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Black Powder Guns & Accessories

Traditions Revolver Nipples
Three per pack. Fits Pietta revolvers.
Traditions Revolver Powder Measure
Perfectly sized for revolver chambers and small-bore rifles. Accurately measures loads from 5-45 grains. Solid Brass.
Traditions Retractable Nipple Pick
Brass body with push-up slide extends nipple pick at an angle to reach In-Line rifle nipples.
CVA Hunter Powder Measure
Compact telescopic design that fits in your pocket. Measure 50 to 120 grains, in 10 grain increments. Loop ring for attachment to a lanyard. Constructed of all brass.
Thompson Center Standard Bullet Starter
A properly patched round ball requires the use of a bullet starter. The purpose of this implement is to start a tight fitting ball into the muzzle and to drive it far enough down the barrel so that it can be handled with the ramrod.
Thompson Center General Purpose Cleaning Patches
$7.99 - $13.99
100% cotton, these patches work with rifles, shotguns or pistols. By offsetting their position on the jag, centering them or doubling the patch thickness, a variety of calibers and gauges can be accommodated with this one size.
Thompson Center Rugged Range Rod
A 32" range rod made from solid aluminum stock, and hard coat anodized. Features a tough polymer palm saver knob for a firm grip when driving down balls, bullets or sabots.
Thompson Center Deluxe Bullet Starter
Similar to the standard model except that it offers the added feature of what is commonly called a "palm saver". The hole in the knob end of the starter is placed over the end of the ramrod when seating bullets. Brass stud contains hole so that a leather thong can be added.
Thompson Center All Purpose Anti-Seize Super Lube
A hard working synthetic based lube containing Teflon, which seals the threads of muzzleloading breech plugs as well as shotgun choke tubes. Withstands high operating temperatures and prevents fouling or powder residue from binding breech plugs. Also protects threads and other metal surfaces from corrosion. The 1.44 ounce Super Lube fits the lube applicator for convenient application of lube to the threads in the barrel of your muzzleloader.
Thompson Center Essential Cleaning Pack
The essential elements every hunter/shooter needs to keep his muzzleloader in top working order after a hunt or a day at the range. Contains: 4 oz. of all natural bore cleaner, .75 oz. of all natural 1,000 Plus Bore Butter, .23 oz. of anti seize lubricant Super Lube, and 100% cotton cleaning patches.
Thompson Center
$6.69 - $7.89
Holds pre-measured powder charge, projectile and priming in a waterproof container. May be used with either a percussion or flint lock rifle. You simply flip open the waterproof cover. Pour the premeasured powder charge into the barrel. Drive the projectile into the muzzle with your short starter and seat it with your ramrod. The percussion cap (or priming charge) is contained in a separate chamber ready for instant use, and a 209 primer in recess on top. Magnum Quickshots hold premeasured powder charges of up to 150 grn, of Black Powder or Pyrodex equivalent - or 3 Pyrodex 50 gr. pellets.
Thompson Center Flint Lock Field Kit
Pan brush, jaw tightening rod, stainless steel touch hole pick and small screwdriver with 3 different size blades for a multitude of uses including rear sight adjustment. Lightweight and compact.
Thompson Center Replacement Nipples
Made of stainless steel, these nipples are carefully machined and long lasting. Two sizes, using the No. 11 cap, are available.
Thompson Center Flint Lock Pan Charger
Solid brass, the knurled end screws off for filling. Holds approximately 80 grains FFFFG black powder. Dispenses a small amount of priming powder. Each dispensed charge fills the pan of a T/C rifle one-half full.
Thompson Center Pillow Ticking Patches
These patches meet military specifications. Shooters learned long ago that the same properties which existed in pillow ticking were conducive to making excellent round ball patches. The tight weave 100% cotton fabric was rugged, resisted tearing and prevented burn-through. .018" thickness.
Thompson Center Ramrod Accessory Kit
Ramrod Accessory Kit - 50 Cal. includes all ramrod accessories to clean your muzzleloader includes a Pro Hunter Bullet Puller.
Thompson Center Breech Brush & Fire Channel Brush Set
The breech brush makes cleaning the removable plug in you firearm a snap with the ability to clean both the threads in the barrel and the receiver. The Fire Channel brush cleans and helps to eliminate any blockages in the fire channel of most in-line breech plugs. The Fire Channel brush can be used in conjunction with T17 breech plug cleaner.
