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Black Powder Guns & Accessories

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Thompson Center Magnum Powder Measure

Designed for any of the in-line T/C muzzleloaders when using magnum charges of up to 150 grains of blackpowder or Pyrodex® equivalent. Graduated in 10 grain increments. [more]

Thompson Center Shock Wave Sabot Loading Tip & Cleaning Jag

A knurled brass loading tip for the Shock Wave Sabot with the inner dimensions contoured to fit the spire point of the Shock Wave bullet, preventing the possible deformity of the tip during loading. Fits 10/32 thread ramrod. [more]

Thompson Center Breech Plug Cleaning Brush

Makes cleaning the removable breech plug in your T/C in-line a snap. It's long enough to reach into the threads in the barrel/receiver as well. [more]

Traditions Possibles Bag Belt Pouch

Made out of quiet cloth in Reaper Buck camo pattern. Wide belt loops to fit any belt. Easy-close flap with snap. Includes inside pockets for different accessories. [more]


Maintain your muzzleloader with the easy and high performance action of the EZ Clean® 2 Foaming Bore Cleaner. This special formula is designed to clean black powder, copper and brass fouling. In addition, it removes sabot residue. Due to its foaming quality, this cleaner gets deep into the bore of… [more]

CVA Universal Loading Tip

For ramrods. [more]

Thompson Center In-line Capper

Solid brass body with steel jaws. This unique design allows the plunger spring to be locked in compressed position for easy loading. Completely American made, it holds seventeen No. 11 percussion caps ready for instant use. [more]

CVA Rapid Loaders

Straight through tube allows for loading ball, patch and powder in one fluid motion. Includes pocket clip. 3 per card. [more]


The Accura MR is designed to fit a wide range of shooters with its compact size. The MR provides just the right combination of balance and maneuverability for the rifle's intended purpose. The Accura is simplistic in operation because the breeching lever is built right into the trigger guard,… [more]

CVA Fiberglass Ramrods
$10.99 - $13.49

Flexibility to bend without breaking. 3' long for you to custom fit. 11/32" diameter. 10-32 threads. [more]

Traditions Flintlock Pan Primer

Compact flask dispenses 3 grains of 4f priming powder from spring activated spout. Lanyard hole for easy carrying. [more]

Traditions Straight Line Capper

Solid brass carries 15 No. 11 caps ready for precise dispensing. [more]

Thompson Center Presaturated Cleaning Patches

No. 13 Bore Cleaner & 100% cotton patches combined - they work to clean fouling from muzzleloaders. By offsetting their position on the jag, centering them or doubling the patch thickness, a variety of calibers and gauges can be accommodated with this one size. 2½" dia. [more]

Thompson Center Universal Rugged Rod

Solid aluminum ramrod, 32" long, which can be cut to fit your muzzleloader. The seating end of the ramrod is threaded to accept the standard 10x32 thread ramrod accessories. [more]

Thompson Center Rugged Rod Aluminum Ramrods

Solid aluminum one piece ramrods, super hard coat anodized for superior durability and pleasing looks. The working end accepts the standard 10x32 thread ramrod accessories offered by T/C, while the gripping end features 1 1/2" of non slip serration. Rugged and economical. [more]

Traditions Universal Breech Plug & Nipple Wrench

A steel wrench that will remove 209, musket & #11 nipples plus the breech plug from Traditions' In-Line muzzleloaders. Steel handle included. This wrench replaces the discontinued A1356. [more]

Traditions Super Magnum Pellet Quick Loader

An all-in-one loader and starter. Holds three 50 grain Pyrodex pellets in one end and a projectile in the other. The covers double as cappers, one #11 and one musket. "T" functions as a convenient ball starter. Contains 2 loaders per container. [more]

Traditions 5-in-1 Loader

An affordable ball/bullet starter, powder measure, palm saver, built-in capper and powder/projectile holder, all in one easy-to-carry, easy-to-use, easy-to-see tool. [more]

Traditions Universal Fast Loader

Handy container... one side holds extra patched balls or bullets. The other side will hold pre-measured amounts of black powder or Pyrodex. Contains 3 loaders per container. [more]

Thompson Center All Purpose Anti-seize Super Lube

A hard working synthetic based lube containing Teflon, which seals the threads of muzzleloading breech plugs as well as shotgun choke tubes. Withstands high operating temperatures and prevents fouling or powder residue from binding breech plugs. Also protects threads and other metal surfaces from… [more]

Traditions 209 Primer Capper - Synthetic

Designed to hold 5 209 primers, one on each end and three in the middle. One end is straight for break-open and non-scoped muzzleloaders and the other end is angled for use with scoped In-line rifles. A hole for use with a lanyard is included. [more]

CVA Replacement 209 Breech Plug
$17.49 - $18.99

For 209-capable CVA In-Line Rifles. Accepts standard #209 shotshell primers. Ideal for shooting Pyrodex Pellets. [more]

CVA Lifetime Range Rod

This heavy duty long rod makes loading and cleaning easy. [more]

Traditions Smackdown Sst Bullets

Muzzleloader bullet polymer tip. Propretary yellow spire point polymer tip. Tapered copper jacket interlocked with lead core for controlled expansion. The Super Shocked Tip bullet was designed specifically by Hornady to perform under muzzleloading velocities. [more]

Traditions Stainless Steel Nipples

Fits all Traditions rifles and pistols. M6x1 threads and fits #11 caps. Two per pack. [more]


Traditions EZ Clean 2 Cleaning and seasoning patches use an advanced formula to help clean and season your barrel, as well as protect it between shooting sessions. Round patches fit barrels from .45-.58 [more]

Traditions Full Bore Bullets

Does not need a plastic sabot. Accurate-1" groups at 100 yards. No-lube copper jacket eliminates lead fouling and controls expansion. hard hitting patented Flex Tip? design delivers devastating terminal performance at any range. [more]

Thompson Center Ball, Bullet & Wad Pullers

Threads onto a Thompson/Center ramrod and successfully removes stuck balls, bullets or shotgun wads from the bore. [more]

Thompson Center Powder Spouts

Makes it easier to pour black powder or Pyrodex® directly from the container into a powder measure. [more]

CVA Speed Loader For Pyrodex®

Allows shooter to pre-load magnum loads for quick reloading in the field. Capable of holding three 50 grain Pyrodex? Pellets plus a saboted bullet, but will also work with lighter pellet loads or even loose powder. [more]

288 Results
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