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Swim gear

Intex Aviator Mask
Adjustable straps. Distortion-free safety lens. PVC bag with header.
Intex Wave Rider
$8.09 - $14.99
Hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber skirt for a soft comfortable fit. Polycarbonate lenses for safety. Ages 8+.. Set includes easy-flo snorkel that is a wide 180° panoramic version with poly safety.
Marine Sports Professional Goggles
Soft silicone, anti-fog lens with deluxe travel case.
Swimline Jr. Swim Goggle
Comfort swim style with soft plastic strips for youth heads. Recreational swim goggle.
Marine Sports Diving Skeleton Knife
A combination diving and survival field knife. 8-5/8" Overall stainless steel, 4" blade mirror polished with serrations on blade back.Functional handle design reducess weight and water pressure. Plstic sheath with new push button release and rubber straps.
Marine Sports Adult Snorkel Set
Mask and purge snorkel combination. PVC double seal skirt mask with swivel purge snorkel. Blue.
Calcutta Fins
$43.99 - $45.99
Great snorkeling fin. Easy slip on and off. Clear with black insert.
Calcutta Open Heel Flex Blade Fins
Features adjustable back strap to keep the fins tight. Can be worn with dive booties. Color: yellow/black.
Calcutta Mask/Snorkel Combos
$30.99 - $41.99
Two window mask with 100% silicone seal. Small/Medium mask size. Includes dry top snorkel.
Calcutta Snorkel
$13.99 - $15.49
Features dry top, purge valve, and silicon mouth piece. Great for snorkeling or diving.
Calcutta Silicone Mask
$19.49 - $24.99
Two window mask with 100% silicone seal.
Marine Sports Kids Snorkel Set
Kids mask and snorkel combination. PVC double seal skirt mask with purge snorkel.
Swimline Spectra Swim Goggles
Youth and adult sizes. Constructed of the finest silicone with anti-leak and anti-fog capabilities. Rainbow colors. Step-up goggles for fitness training and competition.
Swimline Cayman Swim Goggle
Youth and adult sizes. Leak resistant recreational swim goggle. Comfort skirt style.
No Image
$30.99 - $174.99
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