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Leaders-Wire & materials

Berkley Steelon®
$3.49 - $3.79
Stainless steel wire with nylon coating to reduce fraying. Sevenstrand construction improves flexibility and reduces kinking.
Eagle Claw Steel Leader W/Ball Bearing Interlock
For freshwater and saltwater use. Built to be tough, durable, and functional. 3 pack.
Berkley Wire Wound Steelon® Leaders
$1.79 - $2.59
Hand wound nylon coated stainless steel wire instead of crimped, for a stronger hold. Features super strong, wire-over-wire, #7 size Cross-Lok® snaps. Smooth #2 size rotating ball bearing swivel.Runs true through water and gathers fewer weeds. Available in bright & black.
Windels Muskie/Pike Leaders
$3.69 - $9.99
12" ball bearing or crane swivel leader.
Eagle Claw Steel Leader W/ Ball Bearing Swivel
$62.28 - $67.08
High quality steel leader for freshwater or saltwater use.
Berkley Musky/Pike Fluorocarbon Leader
Made with Berkley® Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon to resist bite-offs and provide ultimate impact strength. Hand-tied and glued for increased reliability. Berkley ball bearing swivels (#4/175 Lb) for reduced line twist. Extra strong Cross-Lok snaps.
Eagle Claw Nylon Coated Leaders
$6.49 - $6.79
Heavy duty steel leaders. Superior snaps and swivels. 12 Pack
AFW 18
A lethal combination for toothy fish...Unique Blood-Red leader wire snelled to Eagle Claw® saltwater series red O'Shaugnessy hooks. Blood red.
Musky Mania Night-Fishing Leader
Make things easier when night fishing with this leader. Special glow-in-the-dark bead makes you aware of when to begin figure-eights and protects your rod tip at the same time! 18", 90 lb. 7-strand wire features a ball bearing swivel and cross lock snap. All connections are crimped for solid performance.
AFW Surflon®
$4.19 - $7.09
Made with AFW's nylon coated Surflon® 1x7 stainless wire and high quality sleeves, swivels and lock snap. Leaders are double-crimped.
Sea Striker Bluefish Leaders
$2.89 - $3.89
Black Sealon® wire-coated leaders. Heavy-duty black #4 interlock snap and #1 swivel. In bulk package.
Boone Dark Nylon Coated Leader
$7.39 - $8.49
Boone has been in business for over sixty years, and professional anglers worldwide trust the quality of Boone products to catch the big one. These are black nylon coated stainless steel wire leaders.
Eagle Claw Micro-Leader?
$4.49 - $5.49
Eagle Claw Wire Micro Leaders are great for a variety of fishing situations. These leaders are made of micro wire - thin, yet strong and flexible. The small diameter of the wire prevents fish from seeing the leader. Eagle Claw Wire Micro Leaders are made of lightweight, small diameter wire. and have a barrel swivel on one end. The 8" (12lb., 18lb. and 27lb.) sizes feature a barrel swivel on one end and dual lock snaps on the other end. The 12" (27lb.) size features a crane swivel on one end and a coastlock snap on the other end. 3 pack
Spro Mono Wire Leader with Power Swivel
Single strand wire leader. High quality SPRO power swivels and coast lock snaps. Great for use around toothy game fish.
Boone Nylon Coated Bright Leader
$2.59 - $3.79
Nylon coated bright stainless steel leaders.
Berkley Ball Bearing Steel-Lok Wire Wound Leaders with Cross-Lok Snap
Hand wound, nylon coated stainless steel wire. Features super strong, wire-over-wire, #7 size Cross-Lok® snaps. Smooth #2 size rotating ball bearing swivel. An exceptionally secure, strong leader.
Musky Innovations InvisiLeader Fluorocarbon Leader
Our InvisiLeader technology is truly an innovation in leaders. InvisiLeader is a leader that is virtually undetectable under water due to the fact that fluorocarbon has a very similar refractory index to that of water. These leaders give the appearance that your bait is swimming on it's own through the water.
GOT-CHA Ultra Leader
Made with Sealon® stranded stainless wire, genuine KROK® swivels and duolock snaps. The Sealon® wire is uncoated allowing a very thin diameter which virtually disappears in water. The smaller diameter wire is also more flexible allowing lures to swim more naturally. Got-cha® Ultra Leaders are a perfect match for Got-cha® Lures or any other fishing application where small diameter strong leaders are needed. 3 Pack.
AFW Bleeding Leaders?
$4.49 - $5.09
Ready-made leaders rigged on Blood-Red nylon coated 1X7 stainless steel Surflon® wire with Duo Lock Snaps. Double crimped for extra strength.
No Image
Boone Tungsten Multi Strand Leaders are manufactured super strong with black stainless steel swivels and snaps. They are produced without wraps or sleeves providing the angler with the smoothest profile on the market.
Musky Mania Premium Leader
Demand the maximum from your leader. 12" leader features a ball bearing swivel, extra heavy-duty cross lock snap and premium 175 lb. stainless-steel wire. Twist-resistant while providing maximum action.
Eagle Claw Surf Leaders
$5.69 - $6.99
These are ideal for any level of fisherman fishing in saltwater for Redfish, Snapper, Cobia, Sailfish, and Marlin.
AFW Leaders 18
Surflon 1x7 stainless steel wire leaders with eagle claw hooks. Perfect for toothy fish.
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