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Aerators & live bait access

Frabill 1436 Floating Aerator
The new floating aerator creates current to keep bait from the sides of the livewells. It has an adjustable airflow and non-toxic foam filters to protect the fish. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater.
Frabill Spray Bar Pump System
12V DC 500GPH low current pump. Aerates up to 30 gallons. Can be used to pump water in or out of boat or bait tank. Can also be used to wash surfaces. Suction cup mounts allow mounting to any non-porous surface. Spray bar can be permanently mounted or mounted with suction cups. Produces close to 100% saturation of dissolved cups. Package includes: pump with suction cups, spray bar, mounting hardware, 5.5ft. of flexible tubing. Spray tube can be cut to fit bait container. Standard 1/2 inch PVC pipe can be used to extend spray tube. Replaceable filter removes live-well debris. 6ft. power cord with copper battery.
Magic Quiet Air Plus
Will keep water based bait fresh and lively to help you catch more and larger fish. Combines sturdy insulated bucket with quiet add on aerator. Large hinged lid for easy access. Eight quart capacity.
Sure Life Please Release Me
$10.61 - $16.19
Use in livewells and weigh-in tanks to help keep bass alive. Calms your catch. Replaces slime coat. Helps heal hook wounds. Reduces weight loss. Removes harmful chlorine.
Keepalive Oxygen Hoses
$3.39 - $5.59
Internally ribbed hose to prevent kinking with hose covers for hose barbs at each end.
Keepalive Oxygen Cylinders
$149.99 - $174.99
Cylinder dimensions do not include the valve. Cylinders have a white coat of baked on bonded powder paint.
Keepalive Parallel Mounting Oxygen Regulator
Quality craftsmanship and materials make this product a must have for any fisherman.
Keepalive Insulated Tank
Features granite color exterior, blue insulated interior to keep bait cool and calm. Includes: 18.5"w x 18"h tank, Oxygen infusor, drain, black handles, air control center, hold down plate for KeepAlive, 13" hinged lid with Twist lock and molded graphics.
Marine Metal Baby Bubbles 1.5 Volt Air Pump
Keep fresh or saltwater aerated with the Bubble Box 1.5V Air Pump. This pump quietly aerates eight gallons of water. It's perfect for keeping live bait.
Frabill Min-O-Life Personal Bait Station
High volume aeration combined with superior double insulation provides an oxygen rich environment to sustain baitfish. Water maintains a more constant temperature to further enhance baitfish longevity. The Min-O-Life System can effectively sustain two to three times the volume of bait kept in standard minnow buckets. No more emptying and re-filling of bait buckets. Small compact size conveniently stows almost anywhere in the boat or vehicle.
Frabill Aqua-Life Bait Station
The 1469 is a remarkably lightweight yet sturdy 6-gallon self-contained baitfish condo that keeps an environment of up to 10 quarts of water in perfect tune. A powerful and ultra-quiet built-into-the-lid air pump efficiently aerates bottom to top via a removable micro-bubbler diffuser. And the pump runs strong all day long, whether powered by only two D-call batteries while you're on the water, the 12-volt adaptor for transporting in your vehicle or vessel or by an optional 120-volt adaptor for storing minnows overnight (or days on end) in the garage. The Aqua-Life Bait Station comes lined with a heavy-duty removable insulated liner to keep water temperatures from those drastic rises and falls that can make minnows turn belly up. Its lid clamps tight to the bucket to keep splash-overs at bay, as well as the pump safe and secure in a waterproof compartment for years of service. The 1469 Aqua-Life Bait Station even sports an accessory hook for securing a minnow dipping net.
Keepalive KA970 Diffuser
The KA970 is one of the most efficient diffusers on the market. It uses less gas and requires fewer diffusers to achieve the same results. Strong construction. The ceramic plate is set in a stainless steel frame and a stainless steel hose barb. Easy to install and simple to operate. It requires no power or complex attachment procedures. The KA970 diffuser requires a regulator with a minimum of 25-35 lbs of output pressure.
Marine Metal Cool Bubbles 5Gal W/B-11 Pump
Helps maintain constant a water temperature with proper aeration. Noncorrosive HDPE pail and lid for durability. Foam liner offers optimal insulation. Multipurpose lid with a cutting board top features a large door for easy dip net access. Holds 5 gallons. Includes an air pump that runs up to 40 hours on 2 alkaline D batteries (not included). Waterproof switch.
Eagle Claw Aerator Replacement Stone
Aerator replacement stone for the Pump # 11050-004.
Bass Medics Bait Fresh
Designed to sustain and re-energize fresh and saltwater bait species under extreme conditions. BaitFresh? removes chlorine, breaks the chloramines bond, controls ammonia, manages pH. Safe, economical, easy to use, water-soluble and does not contain medicinal dyes. Each 160 gram bottle treats 256 gallons.
