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Penn Conflict® II Spinning Reels
$149.95 - $199.95
The PENN Conflict II features stealthy cosmetics, aLightweight design (our lightest spinning reel ever),and silky smooth HT-100 drag. The RR30 Rigid Resinbody and rotor are extremely lightweight and durable.Internally the Conflict II is powered with our CNCGear Technology, and high quality stainless steel ballbearings. With the Superline Spool?no backing isneeded because of the rubber gasket that keepssuperlines fromslipping.7+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing system.
Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Spin Reel
Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Spinning Reels feature a rigid graphite body, all new teaser mechanism, and much more. Rigid graphite body and rotor with aluminum sidecover/gear support. All New Teaser mechanism with true free-spool and improved clicker. 4 Stainless Steel shielded bearings. Sealed Carbon Fiber MEGADRAG system. MEGALOCK Infinite Anti-Reverse. MEGASHIELD Multi-layer corrosion protection.
Lew's TP1 Inshore Speed Spin® Series
The TP1 Inshore reel body is strong but lightweight aluminum matched with a lightweight and balanced high-strength C40 carbon skeletal rotor. Performance comes from a premium 7 stainless steel bearing system with a Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing. The stainless steel main shaft provides strength and stability for the drive train. The double anodized, machined and knurled aluminum is built for the saltwater environment. Line is laid perfectly on the spool thanks to the reel's S-curve oscillation system and strong stainless steel bail. The six-disc carbon drag system is smooth as silk. External screws are stainless steel for corrosionresistance
Quantum Smoke® PT Saltwater Reel
Built to handle the toughest saltwater environments, the Quantum Smoke S3 Inshore Spinning Reels deliver added protection and outstanding performance that can pull double-duty in freshwater and saltwater. Tough-as-nails, the Quantum Smoke S3 Inshore Spinning Reels are built with a new performance-tuned, anti-corrosive bearing system that ensures smooth, long-lasting performance. For added convenience, the Quantum Smoke S3 Inshore Spinning Reels are built without an anti-reverse switch and fewer parts, so there's less chance of water getting inside of the clutch or lost parts.
Tica Cetus Trout Reels
$28.99 - $54.99
3(LE)/6(SE) precision ball bearings. 6(GV)/6(SS/ SB) precision stainless steel ball bearings. Computer balanced rotor. One-way clutch instant anti-reverse roller bearing. Right/ left interchangeable handle. Soft-touch handle knob. Aluminum alloy spool.
Mr. Crappie Mr Crappie Slab Shaker Mr. Crappie Spincast Reel
Aluminum nose cone and spool. Ball bearing drive system. Spool applied adjustable disc drag system. All metal gears, 4.3:1 gear ratio. Smooth drag system with easy adjust drag dial. Adjustable for right or left hand retrieve. Pre-spooled with 70 yds./6 pound Mr. Crappie® line. Wt. 4.9 oz., 12" Per Turn.
Daiwa Goldcast® Spincast Reels
$56.99 - $58.99
Features an exclusive oscillating spool, ball bearing drive, rotating tungsten carbide line pickup pin, rugged metal body gearing and nosecone, right/left hand retrieve, and smooth dial drag.
Daiwa Silvercast®-A Spincast Reel
Hardbodyz? Rigid Aluminum Alloy construction. Three ball bearings. Rotating, Titanium Nitrided line pickup turns with the line for less wear, easier casting. Oversized line aperture for optimum performance. Smooth disc drag with dial adjustment.
Lew's Mach Crush Speed Spin® Series
A lightweight high-strength C40 carbon skeletal speed rotor, stainless steel bail wire and smooth six-disc carbon drag system help the line lay on the spool perfectly, and come off just as smooth. The Mach Crush features a strong but lightweight aluminum body, stainless steel main shaft and solid brass pinion gear. Its performance is unmatched because of a premium 11-bearing system with Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing. External screws are stainless steel. The spool is double anodized machined and chamfered knurled aluminum that is braid ready. The reel's S-curve oscillation system makes sure line spools smoothly for perfect payout duringcasts.
Lew's Wally Marshall Spinning Reels
Rugged graphite body and rotor. Double anodized aluminum spool with titanium lip and gold accent lines. Larger diameter spool for longer casts and faster retr.ieve. Strong and balanced thick aluminum bail Thin, compact gear box. Quality six-bearing system. Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing. Adjusts for right or left hand retrieve. Pre-spooled with premium Mr. Crappie® 6-lb. Mono.
