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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Tackle Shop Helper Salt & Freshwater Fishing
The information gathered in these books has been put together in an extremely simple form with lots of pictures and diagrams. These eye-catching books are for those who ask when, why, where, how, etc. Use as a reference to illustrate the knots, rigs, places and characteristics.
AFN Book Of Essential Fishing Knots
When you need a specific knot for your fishing and you're not sure how to tie it because it's difficult to remember the steps. Now this handy pocket-sized guide shows you how to tie these knots just like an expert! Keep it in your tackle box!
Church Tackle TX-005
With the TX-005 Planer, now you can set the lure down to the desired depth and maintain that depth at any distance you choose behind the boat. It's great for trolling in congested areas and for more effective contour trolling along drop offs, contour lines, reef edges and weed lines in rivers, lakes or the ocean. Take advantage of the prop wash, which moves disoriented bait-fish, sediment and bugs around that attract fish.
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Church Tackle's CO TX-007 Stern Planers will keep all of those lines separated and under control. Great for trolling in a congested area, the stern planer staggers your lines, letting you fish them at different depths and at different distances. This keeps lines from crossing, and it allows for more lines to be used off the back of your boat. It can also be run off of downriggers or be used as a buoy marker. Its professional-grade design performs with such little drag, you'll see the action in your rod's tip when a fish hits. Easy to set up, it attaches to line with a clip on the nose and a quick-swap swivel in back.
Precision Tackle Sunglo
Cajun Thunder? is a weighted, noisier, more versatile version of the Equalizer. Cajun Thunder? and its siblings are icons and have no equal as surface fish attractors. Two solid brass beads and two large plastic beads replace the 8-bead Equalizer noisemaker. The brass beads also transfer weight from the leader to the Cajun Thunder?, which enhances the action of the live bait or artificial jig. The brass beads also allow longer casts than with the Equalizer. Available in oval and cigar shapes. 1 per pack.
JE Sherry Fold Out Ruler with Ultimate Knot Guide
This 12" fold out ruler also contains ten of the best fishing knots to cover every fishing situation. The easy to read drawings are printed on waterproof plastic cards and are perfect for the tackle box or shirt pocket. Includes the three best knots for terminal tackle connections, the two best leader-to-line knots, the two best line-to-line knots, and the three best loop knots. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this guide has all you need.
Manley Brass Fishing Scale
A quality scale with corrosion-resistant brass body and easy-to-read increments. Available in both 50 lb. and 25 lb. models. Useful for setting reel drags or weighing the "big one". The 8 1/2" body and cylindrical shape allows easy storage in a tackle box or tackle drawer on your boat.
Precision Tackle Blue Water Thunder?
Blue Water Thunder is the offshore version of the Cajun Thunder used successfully by inshore anglers to catch a wide variety of game fish. Blue Thunder will allow you to fish live baits in a defined strike zone for Kingfish, Dolphin, Sailfish, Tuna and an infinite variety of other blue water game fish. The struggle of live bait to go deep, against the buoyancy of Blue Thunder will create fish attracting vibrations. The Bait-Click emitted from the magnum beads also enhances the fish-attracting feature of Blue Thunder. Rigging:Attach 6 to 8 feet of 50lb leader to the brass-beaded end of Blue Thunder. Tie on an appropriate live bait hook to the other end of the leader.
Church Tackle Stingray Diving Weight
$10.99 - $13.49
Church Tackle's Stingray Diving Weights are multi-species inline weights engineered for success. The unique error-proof design allows anglers to put more fish in the boat. Water strikes the top of the weight, forcing the Stingray down. A fish on the line forces the nose upward, bringing the weight to the surface which takes the fight out of the Stingray.
Texas Tackle Pole Caddy
The Texas Tackle Factory Texas Pole Caddy provides a convenient place for your rod while you handle a fish or tie a line. The caddy is constructed from ABS plastic for durability and features a convenient stringer hitch. The caddy slides easily onto 2" or smaller nylon belts (sold separately). 1750-0105: Heavy-duty 2" nylon belt.
JE Sherry Proknot Fishing Knots
Easy to read drawings are printed on 7 waterproof plastic cards. Brass grommet. Perfect for boat or tackle box.
