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Lure rigging accessories

Kalin Carolina Clacker Rig
This rig features barrel swivels on both ends of a coated wire leader which eliminates abrasion from the brass sinker and faceted glass beads. The double bead set-up creates much more noise than standard Carolina rigs.
Northland Salmon Beads
The Salmon Beads are molded from plastic and used as spacers, and for color decoration on monofilament and steel leaders.
Fathom Offshore Chafe Tubing
$5.39 - $6.89
Perfect for both cable and mono leaders, this durable chafe tubing can be used to avoid wear and chafing on terminal ends of leaders and hooksets.
Atlas Bait Sac Floaters
Used especially to tie egg or bait sacs. Replaces 25% of bait with floaters. Keeps bait off the bottom. 300 per bag.
Atlas Spawn Nets
$3.89 - $5.39
Soft nylon netting for cluster or single egg spawn sacs. Single eggs, clusters, cheese, liver, etc. Makes up to 40 average-size sacs. Available in nylon rolls and 4" squares.
Fin Strike Stainless Steel Split Rings
These stainless steel split rings are ideal for connecting hooks to all sizes of lures. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, they are quick to spring-back after opening.
Top Brass Carolina Glass Beads
Complements the larger and heavier Precision Carolina Brass Weights. These bulky 10mm beads are more durable and add more noise to all your Carolina rig fishing.
AFW Copper Rigging Wire
$6.49 - $42.99
Soft copper wire is deal for rigging live bait, artificial baits and is the traditional method for rigging ballyhoo.
Zoom Tube Rattles
This derivative of the Carolina Ticker is designed specifically for Carolina Rigs. The large recessed cavity on one side rests over the knot, directly onto the swivel, protecting the knot from potential damage caused by the bead or sinker. Fish-attracting sound also is produced from the strikes of the sinker or bead against the Pro Ticker.
Luhr Jensen
20 square inches of high-attracting adhesive panels in the color of your choice. Individual strips are 2" X 5". Adds additional flash and impact to wobblers, spinners, troll blades, flashers, and dodgers. Adhesives are waterproof and stick tight.
Northland Buck-Shot®
The finest rattle on the market today. Designed with silicone "rattle band" ring and can be attached to the shoulder of any jig, hook, spinnerbait or spoon to emit sonic rattlin' vibrations and sound to attract fish to the lure and trigger them to strike. Molded from hard plastic.
Top Brass Bead Peg-It System
The Bead Peg-IT allows finesse anglers to peg their glass beads with a safe alternative to toothpicks to create split-shot and mini Carolina Rigs. After the bead has been pegged, the bead is fully adjustable on the line to easily change leader lengths.
Fathom Offshore Hook Locks
$7.79 - $8.49
A must have for any serious lure fisherman, allowing for a secure and straight hook connection between lure and hook-set. These hook locks eliminate spinning or turning of hooks that can negatively affect the running motion of the lure. Simply glue to the skirt saddle of your favorite lure and sink the mono to hook connection (crimp) inside of the hook lock.
Blue Water Candy Rubber Bands
$10.49 - $12.49
Rubber Bands
Eagle Claw Wacky Rig-O-Rings
Traditionally used for rigging stickbaits with the wacky rig setup/technique. The OPS Wacky Rig O-Rings are high quality, mechanical grade rubber O-Rings. Anglers often use O-Rings to achieve a wacky rig when using soft plastic stickbaits.
Mizmo Thunder Rattles
Features two stainless steel bearings inside a glass chamber. This creates a loud, but natural sounding tick. The rattle fits snuggly in the center of a Mizmo tube. The hollow chamber inside the tube acts like a megaphone that amplifies the sound underwater for a sound that bass just can not resist.
Billfisher Rigging Wire
$4.99 - $7.09
Soft copper wire is ideal for sewing bait or rigging ballyhoo. 50 pieces of 9" wire in a plastic tube. Tubes are packed individually in a hang-up poly bag with header card.
Component Vinyl Jig Paint
$7.39 - $19.99
Extremely tough Vinyl Lure and Jig Finish, used by over 600 manufacturers. Won't chip or crack. Apply by dipping. Use white under all colors for proper adhesion on metal or lead. Can recoat in 10 to 20 minutes. Use clear gloss for top coat if high gloss is desired. Thin only with our Vinyl Thinner.
Tru-Turn Hitchhiker
$2.99 - $17.94
Snap-on coil device used to connect almost anything to hooks.
Owner Flashy Accent
Perfect for both freshwater and saltwater applications. Every piece includes clear shrink-tube pre-rigged over the split ring eye to secure this accessory on hook shanks. (4 pack)
Carolina ®
It floats your Carolina® Rig high above the grass for better results and less snags. Package contains full instructions on how to use.
Hopkins Stainless Steelsplit Ring Assortments
Ring assortments are contained in clear covered plastic boxes which are skin-packed to cords for peg board display.
Top Brass The Carolina Ticker
Add this thin brass disc and a glass bead to any Texas or Carolina rig sinker to produce the noise-making advantages of brass-on-glass.
Calcutta Rigging Beads
Can be used for a variety of rigging applications. 10mm beads, 20 per pack
Eco Pro Diamond Pegs
Once again Eco Pro has taken terminal tackle to the next level. After you rig your favorite plastic bait on to any size or style of hook, simply insert the Eco Pro Diamond Peg in to the hook eye to securely lock your plastic in place. The unique design of the Diamond Peg locks your plastic in place saving on wear and tear and keeps you fishing instead of adjusting your bait! 20 pack.
Malin Monel Rigging Wire Pocket Pack
A handy pocket pack dispenser containing Malin's high quality soft monel wire. A great value and is ideal for rigging baits since it is not pre-cut.
Billfisher Rigging Spring
$7.49 - $9.79
The stainless steel rigging spring is the ideal item to quickly rig ballyhoo, cigar minnows or other natural bait fish. Eliminates the need for wire or rubber bands. Allows you to rig a bait in seconds and keep the bait's mouth tightly closed while trolling. Complete with instructions. With header.
Billfisher Rigging Needles
$7.09 - $19.99
Stainless steel open-eye rigging needles. Packed in reusable hang-up poly bag with header card. 0029-1517
Lindy Multi-Faceted Beads
Multi-faceted beads in the perfect colors for attracting and triggering strikes from hungry walleyes, these new beads from Lindy are a must-have in any rigging arsenal.
Northland Buck-Shot®
It is designed with a silicone rattle band ring and can be attached to the shoulder of any jig, hook, spinnerbait or spoon to emit sonic rattling vibrations and sound to attract fish to the lure and trigger them to strike. The rattle shell is molded from hard plastic and thumps, ticks, clicks, and clatters when the steel buckshot rattles are jigged to imitate schools of darting bait fish and crawfish on the rocks.
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