Pflueger President® XT Spinning Reels
The President XT spinning reels take the President to the nextlevel ofperformance. They are lighter and faster with a high-speed gearratio.Featuring an aluminum main shaft, aluminum pinion gear, sealeddrag,carbon fiber handle and a rubber cork knob. Features 10 Bearing System - Corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings, Aluminum Main Shaft - 30% lighter than stainless steel, Aluminum Pinion Gear - 60% lighter than traditional brass, Braid Ready Spool, Sealed Drag System, Rubber Cork Handle Knob.
Pflueger Supreme® XT Spinning Reels
The Supreme XT is the lightest reel in its class, and delivers years of quality performance. Its super-lightweight magnesium body and rotor, braid ready aluminum spool, and sealed carbon fiber drag are perfect for freshwater or inshore fishing. This reel is also incredibly comfortable to fish, featuring a lightweight carbon fiber handle, EVA handle knob, and effortless retrieve. 10 Bearing System - Corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings. Magnesium Body and Rotor - Feather light design. Sealed Carbon Drag - Sealed system, always lubricated, always smooth.
Penn Slammer® lll Spinning Reels
$249.95 - $349.95
The PENN Slammer III is back by popular demand. Built for heavy-dutyfishing from either boat or shore, and trusted by charter captains allover the world. The Slammer III reels feature our new IPX6 Sealed Systemwhich keeps water out of the gear box and drag system. We're also usingour updated Slammer Drag System which now utilzes our proprietary Dura-Drag material. Full Metal Body, sideplate, and rotor; CNC Gear? technology; Sealed Slammer® drag system with Dura-Drag?; 7+1 stainless steel bearing system; Sizes 3500-5500 have automatic bail trip; Sizes 6500-10500 have manual bail trip.
Penn Passion Spinning Reel
$99.95 - $119.95
The PENN Passion reels feature our Full Metal Body forstrength combined with an RR30 rotor to reduce weight.A 5+1 stainless steel bearing system combined with ourproved HT-100 drag system provide smooth operationduring the cast, retrieve, and while fighting a fish.With our unique Superline Spool?no backing is neededbecause of the rubber gasket that keeps superlinesfromslipping.
Zebco 3Bb Clutch Clam Pack
Stainless steel housing with helical-cut, extra-hard Magnum Gears and a Magnum Drag System with cut-proof ceramic pickup pin. The Zebco 33® and the 33® Gold? have power handles and silent on/off anti-reverse. The 33® Gold? has a gold electroplated stainless steel cover. The Zebco® 733? features selective anti-reverse with Bait Alert?, powerful direct-drive design and oversized power handle.
Zebco 808® SERIES REEL
Quick-Set anti-reverse system. Dial-adjustable Magnum drag. All metal gears. Power 2.6:1 gears. Strong metal reel foot Switchable (on/off) Bait Alert. Prespooled with 20lb. line.
Lew's Mach Speed Spin®Series
The Lew's Mach Speed Spin is a premium 8-bearing reel with Zero-Reverse anti-reverse and quality solid brass pinion gear. Housing the proven guts is a rugged graphite body and sidecover. The reel's SoftTouch finish adds a nice touch in durability and comfort. The reel has a skeletal graphite rotor and double anodized knurled aluminum spool. An oversized line roller helps reduce line twist. The heavy-duty aluminum bail wire takes care of business in picking line up and laying it down for smooth casting performance, cast aftercast. Quality 8-bearing system and Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing, Skeletal graphite rotor, Double anodized knurled aluminum spool, Rugged graphite body and side cover, Heavy duty aluminum bail wire, Oversized line roller to reduce line twist, Smooth fully adjustable composite multi-disc drag system, Quality solid brass pinion gearing.
Lew's Mach II Speed Spin®Series
The Mach II Speed Spin reel is a good all-purpose reel and features a lightweight yet rugged aluminum body, skeletal C40 carbon rotor and smooth 10-bearing system. The stainless steel bail is strong and balanced. The spool is double anodized ported knurled aluminum. Pinion gear is precision-cut solid brass. Zero Reverse anti-reverse is rock solid and reliable. Gear ratio is high-speed 6.2:1 that is appropriate for a broad range of fishing applications. The fold-down anodized aluminum handle is fitted with a Winn® Dri-TacKnob.
Shakespeare Synergy Steel Spincasting Reels
Polished stainless steel front cone. Dependable Insta-Grab? line pickup. Durable dual-grip steel handle. Filled with premium fishing line.
