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Bait cont., traps, livewells

Promar Dive Collection/Game Bag
This game bag features all non-corrosive material such as PVC coated stainless steel and treated Ace nylon mesh. Its 16" diameter opening is PVC coated and completely rustproof. Works great. 16"x27".
Magic Worm Bedding
$11.49 - $55.08
Angler's Advantage Worm Bedding is a cellulose based bedding that keeps your bait fishing ready. Laboratory tested to provide you with an easy way to keep your bait in top condition.
Magic Worm Ranch
Ideal master storage container to keep hundreds of worms fresh and active. Complete kit includes 4 1/2 lb. bag of Magic® Worm Bedding, 12oz. bag of worm food and instructions. Whether you harvest your own worms or buy them in bulk, the Ranch will keep them fishing ready for your next trip.
Magic Worm Carrier
Constructed of composite fiberboard, high impact polystyrene frame and comfortable handle. Worm bedding included.
Magic Worm Farm Kit
Contains a 1-1/2 pound bag of worm bedding, a 4 ounce bag of food and instructions all in a handy bait bucket.
Magic Leech Locker
Compact bait bucket with a true locking handle. Convenient size that's ideal for leeches, minnows, shrimp, and other baits. Fits easily into livewells, trolls beside boat or tethers to dock. Translucent base lets you see remaining bait. Top half can fit into bottom for instant access.
Magic Worm Food
$4.09 - $25.08
Magic® Worm Food contains the right combination of 32 different proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates all essential to a worm's proper feeding. After a couple of weeks the food value of all beddings will be diminished and food needs to be added.
Joy Fish Crab Traps
$41.99 - $44.99
Black vinyl coated wire crab trap.
Marine Sports White Chum Bag
Large hole open mesh with drawstring 15" x 22". Small hole open mesh with drawstring. 15" x 22".
Eagle Claw Chum Pot
This heavy gauge wire mesh chum pot is a must for all anglers and is made to drop evenly, every time.
Boone Poly Chum Bag
Holds chum that`s needed to attract fish to your boat and line. The bag is made from a poly material and keeps chum contained.
Gee's Minnow Trap Snaps/Utility Clips
A product for anything you need to hang from a rope, when items need to be securely held but quickly released. Great for a multitude of utility uses.
Eagle Claw Crayfish/Minnow Trap
9" d X 16½" h. Black.
Challenge 5-Gallon Minnow Lid
Our original lid converts a five gallon bucket into a minnow bucket with an easy to open lid, aerator bracket and air hose inlet hole.
Frabill Wade Bucket
This galvanized bucket is designed especially for the stream fisherman. The unique design accommodates minnows, crayfish, frogs, and salamanders. A snap-on shoulder strap is included for easy carrying.
Challenge Minnow Trap
Two-pieces are easily assembled to facilitate minnow catching and disassembled for space saving storage. Natural polypropylene material takes on the color of the surrounding water and never rusts.
Nu-Mark Floating Bucket Bag
Keep your live bait livelier for longer with Team Numark's Floating Livewell Bait Basket. Perfect for wade anglers, but sized to fit in a 5-gallon bucket as well, this bait-friendly basket is fabricated with UV-resistant Ripstop netting for lightweight portability and durability. Brass hardware allows the floating livewell to keep its shape - giving bait the space they need to swim, while a securable top prevents bait from swimming too freely.
Berkley Floating Wire Basket
Styrene float trap door. Spring loaded bottom trap door. Bottom reinforcement ring and sturdy wire handle.
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Basket
$14.99 - $24.99
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Baskets are a great way to keep your catch fresh and alive for a whole day of fishing. These baskets feature tough styrene floating trap doors to keep them above water, wire mesh construction, spring-loaded doors on the top and bottom, and are fully collapsible for easy storage.
Joy Fish Fish Basket
High quality, durable plastic storage basket with two handles. Dim: 19"D x 17"H. Wt. Capacity: 40 lb.
Joy Fish Floating Bait Stations
$17.49 - $21.99
Use this on the side of boat, dock, etc. to keep your bait alive longer. Features fine mesh cage, fixed floating ring and double draw string.
Joy Fish Chum Box
Features coated wire. 13" x 8" x 4-1/4" with a ½" mesh.
Joy Fish Chum Bag
Great for scalloping, lobstering, chumming or general fishing, boating & utility use. Features durable fabric, handy lock and machine washable.
Promar Minnow & Crawfish Steel Trap
$13.99 - $16.49
Features a two piece design for easy access and removal of catch. Heavy duty steel mesh construction and vinyl coated for extra protection. Includes spring clip closure.
Promar Collapsible Crab/Crawfish Traps
$24.99 - $35.99
Becoming widely used by professionals, commercial fisherman, and scientific groups to catch fish and crustaceans, these multipurpose traps are popular simply because they are effective. Unlike other traditional traps, their collapsible design allows fisherman to carry more traps while eliminating excessive bulk on board. All traps include a bonus drawstring bait bag, wire secure clamps and easy carry handle.
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