Rod-Runner Pro Fishing Rod Caddy
The Rod-Runner® Pro is a portable rod holder system that keeps rods at an ideal angle, lower to the ground, and closer to the user during transport. The portable rod caddy, with XL Comfort Curve handle, allows you to safely carry up to 5 rods in 1 hand. Protect your rods and reels by using the Rod-Runner Pro to transport rods in trucks, SUVs, even compact cars. You can even customize your tackle needs with interchangeable rod holders. 2 unique rod holder designs accept everything from light tackle spinning rods to heavy tackle big-game rods and even dome electric reel and specialty rods. Use this rod caddy to avoid tangled lines, broken guides, and costly repairs. The system even allows you to wash down and rig secured rods in seconds. You may also store rods vertically to save space.
Rod-Runner Express Fishing Rod Caddy
Introducing the latest in fishing rod transportation. Whether you're fishing bridges, beaches, or boats; inshore or offshore, freshwater or saltwater. Now you can go fishing faster and stay fishing longer with the rod-runner Protect & respect your fishing rods with a rod-runner Carry up to 3 fishing rods in 1 hand -great for trucks, SUV's, even compact cars. Wash down & rig secured rods quickly. Interchangeable rod holders for light or heavy tackle. Compact & durable ABS with UV inhibitors
Precision Tackle Flats Equalizer?
$3.89 - $6.89
This unique vertical jigging device allows the angler to suspend a lure over the grass without snagging. Any angler can fish beside the pros and get the same results. Deadly on a large variety of fish including snook, redfish, trout, mackerel, cobia, and bass. Available in orange and yellow.
Gee's Chum Pot
The Gee-Chum is designed to accommodate any style of chum (dry, frozen blocks, clam, bunker, etc.) It's large capacity (1.75 gallon) and rugged construction allows for various methods of chumming from still fishing to trolling with a minimal amount of mess. Easy to clean - no messy bags that hold odor.
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$25.99 - $26.99
This bobber has a spring loaded "J" hook that reverses to lock on line or work as a slip bobber . It has a unique lever arm that detects even the slightest fish action. The matte finish is designed for less glare, orange top for sunny days and yellow top for cloudy days. It has a sonic welded assembly (not glued) for maximum strength. Aerodynamic design and weighted center allows maximum casts (30-40 yds) with pinpoint accuracy.
Braid Light Tackle Pad
The Light Tackle Pad. It is truly the perfect design and shape for anglers using 15# to 40# test line and is possibly the only rod belt on the market truly suited for big game saltwater fly fishing. The Light Tackle Pad can either be worn with the existing belt strap or, for more comfort and ease, can be simply clipped onto the anglers pant waist for immediate action.
Eagle Claw Bass Tackle Kit
Contains 55 pieces of tackle you need to get started for fishing for bass. Just add your own rod, reel, line and bait to get the fish into your bucket. Includes stringer with hooks and a line clipper with lanyard. Bells, swivels, hooks, sinkers and more are included. Comes in a reusable tackle box .
Eagle Claw Catfish Tackle Kit
Contains 38 pieces of tackle you need to get started for fishing for catfish. Just add your own rod, reel, line and bait to get the fish into your bucket. Includes poly stringer, hook remover and deluxe skinning pliers. Bells, swivels, hooks, sinkers and a bobber are included. Comes in a reusable tackle box .
Eagle Claw Crappie Tackle Kit
Contains 53 pieces of tackle you need to get started for fishing for crappie. Just add your own rod, reel, line and bait to get the fish into your bucket. Includes poly stringer, hook remover and deluxe skinning pliers. Bells, swivels, hooks, sinkers and floats are included. Comes in a reusable tackle box .
