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Black Powder Guns & Accessories

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Traditions Revolver Nipples

Three per pack. Fits Pietta revolvers. [more]

Traditions Revolver Powder Measure

Perfectly sized for revolver chambers and small-bore rifles. Accurately measures loads from 5-45 grains. Solid Brass. [more]

Traditions Retractable Nipple Pick

Brass body with push-up slide extends nipple pick at an angle to reach In-Line rifle nipples. [more]

CVA Hunter Powder Measure

Compact telescopic design that fits in your pocket. Measure 50 to 120 grains, in 10 grain increments. Loop ring for attachment to a lanyard. Constructed of all brass. [more]

CVA Rapid Loaders

Straight through tube allows for loading ball, patch and powder in one fluid motion. Includes pocket clip. 3 per card. [more]

CVA Breech Plug Nipple Wrench

This gunsmith quality tool is fashioned from solid steel stock. One end supplies the nipple wrench, the other the breech plug wrench. Two pieces. [more]

CVA Breech Plugnipple Grease

Formulated to withstand heat created during the ignition of powder. 2 oz. tube. Prevents nipple and breech plugs from seizing up. [more]

CVA Barrel Blaster Foaming Bore Cleaner

Absolutely the easiest way to clean your muzzleloader. Spray the foam into the barrel and allow to sit 20 minutes to one hour, then swab foam out of the barrel and you are done. [more]

CVA Speed Loader For Pyrodex®

Allows shooter to pre-load magnum loads for quick reloading in the field. Capable of holding three 50 grain Pyrodex? Pellets plus a saboted bullet, but will also work with lighter pellet loads or even loose powder. [more]

Thompson Center Muzzle Guards

Seals the muzzle of your black powder rifle in any condition. Prevents moisture from entering the barrel, and won't harm the surface of the barrel. 20 to a package. [more]

Traditions Wonder Wads

100% wool wads, lubed with all natural WonderLube 1000 Plus?. Will improve performance and accuracy with revolver balls, conical bullets, and 12 gauge black powder shotguns. [more]

Traditions Revolver Nipple Wrench

Fits all 1851, 1860 and 1858 revolvers. Nipple pick attached to brass cap. [more]

Traditions Blackened Field Capper

Compact solid brass with a durable blackened finish for non-glare field use. Holds 10 No. 11 Caps. [more]

Thompson Center Ball, Bullet & Wad Pullers

Threads onto a Thompson/Center ramrod and successfully removes stuck balls, bullets or shotgun wads from the bore. [more]

Thompson Center Gorilla Grease

All-natural anti-size lubricant formulated for use on the threads of removable breech plugs and nipples. This heavy duty lube will withstand the rigors of extensive firing, allowing the shooter to then remove the breech plug with little effort. Works with any removable breech plug or nipple. [more]

Thompson Center Hunter's Choice Muzzleloading Accessory Kit

Kit includes: (1) Lightweight composite T-handle Short Starter/Ram Rod Extension; (10) .50 cal Shock Wave Sabots with 250 grain Shock Wave bullets; (1) Flex Loader for easy field carry or prepared loads; (1) 4 oz. bottle of No. 13 Bore Cleaner; (50) 2 1/2" cotton Cleaning Patches; (25) 2 1/2"… [more]

Thompson Center 209 Flex Capper

Unique 209 Capper is shaped to accommodate all scoped muzzleloaders for instant and easy priming. Made from Bio-Flex?, a special silicone material which will stay soft and flexible in the most frigid conditions. Presents two 209 shotshell primers for instant capping (one at each end) while storing… [more]

Thompson Center 209 Primer Adapter

For Black Diamond and Woods Rifle. Must be used with the correct striker. [more]

Thompson Center Breech Plug Cleaning Brush

Makes cleaning the removable breech plug in your T/C in-line a snap. It's long enough to reach into the threads in the barrel/receiver as well. [more]

Thompson Center Universal Rugged Rod

Solid aluminum ramrod, 32" long, which can be cut to fit your muzzleloader. The seating end of the ramrod is threaded to accept the standard 10x32 thread ramrod accessories. [more]

Thompson Center Round Balls

For those hunters who prefer (or are required by law) to use patched round balls in their muzzleloader, T/C offers these precision swaged, pure lead round balls. Sized properly to work with any T/C rifle or pistol of appropriate caliber. [more]

Thompson Center Replacement Nipples

Made of stainless steel, these nipples are carefully machined and long lasting. Two sizes, using the No. 11 cap, are available. [more]

Thompson Center Hunter's Blackpowder Measure

A lightweight powder measure with many of the features of our deluxe measure. Fully adjustable from 20 to 120 grains, with a sliding funnel and calibrated adjusting sleeve made of durable polymer to reduce weight. [more]

Thompson Center Adjustable Blackpowder Measure

Compact solid brass measures which quickly adjusts to the required increments for rifle or pistol. Measures are accurate and simple to operate. Positive snap ring "clicks off" each increment of adjustment and holds cavity at desired volume. [more]

Thompson Center Cheap Shot Sabots

The all-lead 240 grain hollow point bullet (44 caliber) provides the shooter with the same basic ballistics and trajectory. A muzzleloader sighted in with 240 grain jacketed bullets will be "right on" with T/C's Cheap Shot Sabots. Point of impact will be the same. These sabots are ideal for the… [more]

Traditions Crockett .32 Cal Percussion Rifle

This long lean rifle personifies all the positive features of a classic muzzleloader by giving you deadly accuracy and outstanding balance. A one-piece select hardwood stock holds the 32" octagonal barrel in place. Other additional features include, Double set triggers.Brass inlays and… [more]

Thompson Center Brass Bore Brushes

For scrubbing out lead deposits in the bore of your muzzleloader. The brush can also be used as a cleaning jag when a patch is placed over its tip end. Now sized to fit ramrods having a thread size of 10X32. [more]

CVA Nylon Cleaning Brush

The perfect follow-up brush to wire brushes. Removes the smaller fouling particles. [more]

CVA Barrel Blaster Parts Soaker

Use to soak breech plugs and nipples, or any other small heavily fouled parts. [more]

Durasight Fiber Optic Sight

The ultimate in visibility and durability. These sights are guaranteed for life. [more]

277 Results
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