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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Blakemore 6
Losing your expensive rigs can ruin a fishing trip. Rod Floater slips easily onto your rod and secures with hook 'n' loop straps. If your rod falls or is pulled into the water, it'll float. Standard: for casting, flipping and medium-to-heavy spinning rods. Small: for crappie, ultralight and kids' rods. 3 pack.
Flexible blade for filleting. 6" Titanium Bonded 4116 German Stainless Steel blade. The durable full tang construction is visible through the Cuda scale pattern, non-slip handle.
Little Joe Heart-Of-Steel Spinners
When you're out for northern pike, that's the time for a Heart-of-Steel Spinner. Nylon-covered stainless steel leader withstands dozens of strikes from mono-slicing teeth. 1 per card.
Mr. Crappie Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers
The Mr. Crappie Flo-Glo Lighted Bobber is a weighted snap-on lighted bobber that really works! Forget having to use the bulky, insensitive-style plastic anymore. Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers are three times brighter and can be seen three times further. Super sensitive to the bite, Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers look and work like a bobber. They allow you to use as a slip or fixed depth bobber and offer super high visibility. Yellow/green. 2 pack.
Old Salty Planers
$13.99 - $36.99
The Old Salty Planer is designed to get your line down deep in the water without heavy weights.
Bicco Fish Scaler
Easy to operate, economical and compact. No more flying fish scales.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
A sportsman's dream, the Fillet 'n Carry is designed with a unique routed bottom that fi ts securely on 4, 5 & 6 gallon buckets. Large enough for any fi lleting task. Large oval hole to pass waste into bucket below. This board includes knife slot, beverage holder and juice groove to eliminate spillage of liquids. HDPE food grade plastic.
Berkley Soft Touch Hemostat Pliers
Comfort non-slip grips. Corrosion resistant stainless steel. Ideal for removing hooks or tying flies.
Gee's Crawfish Trap
Packed 6 No Break.
Eagle Claw Fishfinder Slides
$35.88 - $56.16
With dual lock snap.
No Image
$2.79 - $3.19
Stained wood with fluorescent tops featuring premium balsa construction. These slip floats are great for use when targeting all species of freshwater fish. Floats are painted with hi-vis orange and chartreuse tops. Available in oval and pencil styles. These floats are made in the U.S.A.
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$54.99 - $154.99
Stainless Crane Barrel Swivels
No Image
Specially formulated and scented with real coffee bean oils, Strike King's Coffee Scent Attractant masks the scents of humans and plastics for a more realistic presentation. The natural organic scent of Strike King's Coffee Scent Attractant is also incredibly attractive to fish, giving you the competitive edge and bringing new life to your soft plastics.
No Image
$329.99 - $339.99
Stained wood with fluorescent tops featuring premium balsa construction. These slip floats are great for use when targeting all species of freshwater fish. Floats are painted with hi-vis orange and chartreuse tops. Available in oval and pencil styles. These floats are made in the U.S.A.
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Our 3.5 Gallon Minnow Bucket has our Premium Bait Bucket Lid with aerator clip and hinge lid for easy access. Also has a 1 inch thick foam insulated wall to keep your bait cool and fresh. Comes with a white plastic handle for easy carrying.
No Image
$44.50 - $49.50
Lets the live bait hit the water naturally - no splash, breakage or sinking.
No Image
Colorful way to float your bait. These premium balsa floats are available in an assortment of eye-popping colors. 18 pieces.
No Image
Our Black Torpedo Minnow Trap is made up of a black vinyl to offer some camoflauge in the water. Held together with a line hook to also attach rope to the shoreline or secure object. Top and bottom half conveniently fit inside of each other for easy storage.
No Image
Our Deluxe 12V/110V Aerator is made of plastic with plastic gears. This model has a run time of 40 hours on the batteries. The kit includes one each of the folowing, 12V adapter, 110V adapter, stone and one hose. The stone and hose are stored in a plastic bag inside battery compartment straight from factory.
No Image
Our Premium Bait Bucket Lid fits most 3.5,5,and 6 gallon buckets. Comes equipped with a vented easy access lid, accessory clips 2 aerator clips, a cup holder, and two access holes to feed your aerator hose through.
No Image
The Flambeau 6084FA insulated bucket with features a lid with a hinge open top for easy access. The lid also features aerated holes on top and an aerator clip. This lid comes with a black plastic handle for easy carrying. The 1 inch foam thick insulated wall to keep your bait cool and fresh. The aerator is made of plastic. The plastic gears runs on two D size batteries. The aerator has a run time of 40 hours and includes one Stone and one Hose that is stored in a plastic bag.
