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Camp Saws, Axes & Shovels

Coleman Folding Shovel & Pick
23", folded size: 10". Tempered forged-steel components for long life. Use as a pick, shovel or saw; breaks down easily to a compact kit. Positive locking collar. Carry pouch.
Gerber Freescape Hatchet
Forged Steel Head. Slim Profile Sheath Stores in Handle When in Use. Composite Handle is Extremely Durable and Lightweight. Soft Touch Handle Over-mold for Comfort and Ease of Use. Overall Length: 17.3" Weight: 32.6 oz. Head Material: Forged Steel Handle Material: Glass-Filled Nylon.
Gerber Sliding Saw
Sturdy and effective stainless-steel blade with double-cut teeth cuts through trees and branches with ease. Double-cut teeth saw effectively on both the pull and push stroke for excellent efficiency. Blade slides into handle for secure and simple transport.
Coghlans Camp Axe
Forged steel axe head. Steel shaft. Non-slip grip. Length: 13", weight: 1 2/3 lbs.
Gerber Sport Axe ll
Each one sports a forged stainless steel head. And edge retention that will have people talking. And Fibercomp handles that are all but impossible to damage. Let alone break. Overall Length: 13.98" Blade Length: 2.60" Weight: 22.57oz.
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Designed to be slim and packable, the Pack Hatchet is easily stowed and accessible to accomplish the demands of a water fowler or a car camper. Ergonomic choke-up features enable high control work, while the rubber overmold handle provides a solid grip while swinging. The full tang stainless steel construction delivers certain durability in a plethora of environments.
Glock Entrenching Tool
The innovative field spade for the 21st century with many intelligent details. The surface-treated spade blade can be locked in three positions for different uses. The spade can be easily turned into a shovel or a hoe. The hardened saw blade in the handle can be quickly mounted if required. Folded, up the GLOCK field spade can be easily accommodated in any field backpack or vehicle trunk. A must for any outdoor professional.
Gerber Gator Combo Axe
There are times when a knife may be needed in addition to an axe; Gerber Legendary Blades introduces the Gator Combo Axe. Gator textured rubber for maximum grip in wet or dry conditions. As with all Gerber axes, the Gator Axe features a forged steel head for superior edge retention and a virtually unbreakable handle. Available with or without a Gator textured-handle fixed blade knife. Technical Specs: Overall Length: 8.75", Length of Blade: 2.63", Weight: 19.2 oz., Blade Material: Forged steel axe head, Handle Material: Polyamide with Gator textured overmold.
Schrade Telescoping Folding Shovel
1055 Carbon Steel Sharpened Shovel. Telescoping Handle Up to 19" in Length, PP Handle with Aluminum Inner Tube. Black Polyester Belt Sheath. Blade Length: 7.42 inch (18.85 cm) Handle Length: 10.80 inch (27.43 cm). Overall Length: 16.58 inch (42.11 cm) Weight: 2.0 pounds.
Old Timer Copperhead Knife
$21.99 - $22.99
Old Timer Copperhead Saw, 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Wood and Bone Blade, Snake Skin Rubber. Folding Handle, Polyester Sheath.
Coghlans Sierra Saw
Compact, light, incredibly sharp. Tempered flexible steel blade resists rusting. Cuts smooth and clean. Blade locks open. Unbreakable handle. Weighs only 5 1/2 oz. Blade length: 7", overall length: 16", length closed: 9 1/2". Highly versatile, it is ideal for cutting firewood, trimming branches at camp or around home, cutting plastic pipe, plywood or wallboard, and for dressing large game.
Stansport Camp Axes
Drop forged polished hardened steel head for strength and durability. Flat back for hammering. Rubber gripped handle. Model 322 has a fiberglass handle and comes with a sheath.
Coghlans Folding Shovel
Tempered forged steel blade, metal handle and shaft. Positive locking collar. Length open: 23", folded: 10".
Gerber Axe
One of the benefits of the 23.5" Axe is its solid, easy swing. Coupled with a super-sharp blade made of hardened forged steel possessing excellent edge retention, this axe will chop up to three times deeper than average and provide for greater productivity, which spells out savings in time, effort, and strain on the body of its operator. The tactile grip of the nylon handle contributes to relief of body strain, too, as well as improved control during each swing.