Zebco 33® Micro Spincast Reels
The reel that changed fishing forever is "new" again - and better than ever. With many performance upgrades like a QuickSet? anti-reverse, Bite Alert? and a dial-adjustable drag. All at a great price to match. Dial-adjustable drag. Dual Ceramic Pick-up Pins. Lightweight graphite frame. QuickSet? Anti-Reverse. Changeable Right or Left Hand Retrieve. Ball Bearing Drive. Built-In Bite Alert?.
Zebco 808® Bowfisher Reel
Quick-Set anti-reverse system. Dial-adjustable Magnum drag. All metal gears. Power 2.6:1 gears. Strong metal reel foot. Oversized power knob. (808BOWHD) Prespooled with either 80lb braid or 200lb braid!
Zebco Strategy Spinning Reel - Box
Strategy? is the most featured-packed spinning reel Quantum has ever sold for under thirty bucks, but unlike many value-priced reels, this one isnt made of cheap plastic parts. Strategy is built with a forged and double anodized aluminum spool that is anchored by a lightweight composite body and rotor, all combining to create reliable drag performance that is critical to any spinning reel.
Shimano Spheros
$209.99 - $269.99
The Spheros SW incorporates X-Ship, Shimano's efficient gearing system making it powerful with an effortless turn of the handle. These reels also feature X-Shield, a series of gaskets placed at key areas on the reel to make it watertight. This makes the Spheros SW a perfect reel for fishing from a boat or the beach. Powerful drag system with a oversized and extremely comfortable.
Shimano Stradic
$194.99 - $229.99
The new Stradic FK utilizes Shimano's latest technology while drawing on ways of the past. Hagane cold forged drive gear gear combined with X-Ship provides a smooth, powerful and durable reel. The sleek G-Free body provides a better weight balance to reduce fatigue. Every part has been designed to improve the anglers experience on the water.
Shimano Socorro
Smoothly reel in your big catch with the Shimano Socorro Saltwater Spinning Reel Convertible, which features reinforced-graphite reel construction, Hagane cold-forged drive gear and Cross Carbon drags for durability. The spinning reel's X-Ship construction delivers power and smoothness by keeping the gears in alignment.
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$48.99 - $74.99
The new Nexave FE is the updated version of the well-known Nexave FD. This new reel is a front drag spinning reel which can be used for all kinds of freshwater fishing, from fishing light to moderate lures for trout, perch, pike and zander up to match and feeder fishing. Due to the 3 stainless steel ball bearings the reel runs smooth and as can be expected from a real Shimano reel, the drag is perfectly adjustable and will help you fighting big fish without any problems. 3 Shielded Stainless Steel + 1 Roller Bearing. Varispeed II Line Lay, Machined Aluminum handle, cold forged aluminum spool.
Quantum Smoke® PT Spinning Reel
Quantum® Smoke® PT? Spinning Reels boast a lightweight aluminum body of ultra-rigid alloy that minimizes flex under heavy loads. Frame and sidecover are also of aluminum construction. Reels come with 10 PT bearings and a weight-shaving C4LF? carbon-fiber rotor. An exclusive CSC? drag system utilizes stainless steel, carbon fiber, and ceramic washers for smooth, continuous drag pressure. The Smoke Reel features a double-anodized aluminum MaxCast? II spool, producing less line friction and tighter coils for longer casts. An indestructible titanium bail wire puts anglers' minds at ease while setting the hook or reeling in that behemoth bass.
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Features: 8 PT? bearings (7 + clutch). Aluminum frame and gear-side cover. C4LF? carbon fiber rotor. CSC? drag system. Ni-Ti? indestructible bail system. Continuous Anti-Reverse?. Double-anodized MaxCast?II spool .
Fin-Nor Leathel Spinning Reel
$99.99 - $139.99
Features: Aluminum body, side plate and rotor. Multi-stack MegaDrag? with carbon-fiber washers. Forged and machined aluminum spool and drag knob. MegaLock? anti-reverse. MegaShield? multi-layer corrosion protection. Triple-supported spool shaft and backup clutch (LT100).
Fin-Nor Lethal Inshore Spin Reel
Fin-Nor Lethal Inshore Spinning Reels are perfect for fans of Fin-Nor's popular Lethal Series of reels looking for something in a smaller size. All aluminum body and sidecover with graphite rotor. Oversized EVA knobs. Megashield coating - Superior corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber megadrag - extreme power, ultra smooth care free performance. Braid ready spool - no need for mono backing. Megalock clutch - durable anti-reverse with back-up.
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