Thompson Center Mag Express Sabots
$11.99 - $29.99
Use with .44 caliber jacketed pistol bullets, or lead bullets of .429"-.430" diameter; the .54 caliber Mag Express Sabots for .45 caliber jacketed or lead pistol bullets of .451"-.452" diameter. Mag Express Sabots load easily and are designed to separate from the projectile quickly. Available preassembled with XTP? bullets.
Thompson Center Universal Rugged Rod
Solid aluminum ramrod, 32" long, which can be cut to fit your muzzleloader. The seating end of the ramrod is threaded to accept the standard 10x32 thread ramrod accessories.
Thompson Center Wedge Pin Puller
A hardened steel, dual purpose tool which taps out the forend wedge just enough so that it can be caught and pulled free with the claw end. It's also a nipple wrench that fits all T/C nipples, except the T/C Scout.
Hodgdon Pyrodex RS
Pyrodex RS can be used in all calibers of percussion muzzleloading rifles and shotguns. It is the most versatile powder in the Pyrodex line. 16 oz. bottle.
Hodgdon Pyrodex P
The principle use for Pyrodex P is in all pistols and in rifles, 45 caliber and down.
Traditions The Crush Vortek Strikerfire
This package comes with a Vortek StrikerFire® with a 28" barrel which Nitride finish coating both the inside and outside of the barrel. Nitride Coating, a well-recognized finish used by many manufacturers, provides a layer of protection both on the outside of your barrel and inside your barrel. The finish protects your rifle from rust and pitting caused by weather and corrosion. While protecting your rifle, it also provides increased accuracy and extends the life of your muzzleloader. The Realtree Xtra camo stock and forend gives you the camoflague you need. This rifle also comes with a 3-9x40 Nikon? Inline XR Matte BDC 300 Range-Finding scope mounted and boresighted by a factory-trained techinican, Traditions? Neoprene Sling, and Deluxe Soft Case with reinforced handles, extra padding, and zippered side compartment. This package does not come with sights.
CVA Flexible Breech Plug Cleaners
Pipe cleaners with stiff bristles imbedded in the material for extra heavy duty cleaning in hard-to-get-to places.
CVA Flasks
Designed with the needs of the shooter in mind. These all-brass flasks come in three different models. The end caps can be unscrewed for easier, faster and safer loading. The field model flask holds 2½ ounces of powder in a compact flask.
CVA Replacement 209 Breech Plug
$17.49 - $18.99
For 209-capable CVA In-Line Rifles. Accepts standard #209 shotshell primers. Ideal for shooting Pyrodex Pellets.
Traditions Vortek Strikerfire NW
The Vortek? Series is the most full-featured series Traditions? offers. Muzzleloaders under the Vortek? are packed with every feature you desire on a muzzleloader and then some! This series has many options for you to choose from including an all new hammerless muzzleloader called the Vortek StrikerFire?, a 30" barreled model called the Vortek? Ultralight LDR, and the classic, standard Vortek? Ultralight. Additionally all 3 of these types are available with a Magnum Musket ignition system which we call a Northwest Magnum version since these models primarily are for those in the Northwestern states like Oregon, Idaho, and Washington to fit state-specific regulations.
Traditions Field Cleaning Kit
Tradition's field cleaning kit with belt pouch includes all of the accessories necessary for quick field cleaning in a handy belt pouch for easy carrying. The belt pouch features dual full sized compartments for storing cleaning or loading gear and the front compartment features a pocket to securely hold your phone or GPS. Along with the belt pouch this kit comes with the following: Gun cloth, EZClean 2 breech plug grease, Dry patches, Bronze brush, cleaning jag, EZClean 2 cleaning solvent, carabiner to easily attach to a back pack or belt loop.
Traditions Field Load It Pouch Kit
Traditions? Field Shooter's Kit with Belt Pouch is perfect for the hunter who wants to have everything available should they need to load quickly in the field! The Belt Pouch attaches easily to your belt loop or backpack. It features dual full-sized compartments for storing cleaning or loading gear and the front compartment features a pocket to securely hold your cell phone or GPS.
CCI Percussion Caps
$10.49 - $74.90
Assembled in traditional ribbed soft copper caps. Charged with a modern, non-mercuric, non-corrosive mix that will ignite hard to fire Pyrodex® and blackpowder. Foiled and lacquer sealed for moisture protection. Packed 100 caps in a tin, 10 tins to a case. Master pack 10 (tins).
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