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Camping Supplies

Coghlans Zipper Pull Thermometer/Compass
General purpose compass. Fahrenheit and Celsius scale. Windchill chart on back. Sturdy plastic housing. Slip-on ring for attaching to zipper, pack, etc.
Coghlans Camp Stove Toaster
Features sure grip toast holders. Folds to dinner plate size of 9" diameter. Toasts up to four slices at one time. coated wires won't rust or warp.
Coghlans Refillable Gas Lighter
Child resistant mechanism. Refillable, butane fueled. Piezoelectric activated. Adjustable flame. On-Off safety switch. A convenient, reliable gas lighter for home or camp.
Coghlans Tarp Grips
Ideal for securing tarps, tents, banners, plastic sheeting or covers. Grips material without causing holes or damage.
Coghlans Sportsmans Saw
Cuts through wood-metal-plastic-bone-with easy back and forth action. Carry in pack-pocket-tackle box-trailer. Length: 20in.
Coghlans Snaplight Lightsticks
$4.69 - $8.69
Safe and reliable light anytime in all conditions. This chemi-luminescent technology is available in several colors which lend themselves to use as warning lights, marker lights, signal lights, dive lights or safety lights as well as dozens of applications in the outdoors. No flame or heat, no batteries required, non-toxic, won't attract insects, cool to the touch, weatherproof.
Coghlans Telescoping Fork
Chrome plated shaft. Cool wood handle. Thumb roller to rotate food for even cooking.
Coghlans Egg Holders
6 egg size for hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and camping. Unbreakable plastic construction. Handles for easy carrying.
Coghlans Eyeglass Repair Kit
Everything you need for minor emergency repairs when camping, travelling, work or home. Includes screw driver, magnifying glass, 12 screws (2 sizes), vinyl case.
Coghlans Emergency Candles
Long burning, each candle burns 8 to 10 hours. Blister card contains two 1 1/2" X 5" candles and two metal candle holders.
Coghlans Safety Whistle
Bright orange pealess whistle works even when wet. Won't freeze or clog. Morse code is printed directly on the card. Includes breakaway lanyard.
Coghlans Wrist Compass
Hands-free convenience. Liquid filled. Luminous dial. Waterproof and impact-resistant. Adjustable Velcro® strap. Fits most leather watch straps, too. Weighs only 5 gr. 7/8" in diameter.
Coghlans Anodized Aluminum Tent Stakes
Three sided design provides extra holding power. Pull cord
Coghlans Brass Match Box
Nickel-plated brass construction with watertight seal. Holds supply of wooden matches for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, packing, and snowmobiling.
Coghlans Candles
Fits many popular candle lanterns. Size 3/4"x5".
Coghlans Liquid Filled Compass
Features an impact-resistant plastic case, jewelled needle with luminous pointer and an adjustable capsule for direction setting memory arrow. Assorted colors: black, burgundy and olive.
Coghlans Fire Lighters
No matches, paper, or kindling required. Handy, odorless Fire Lighters make lighting a fire quick, easy and clean. Each stick burns approximately 7 minutes. Strike on box only. 20 Sticks per package.
Coghlans Lantern Lighter
Attaches to most popular makes of gas lanterns and uses ordinary lighter flints. Can attach to lantern by following a few simple instructions on back of display card.
Coghlans Mosquito Net
$5.59 - $19.49
Rectangular shape fits over sleeping bag or cot. Fine mesh polyester. Suspends w/poles or rope (not included) utilizing 6 reinforced tie tabs at corner and sides. Washable. Use indoors or out.
Coghlans Nylon Tent Repair Kit
A comprehensive kit for field repairs to almost any damage which might be incurred by a nylon or other synthetic tent.
Coghlans Piezoelectric Lighter
Solid state - no flints or batteries. 13" long - reaches hard to light pilots and burners. Lightweight, easy to pack or store. Complete instructions.
Coghlans Refillable Flex Lighter
Convenient access for hard to reach areas. Child safety mechanism. Adjustable flame height control. Butane fueled.
Coghlans Storm Matches
These waterproof and windproof matches burn in heavy rain and even while wet! The matches are developed specifically for the UK Minsitry of Defence and are NATO approved. Designed to light in all extremes of weather, the match can withstand immersion in water and cannot be extinguished by wind, making it the ideal match when out in harsh conditions. Waterproof tub comes with two striker surfaces.
Coghlans Sportsmans Soap
Mild, biodegradable coconut oil concentrate liquid soap for hands and face. Two 21.3 mil per tube.
Coghlans Tent Peg Mallet Peg Puller
$5.99 - $6.29
Plastic tent stake mallet for use with plastic tent pegs or steel tent stakes. Includes a tent peg puller handle.
Coghlans Tent Repair Kit
Everything you need for quick emergency repairs. Kit consists of two pieces approximately 8" X 8" waterproof canvas material: one piece approximately 8" X 8" nylon window screen, needle, thread, and tube of Coghlan's canvas cement. Complete instructions included with each kit.
Coghlans Pack Grill
Sturdy steel construction. Chrome-plated. Folds flat for easy storage or packing. Grill surface: 12 1/2" X 6 1/2".
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A continuous flame is produced as butane gas vapors ignite upon contact with the superheated catalyzer coil element. Blow-torch flame stays lit in windy conditions.
Coghlans Citronella Candle
The pleasant aroma of Citronella helps repel insects. As well, it's a handy emergency candle.
Coghlans Snake Bite Kit
A complete, compact kit for the treatment of snake bite using the constrictor/suction method. Includes 3 pliable suction cups, easy to use one hand lymph constrictor, scalpel, and antiseptic swab.