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Fenwick ® Pflueger® Nighthawk? Fly Combo
$119.99 - $129.99
Fenwick Night Hawk medium fast action rod. Quality cork handle and lightweight carbon reel seat. Pflueger Monarch reel pre-spooled with weight forward floating fly line and tapered leader. 5 Year Limited Warranty. The Fenwick® Pflueger® Night Hawk Fly Kit features the Fenwick® Night Hawk rod and Pflueger® Monarch reel. A great combo for those getting started in fly fishing. Provides a crisp medium action essential for developing casting technique. It also includes a perfectly matched and balanced rod, reel, and line set_up that is ready to fish!
Scientific Anglers Trout Fly Fishing Starter Kit
This Trout Fly Fishing Outfit includes a high quality 4-piece 5/6 weight graphite rod for smooth and easy casting. Preloaded disc drag reel ready to fish with the specific line and flies designed to work well for panfish._ Also includes a special 2 in 1 DVD with "Fly Fishing Made Easy" and "Panfish and Bass with Larry Dahlberg." Included in this kit: High Quality Graphite Fly Rod. 4-piece, 5/6 weight graphite rod. Lightweight for smooth and easy casting. Pre-Loaded Reel. Quality lightweight disc drag reel - Scientific Anglers Concept 2 Fly Reel. Loaded with backing, fly line and leader, and is ready to use. Scientific Anglers Species-specific Fly Line. Premium Scientific Anglers Fly Line (WF-6-F), your most important component! For easy casting and excellent floatation. Fly Box with Flies. Includes the right bass-specific flies to catch trout. 2-in-1 Instructional DVD (the contents of both of the DVD titles below are included on a single special-issue DVD). "Fly Fishing Made Easy". "Panfish & Bass with Larry Dahlberg".
Eagle Claw PackIt Fly Combo
The Eagle Claw Pack-It Travel/Pack Spinning Combo is the perfect companion for a weekend getaway or for those times when you stumble upon an unexpected fish haunt. The combo features a medium sized spinning reel with a lightweight aluminum reel and a matching 6-piece telescopic 6' 6" medium action fiberglass rod with ceramic guide inserts.
Eagle Claw Premount Water Eagle Fly Combo
This pre-mounted matched set combo includes red two piece medium action rod with aluminum oxide guides and glass blank material. Size 3/5 black reel.
Cortland Fairplay Fly Outfit
Cortland Fairplay Fly Outfits come with everything you need to get out in the water. These outfits are complete with a fly rod and pre-loaded graphite matrix composite reel with floating fly line and backing. Get out there and reel in trout, panfish, bass, steelhead, pike, and carp with Cortland Fairplay Fly Outfits.
Martin Caddis Creek Fly Combos
CC65C single action reel; 9' 2 piece 5/6 weight rod. CC68C single action reel; 9' 2 piece 7/8 weight.
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