the southwest shore past the heat ramp. A couple diehard wind fighters out this morning in one past the walking gate.
March 12, 2020
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