Gerber Pack Paxe ll
Each one sports a forged stainless steel head. And edge retention that'll have people talking. And Fibercomp handles that are all but impossible to damage let alone break. Formed plastic sheath.Length: 9.0" Blade Length: 2.70" Weight: 19.4 oz.
Coleman Machete With Sheath
Cut through brush at the campsite or on the trail with a Coleman® 18-in. Steel Machete. The durable hardened steel blade will stand up to tough treatment. Wherever your adventure takes you, keep the machete close in the canvas sheath that attaches to both a traditional belt and a military-style belt.
Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Sport Saw
Features blades that are easily exchanged or replaced. Superior cutting action, safely locks open and close, ergonomic handle with nonslip grip Katon®. Length open: 14 1/2". Blade length: 6 1/4". Made in U.S.A.
Coghlans Pocket Sierra Saw
All purpose, practical and compact. Never needs sharpening. Ideal for camping, hiking and fishing.
Sagen Hunter's Field Saws With Case
$22.99 - $28.99
This compact, lightweight hunting saw allows you to quickly and safely cut through the pelvic bone while field dressing a deer or other big game without puncturing the colon or bladder. Also works wonders on rib cage and leg bones.This indispensable tool helps you make quick, clean work of field dressing. Comes with a camouflaged nylon sheath with belt attachment.
Coghlans 10
50-55 HRC fully hardened axe edge. Non-slip rubber grip designed for comfort. Stores inside the black nylon sheath. SK-5 forged carbon steel head with satin plating. Weighs.80 ounces.
Coghlans Commando Saw
This NATO approved tool will cut wood, plastic, bone, rubber, or soft metal. Unique 8-strand design. 30" blade is stainless steel. Plated swivel ends prevent twisting. Plated rings, pass one through the other converting saw to a snare. Cuts by friction. Safe to handle. Carry in pocket or pack.
Gerber Gator Axe/Saw Combo
The Gator Axes improve upon our award-winning line of axes. We fused our famous Gator textured rubber grip onto our virtually unbreakable glass-filled nylon handle, giving these axes maximum grip in wet or dry conditions. The axe head is forged steel for superior edge retention. Theses models come with a magnet in the hollow handle to lock a precision ground saw into place. Now you have the tools you require to finish the job in one spot.
Stansport Prospector's Rock Pick
Made of heavy duty forged steel with tubular steel shank. Rubber grip handle.
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Make sure the ground has a firm grip on your tent stakes, and pound them in with a Coleman®Rugged 16-oz. Rubber Mallet. The double-sided head is made of high-impact rubber perfect for using on plastic or steel tent pegs. No matter what you're pounding, the comfort-grip handle ensures you'll keep a sure grasp on your mallet. When it's time to pack up, the steel stake puller makes it easy to pull up your tent stakes, no matter what kind of ground they're in.
Coghlans Machete
Features include 18" polished blade, high carbon spring steel and rugged plastic handle. Also comes with heavy-duty Cordura® nylon sheath.
Coghlans Mini Shovel With Pick
Tempered forged steel tools. Metal shaft. Positive locking collar. Overall length: 13". Includes Cordura® carrying pouch.
Coghlans Sportsmans Saw
Cuts through wood-metal-plastic-bone-with easy back and forth action. Carry in pack-pocket-tackle box-trailer. Length: 20in.
Gerber Vital Pack Saw
High-visual Orange; easier to spot Easier & safer than competition Rubber over-mold handles Comfortable, safe & lightweight. Overall: 6.0". Blade: 3.4". Weight: 2.7 oz. Handle material: glass-filled polymer with rubber over-mold.
Coleman Camp Axe
Drop-forged carbon steel axe head. Forged steel handle. Ergonomic nonslip grip.
Schrade Full Tang Hatchet
Powder Coated 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Head with Hammer Pommel. Black TPR Rubber Wrapped Handle with Lanyard. Thermoplastic Belt Sheath. Blade Length: 3.55 inch (9.02 cm) Handle Length: 5.91 inch (15.01 cm). Overall Length: 11.08 inch (28.14 cm) Weight: 1.37 pounds.
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