Fish-N-Mate ®
Just 10" shorter and 2" narrower than the original Fish-N-Mate®. Non-corrosive aluminum tube construction, breaks down for those tight loads and weighs only 19 lbs.! Light yet strong and counter-balanced for carrying lots of gear. Great for the beach or pier, home or garden. Fish-N-Mate® jr. features: Inflatable 5" x 13" -6 pneumatic tires. Stabilizer legs. Food grade accepted cutting board with removable bait bucket Dimensions: inside frame 9"X14.5"X34" outside frame 10"X20"X38" outside frame 17"X25"X38" (with wheels mounted/handle removed). Easily accommodates: Five (5) rods & reels. .One (1) 36 - 48 qt. ice cooler. One (1) small sized tackle box. 1076-0054: This is a standard Fish N mate Jr with Poly Wheels and no front wheel
SW Fish ID Florida Saltwater Fish Id
"Florida Saltwater Fish ID" is a book that should be in every saltwater fisherman's tackle box. Unlike most fish ID books, this book is designed to fit in your tackle box and because it's laminated it won't fall apart when it gets wet! 5" x 7"; spiral bound and contains large full color images of saltwater fish combined with the Florida Fishing regulations of each fish. Fish are grouped by similar appearance, type of fish and/or type of water where they are most frequently caught. This book also includes handy every fisherman should know. FREE counter top stands available from the publisher upon request.
Eagle Claw Freshwater Tackle Kit
Contains 83 pieces of tackle you need to get started for freshwater fishing. Just add your own rod, reel, line and bait to get the fish into your bucket. Includes hooks, rigs, steel & tin sinkers & floats. Comes in a reusable tackle box .
TTF Double Shad Rig
Take the Texas Tackle Factory Double Shad 1/8 oz Rig on your next fishing expedition. The shad body has a paddle tail that provides lifelike swimming action, and the intense glow draws fish to your line. Pre-rigged with a size 1 single hook. Draws the attention of saltwater fish. Paddle tail provides lifelike swimming action. Glows intensely in the water. Pre-rigged with a size 1 single hook. Weight: 1/8 oz.
TTF Sliding Shark Rig
$3.29 - $3.99
To fish the Texas Tackle Factory's Redfish Ready Rig, simply attach the desired weight to a coastlock snap for "Free Flow" bait action. 42" length 170-lb. Black Steelon leader 8/0 Saltwater hook.
Tackle 2000 Gamefish Series Rocket Bobber
$2.69 - $4.79
Game Fish Series multi color bulk packs, 6 1/4. Orange top for sunny days, yellow top for cloudy days. Great for 6# test and up. Weighted, long casting, super sensitive bobber. Can be a lock on or slip bobber, 2 bobbers in 1! Incorporates a built in hook remover located on the tip.
Tackle 2000 Panfish Series Rocket Bobber
$2.59 - $4.69
Pan Fish Series MULTI COLOR bulk packs, 4 3/4. Orange top for sunny days, yellow top for cloudy days. Great for 4#-6# test. Weighted, long casting, super sensitive bobber. Can be a lock on or slip bobber, 2 bobbers in 1! Incorporates a built in hook remover located on the tip.
Wild River Tackle Tech Rigger Lighted Bucket Organizer
Handle with integrated LED light system allows for fishing from dusk to dawn. Storage pockets with securing straps for two 3500 style trays. Zipper pocket designed to hold your bait aerator and spare batteries with slot for air hose and the clear internal pocket keeps your maps and licenses visible but dry. Two pole pockets with securing straps. Removable plier holder goes from bag to belt so your pliers are easy to find, removable self retracting steel cable lanyard for clippers or small tools and web loops to help secure tools.
AFN Florida USA Fish Guide Ruler
Fish ID guides ruler measures 31". It also shows poisonous and protected species, edibility, length to weight chart and some basic knots. Waterproof, tear proof and crush proof. Ideal for the boat and tackle box.
Team Catfish Vinyl Fish Ruler Decal
Don't get caught with catfish that are too long or too short! The 36" Vinyl Decal Ruler from Team Catfish® is made of super heavy-duty vinyl with a very aggressive adhesive. Just peel the back off and stick it to any clean dry surface. Use it on a boat, dock, or roll it up and carry it in your tackle box.
Texas Tackle Split-Ring Pliers
$18.99 - $20.99
These are the split ring pliers that Salt Water Sportsman Magazine called the "World's Best Split-Ring Pliers." Surgical stainless steel for corrosion resistance and dependable long life.
Precision Tackle Back Bay Thunder?
2 3/4" Weighted cone float . Choose from a variety of colors
Precision Tackle Cajun Thunder?
$5.99 - $6.89
The weighted version of the Equalizer?. It can be cast further and will allow the use of lighter artificials. It will also provide a vehicle for casting live bait without having to add weight to the leader.