No Image
These rugged multi-purpose lights come with a 50 watt, 12-volt bulb and can be used for 6-8 hours on a fully charged 12-volt battery. The uniquely designed polyethylene shield provides excellent visibility with no blinding glare. Completely watertight. Perfect for flounder gigging or camping. Versatile C-clamp allows easy attachment to your boat.
No Image
Portable Aerator is made of durable plastic with plastic gears and requires two D size battery for operation. This model as a run time of about 40 hours and includes one stone and one hose stored in a plastic bag inside battery compartment from factory. Dimensions 3-3/4" X 2-1/4" X 6-1/8"
No Image
The Aqua Clear SH-2S Sheep head Rig is designed to reel in Sheep head. This rig comes with an 18-inch leader and size 1 hook. The Aqua Clear SH-2s Sheep head Rig comes in a pack of two.
No Image
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
No Image
$8.07 - $16.14
This ultra slender, all balsa float stands 7 1/2" tall, requiring extra split shot for balancing.That means extra casting distance and getting the bait down quicker. When used as a slip flat, the added weight brings more stability in heavy winds. There's less drag felt by the caster and by shy biting fish. Ideal on still or slow-flowing water. Perfect for casting 10-30 yards for shy crappies, bluegills, walleyes, smallmouth or trout.
No Image
Halibut Trap Rig Leader
No Image
Dredge Pin Rigs- 6PK 1oz
No Image
42" Elite 6arm dredge bar (.125)- tension loops with straight arms
No Image
42" Elite 6arm dredge bar (.125)- tension loops with swivel sleeves
No Image
Dredge Pin Rigs- 6PK 2oz
No Image
$10.99 - $11.99
No Image
The innovative EGO Kryptek product series has been designed and test to meet your most demanding fishing needs and now features the Kryptek camo technology! We can't promise you'll catch a World Record trophy fishjust the peace of mind knowing you have the best in fishing tools and accessories for going after it!
No Image
$7.99 - $9.99
EGO Trout Net
Quick-Clip fastening system. Retractable Quick-Draw. 0057-0010:Hoop 13.5" x 17". Handle 5.5". 0057-0011: Hoop 12" x 15". Handle 5.5".Industry leading strength-to-weight ratio.
Betts Double Dipper Net - Floater
$5.49 - $5.69
A well constructed floating net with a molded, textured grip. No splinters. Salt water quality. Packed assorted brilliant fluorescent colors in each box. Wanted by fishermen and loved by kids.
Billfisher Rigging Spring
$7.49 - $9.79
The stainless steel rigging spring is the ideal item to quickly rig ballyhoo, cigar minnows or other natural bait fish. Eliminates the need for wire or rubber bands. Allows you to rig a bait in seconds and keep the bait's mouth tightly closed while trolling. Complete with instructions. With header.
Billfisher Double Snap Swivels
Billfisher, black oxide, double snap swivels are ideal where double leader/lure attachment is needed. Black.
Magic Leech Locker
Compact bait bucket with a true locking handle. Convenient size that's ideal for leeches, minnows, shrimp, and other baits. Fits easily into livewells, trolls beside boat or tethers to dock. Translucent base lets you see remaining bait. Top half can fit into bottom for instant access.
Component Vinyl Jig Paint
$7.39 - $19.99
Extremely tough Vinyl Lure and Jig Finish, used by over 600 manufacturers. Won't chip or crack. Apply by dipping. Use white under all colors for proper adhesion on metal or lead. Can recoat in 10 to 20 minutes. Use clear gloss for top coat if high gloss is desired. Thin only with our Vinyl Thinner.
Shimano Brutus 11
High-grade carbon steel for longer life of cutting edge. The new Black-Nickel finish adds protection from corrosion. Custom 2-tone rubber grip. Shimano screen logo on grip.
Thill Splash Brite Lighted Floats
The Splash Brite lights up when it hits the water and shuts off when it comes out of the water. No buttons, no light sticks, no battery required. Just slip it on and fish. The Splash Brite is built with Thill's premium standards. Its sealed and contained center slip float design features a line friendly grommet and Hi-Vis top. It offers little resistance and excellent sensitivity - making it a perfect daytime float once its battery dies. Fully Automatic. Lights activate upon contact with water. No batteries required. A true center slider slider slip float. Line friendly brass grommet.
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