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Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Winchester Double X Buckshot

Copperplated, buffered shot. 5 rounds per box. [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Remington Gun Club?

An excellent choice for economical shooting. these high quality shells are loaded with the same care as our top of the line STS loads and feature a Power Piston wad and the reliable STS Primer mix. Many shooters are discovering that they can get acceptable reloading life while stretching their… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Hevi-Shot Hevi-13®
$25.99 - $38.99

With World Record performance this load offers 40 percent more knock down power than lead and 40% more effective range than lead. How does it get better than this? HEVI-Shot® HEVI-13 loads are Fuffered and Moly Coated for a denser pattern increasing your accuracy, distance, and more pellets on… [more]

Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Brenneke K.O. Slugs

The K.O. is an improved Foster type slug with excellent penetration. The K.O is an ideal deer load and offers superb accuracy at medium ranges. Guaranteed to have knockdown power. [more]

Federal V * Shok® Speer® Tnt® Green?

This LEAD FREE bullet has become very popular among varminters. Its compressed metal construction and rapid eruption on impact translate into quick kills on a variety of small critters. [more]

Armscor Rimfire Ammunition

A great choice for target shooting, small game hunting, or ridding your property of varmints. 50 rounds. [more]

Aguila Handgun Ammunition
$15.49 - $19.99

50 Rounds. An excellent choice for value-conscious shooters wanting handgun rounds for target practice or self defense. Boxer-primed brass cases for reloading. [more]

Sig Sauer Varmint & Predator

SIG ammunition has proven its value in both pistol and rifle calibers over the last couple years, and their Varmint & Predator line is no exception. Using a smoke gray polymer tipped bullet, designed to frangible by using a thin jacket and using that tip to initiate the devastating expansion that… [more]

Winchester AA Steel Target

Since 1965, AA® has been recognized as one of the finest quality target shotshells ever developed, with unparalleled target-breaking performance that revolutionized the target shooting industry. Continuing the tradition of legendary excellence, Winchester® offers this same level of performance with… [more]

$13.99 - $23.99

Ideal for target practice and plinking. High quality components for precise and dependable performance. [more]


Highly accurate, devastating round designed specifically for wild boar hunting. Loaded with a 1-1/16 oz pure lead slug, this ammunition will punch through even the thickest hide and bone. This round performs with the same accuracy as Lightfield's famed IDS line but packs a slightly lighter slug… [more]

Nosler Lead Free Trophy Grade Ammunition

When you want the best, you want Trophy Grade. It's Nosler precision at its peak-bullets crafted to attain optimum performance in every situation. Every case is rigorously measured, every charge metered, every round meticulously hand-inspected and hand-polished. [more]

Winchester Super Clean

Winchester® Super Clean? Handgun Ammo is the ideal choice for shooting at gun ranges that don't allow lead bullets. Super Clean ammo utilizes a zinc-core bullet with a copper jacket that performs similar to standard duty ammo. Lead-free, heavy-metal-free primers add to the non-toxic performance of… [more]

Federal 5.56 Open Tip

This Federal Rifle ammunition features an open tip match bullet and comes in 20 rounds per box and 10 boxes per case. This ammo is optimized for use in short barrels with 1:7 or 1:8 twist. [more]

CCI A22 Magnum Gamepoint

Built around the Savage A22 Magnum semi-automatic rifle. GamePoint bullet expands reliably for maximum terminal effect. 35-grain bullet weight yields a 2,100 fps muzzle velocity. Reliable cycling and excellent accuracy. CCI brass and priming. [more]

Inceptor Ammunition Inceptor ARX
$19.99 - $69.99

The PolyCase ARX is designed to transfer maximum energy to target by a hydrodynamic ram effect. The unique shape of the ARX bullet enhances the surface area and exploits the rotational force of the bullet, resulting in a self-defense round that is engineered to perform. PolyCase's ARX sits in a… [more]

CCI Big 4 Ammunition
$13.99 - $18.49

Centerfire handgun shotshells. No. 4 lead payload delivers more energy and longer range than conventional handgun shotshells. Packed in reusable boxes of 10 shotshells. Available in a variety of popular calibers. [more]

Kent Bismuth Non-Toxic Shotshell
$16.49 - $21.99

Kent® Bismuth® Premium Non-Toxic Shotshells provide optimal performance for wing shooting or small game hunting where non-toxic shot is required or preferred. Bismuth shot has 24% greater density than steel, which results in superior retained energy and penetration at longer ranges than steel.… [more]

Federal Centerfire Rifle Can

This centerfire ammunition has been loaded and passed true NATO specifications. This is the same ammunition that is currently being used by the US Military and met their strict quality assurance standards and specifications. Packaged in a new Sealed Mil-Spec reusable ammo can with tamper evident… [more]

Browning CF Rifle Ammo
$23.99 - $54.99

BXC Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip is designed specifically for use on Big Game like elk, moose, mule deer and bear. The Terminal Tip and bonded bullet design allows for deep penetration through thick, tough hide and bone. The anodized aluminum tip and heavy bullet weight are integral components… [more]

Inceptor Ammunition Inceptor RNP
$19.49 - $28.99

PolyCase's RNP is their original Inceptor product, the standard upon which the ARX line is built. The RNPs integrate advance material engineering into a traditional round nose point design. They are non-expanding, injection molded projectiles formed by a copper-polymer composite built for high… [more]

Inceptor Ammunition Inceptor Sport Utility Pack
$54.99 - $79.99

Polycase ammunition is excited to offer a new line of Inceptor ammunition featuring an injection molded copper polymer projectile loaded to SAAMI specifications. This unique concept is loaded inside of a typical reloadable brass case. The Inceptor line of ammunition is somewhat a feat of modern… [more]

Aguila Standard
$8.09 - $8.19
Hevi-Shot Triple Beard
$17.49 - $18.99

The first all lead turkey load from the makers of HEVI-Shot®. Speed ball technology reduces deformation on setback, keeping pellets more uniform, reduces the pancake effect of other lead shells. Magnum Blend? technology -mix of 5,6,7 shot allows you to take Tom's at any range, near and far.… [more]

Winchester Varmint X
$23.99 - $64.99

Varmint X is designed specifically for the demands of predator and varmint hunters. The sleek, polymer-tipped bullets are explosive upon impact. Varmint X combines the proven lethality Winchester is known for with today's latest technology, giving hunters their ammunition of choice for pursuing… [more]

Fiocchi VIP Shotshells

Fiocchi's Premium Target Loads are designed specifically for competitive shooters. They combine the best of two worlds--the Italian tradition of excellent primed hulls and wads with the American's unmatched reliability in shot and powders. [more]

Nosler E-Tip Ammo
$41.99 - $49.99

Nosler E-Tip Ammunition is loaded up front with the high-performance, lead-free, E-Tip hunting bullet. The E-Tip® bullet combines uniform expansion with 95%+ weight retention for superior penetration and excellent terminal performance on all types of big gam [more]

Fusion Centerfire Rifle

Fusion® technology allowed us to drastically change the way deer ammunition was seen. Before Fusion, there was a big gap in performance between the economically and Premium® loads available to deer hunters. The need to come up with a bullet that is affordable, but can be counted on without fail was… [more]

459 Results
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