Hypark Mino-Mizer
Keeps bait fresh for 70 to 80 hours on one standard 6-volt battery. Salt or freshwater, 6 or 12-volt with converter. Cools and aerates.
Marine Metal Airhead
12-volt DC liquid air pump mixes air with water to produce a gentle current of minute bubbles. Adjustable nozzle directs bubble stream. Detachable filter traps floating debris. Bucket is not included.
Keepalive Recirculating Kits
$89.95 - $99.95
Our KeepAlive Recirculating Kits, the KA700RK and K1100RK are the ideal systems for keeping bait and catch alive when trailering home, to another fishing site, or to the tournament weigh-in station. They dramatically increase the ability of your present system to sustain a greater number of fish. The KeepAlive Recirculating Kits can be used as a back-up system when entering foul water by turning off the primary system and leaving the KeepAlive system running. Recirculating Kits include: Pump with patented KeepAlive processor. Air Control Center. Steel Mesh Strainer. KA113-90 3/4" or KA113A 1-1/8" Directional Discharge.
Keepalive Economy Regulator
This is an excellent compromise for the angler that is looking for an inexpensive but reliable regulator. 11 Settings: OFF, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1½, 2, and 4 liters per minute. These settings will allow various oxygen ratios with inexpensive air stones. The KA903 also provides sufficient pressure and oxygen for premium quality diffusers as our KA970-O2, KA975 and KA9100 diffuser. Gold aluminum body with brass components. Designed for use in a marine environment. EXTRA protection to prevent moisture and dust contamination. The extension next to the hose barb keeps contamination from entering the orifice required for all regulators. The red dust cap provides additional protection if left on. Nut and Nipple style regulator body for use with CGA 540 Inlet Valve Cylinders. Oxygen tank pressure gauge with gauge protector. Barbed Outlet for direct attachment of oxygen tubing. Designed for use in a marine environment.
Marine Metal Bubbles Commercial Air Pump Kit
120 Volt AC air pump. Kit includes (2) weighted 3" bubble donuts, 12' airline tubing and (2) Replacement diaphragms. Aerates 100 gallons. 2 OUtlets 6900 cc/min. Very quiet. For fresh or saltwater.
Keepalive 14 Gallon Livewell
$349.99 - $469.99
Includes: 15.5"W x 15.5"H x 20"L Tank, KA460 Oxygen Infusor, 3 Built In Trays, Drain, Black Handles, Air Control Center, Hold-Down Plate For KeepAlive, 13" Hinged Lid with Twist Lock, molded in graphics. Available in White, White/Blue Interior, and Insulated with Granite Exterior/Blue Interior.
Promar Large Wooden Bait Net
Wood Handle Bait Scoop Net - 7" x 8", 24" Length, Wooden Handle
Frabill Min-O-Life Magnum Bait Bucket
Top quality aeration - with deluxe diaphragm-drive air pump, Frabill high-output air stone and premium non-kink air hose. Durable Insulation - from hardshell molded exterior bucket, insulated foam liner. Fish longer - with an aerator that runs up to 40 hours on two D-cell batteries. Built-In night-light - for rigging or baiting up after dark. Bucket lid - has molded-in notches for aerator & minnow dip net.
Sure Life Catch And Release
The ultimate stress reducing livewell additive for holding & releasing bass. Calms bass with all natural sedative. Stimulates and protects slime coating. Reduces weight loss by preventing stomach regurgitation. Prevents shock and restores electrolyte balance. Instantly removes harmful chlorine and other toxic harmful water treatment chemicals. Boots oxygen transfer. Protects against overall post release infection.
Frabill Aqua Life Aerator
Whisper Quiet Operation. Effectively aerates up to 6 gallons. Built in night light for night fishing. Power options: 2 D-Cell Batteries, 12 volt adapter or by 120 volt adapter port (120 volt adapter not included).
Frabill Dual Output 12Vdc & 110V
$69.99 - $84.99
0341-0616: Whisper quiet operation runs ultra quiet. UL Approved. Aerates live bait for days between fishing trips. Effectively aerates up to 100 gallons. Power Efficient - draws only three watts. 0341-0617: Whisper quiet operation runs ultra quiet. UL Approved. Aerates live bait for days between fishing trips. Effectively aerates up to 50 gallons. Power Efficient - draws only three watts.
Frabill Fat & Sassy Premix Worm Bedding
$6.49 - $10.49
No fuss, no muss, and no dust. Food and water are already added. Its unique formulation provides the ideal environment and food source to keep worms and night crawlers alive and healthy for extended storage. Easy to use right from the package. Just add worms and go fishing. No molding, No souring, 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly, Built-in food source. One pound of bedding supports 3 doz. crawlers or 100 smaller worms. Works with Blood, Clam and Sand Worms.
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