Church Tackle Dual Planer Board Release
Easily adjust tension for any diameter line, mono and super braids. 100 different settings, so forget false releases. 2 per pack.
Church Tackle The Walleye Board
Designed so the board can be removed with one hand. Spring-loaded retaining pin holds the line in a groove at the rear of the board. Adjustable keel weight keeps the nose of the board tracking in the water even when using deep diving plugs or heavy weights. Absorbs no water. Made in USA of non-corrosive materials suitable for saltwater use. Fluorescent Red.
Church Tackle Tournament Series Upgrade Kit
The Church Tackle Tournament Series Upgrade Kit includes a lock-jaw clip, stainless rear pin assembly and E-Z store. This kit will work on the TX-44 Super Planer, TX-22 Special and The Walleye Board.
Calcutta Tackle Box Knife
Tackle Box Knife features a telescoping stainless steel blade, line cutter and hook sharpener. Keep your tackle box knife's blade retracted in the handle until you are ready to use. Easy to find yellow handle.
Tackle Factory Net Bags
$7.89 - $15.99
100% nylon - 260 denier. Stronger than steel wire. Non-raveling, will not mildew and does not retain odors. Packaged in poly bags with eyelet hanging.
Precision Tackle Lil' Thunder?
The weighted version of the Cajun Thunder. It is ultra light and allows for further casting without having to add weight to the leader.
Tackle Factory Wire Mesh Crab Net
A green poly net prevents the crab from getting tangled. Heavy duty galvanized hoop features the patented EVERLOCK II. 1" diameter embossed aluminum handle.
Church Tackle Double Action Flag System
Adjustable for different lures and speeds. Easy to install and use. Super tough nylon is flexible enough to tie in a knot without breaking.
Church Tackle Lock Jaw Clip
The Lock-Jaw fits our Walleye Board, TX-22, and TX-44 planer boards, but it is also designed to fit other side planers, drop weights and many other applications. Its pad holds great on mono, super braids, power pro, lead, wire or copper lines without damaging the line. The Lock-Jaw clip is made in the USA of top quality material and workmanship.
Church Tackle Mini Planer Boards
Spring-loaded for fast and easy removal. Absorbs no water. Bright red color makes it easy to see.
Sea Striker Fillet Kit 8Pc W/Carrying Case
This fillet kit comes with: 8-Inch fillet knife, 6-inch fillet knife, 4-inch bait knife sharpener, bait shears, non-slip gloves, removable cutting board and convenient carrying case. Sea Striker is known worldwide for top quality saltwater products. Sea Striker manufactures and imports a wide variety of saltwater fishing tackle including: rods, reels and combos, inshore and offshore lures, premium quality terminal tackle, tools, monofilament, Gaffs, planers, accessories and components.
Tackle Factory Umbrella Minnow Net
The IUM35 is a full 35" X 37" when in the open position. It folds down to a compact 4" X 27" for easy storage and transport.
TTF Ready Flounder Rig
$2.29 - $2.59
For catching flatfish is heavy currents. High quality crimps offer durability.
Church Tackle TX-22 Special Reversible Planer Board
The TX-22 Special sits upright in the water with no forward motion, which gives it the ability to troll extremely slow without restricting performance at higher speeds. The TX-22 Special is reversible; it can be easily assembled to run either port or starboard and changed back in minutes. The Rear Pin is spring loaded for fast and easy removal, you will never have to go back to retrieve your board. The Adjustable Flex Clip can be adjusted for different line diameters and works great with mono, super braids and lead core. A fluorescent red flag is included, making it easy for you or other boaters to spot your board. The flag simply folds down for easy storage. The perfect weight distribution makes it very easy to retrieve. The TX-22 Special works with Church Tackle's Double Action Flag System and Tow-arm Release. Bright yellow in color, approximately 9 3/8" x 3 1/2".
Tackle 2000 Ultra Lite Series Rocket Bobber
$2.49 - $4.49
Ultra Light Series multi-color bulk packs, 3 3/4. Great for 2# - 6# test. Weighted, long casting, super sensitive. Can be a lock on or slip bobber, 2 bobbers in 1!
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