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Misc Fishing Accessories

Blakemore 6
Losing your expensive rigs can ruin a fishing trip. Rod Floater slips easily onto your rod and secures with hook 'n' loop straps. If your rod falls or is pulled into the water, it'll float. Standard: for casting, flipping and medium-to-heavy spinning rods. Small: for crappie, ultralight and kids' rods. 3 pack.
Owner Centering Pin Springs
$4.59 - $26.99
As featured on the Owner Twistlock hooks, these interchangeable stainless steel Centering Pin Springs (CPS - Patent Pending) attach to hook eyes, and allow any soft plastic bait to be "permanently" secured by inserting the pin in the center of the bait's nose and then screwing the bait onto the coil spring to rig perfect every time! The CPS has far superior holding power compared with barbed stick-pin holders. Three sizes allow for maximizing holding strength for any size bait.
Challenge Yo Yo Hand Reels
$2.49 - $3.59
Also known as Yo-Yo's and Cuban Reels, the reel is ready for line to be attached.
Rapala Line Release
Automatic line release releases line when fish strikes. Included tackle box guide is the perfect companion to show Rapala lure trolling depths.
Black Marine Hook & Rig Holder
This tough non-corrosive, non-rotting, plastic material will shed water; helping to prevent rust..keeping hooks sharp and within easy reach.
JigSkinz Jig Skinz
$9.79 - $10.49
Eagle Claw Hook Hat / Tie Clasps
$2.49 - $249.00
Several finishes to choose from.
Penn Reel Cases
$17.99 - $23.99
Made of 5MM neoprene. Triple stitched seams. Durable Velcro® closures. Lug Cut-outs "slot" for easy storage. Made of 5MM neoprene. Triple stitched seams. Durable Velcro® closures. Conventional cases also feature Lug Cut-outs "slot" (on all models except the XXS) for easy storage. 0009-1786:Fits TRQ200,TRQ100, TRQ100LD, 965, 975, 975CS, 975CSLD, 975SLD, 112H, 310GTI, 310GT2, 525MAG, 525GS, 535GS, 545GS, 500L, 320GTI, 320GT2, 320LD, 555GS. 0009-1787: Fits TRQ300, TRQ300LD. 0009-1607: CQR2000, CQR4000,260, 360,420SSg, 430SSg, SG2000, SG3000, SG4000, CV22000, CV24000, PUR3000, PUR4000, AF1000, AF2000 ,AF3000, AF4000, 4200SS, 4300SS, SV2000, SV4000. 0009-1608: Fits 50VSX, 30VSW, 30VW, 50S, 50T, 50ST, 30SW, 30TW, 30T, 30S, 114, 114H, 114HLW, 340GTI, 340GT2, 345GTI, 345GT2, 15KG, GLD30, GLD300II, 24KG. 0009-1609: 70VS, 50VSW, 50VW, 70VSL, 50SW, 50S, 50TW, 115L, GLD50II, 116L.
O&H Stainless Steel Deboner
Used to remove the backbone of common swimming baitfish used in trolling (for example small Bluefish or Mackerel). A very sharp machined "V" notch is the key feature of this essential fishing tool. This machined cutting edge allows for the quick and clean preparation of your trolling tackle setups. Comes complete with aluminum push rod and foam handles.
H&H Catch-O-Matic
Hang or nail the Catch-O-Matic to at tree or post. To set, attach hook and bait of choice (not included) to snap swivel. Pull line to desired length and set trigger notch of reel.
Owner Safety Caps
$4.19 - $8.29
Protective plastic covers for treble hooks, have a patented "easy grip" feature for quick on and off, and a hollow design that allows hook points to dry, thus discouraging corrosion. Choose Small (green) for hook sizes 4, 6, 8; Medium (blue) for hook sizes 1, 2, 4; Large (yellow) for hook sizes 1, 1/0, 2/0.
Berkley Marker Buoy
1 per pack. Includes 75' of line. 6 Oz bendable anchor weight. Buoys have classic dumbbell shape. Mark fishing spots or trouble areas.
Anglers Choice Eye Punch Tools
Stainless spring steel tool for clearing paint from jig and lure eyes.
Legend Worm Glow
$11.33 - $48.14
Turns live worms chartreuse. Increases size of live worms. Makes worms more active and extents life of worms.
Boone Soft Storage System Reel Cases
$11.99 - $17.49
Boone Tournament Grade Soft Reel Covers, Dave Workman, Jr. Pro Series, are made from neoprene to protect your reel from scratches and dings. Black.
Winn Grips Polymer Rod Grip Overwraps
$9.99 - $18.99
Non-Slip Polymer Technology - Use as an Overwrap or as the Sole Grip of the Fishing Rod. Fishing Rod Wraps are designed to use either as an Overwrap on existing Rod Grips or as the Sole Grip of the Fishing Rod (i.e. Jig Sticks used on the West Coast).
EGO Kryptek Magnetic Release
The innovative EGO Kryptek product series has been designed and test to meet your most demanding fishing needs and now features the Kryptek camo technology! We can't promise you'll catch a World Record trophy fishjust the peace of mind knowing you have the best in fishing tools and accessories for going after it!
Boone Striker Billy Club
Ensure your catch tastes as fresh and clean as possible by bringing a quick end with the Boone Aluminum Bat. It's 17" long, made strong from aluminium, and has a rubber grip and wrist rope.
EGO Grip Tool
Stainless steel jaws with quick trigger finger action. Anodized aluminum body with fixed handle.
Baitowel Baittowel
The Convenient Fishing Towel is Fishing's Best Microfiber Baitowel. Fishermen need a towel that cleans fast, clips easy, and is perfect size. Introducing Fishing's #1 Microfiber Baitowel. Baitowel Features: Super-absorbent microfiber that removes blood, slime, and bait fast. Easy-to-use carabiner clip to attach to your belt loop, keeping your hands free. Perfect size (15 x 15) to always be ready when you need it, but not too big. Light weight so it won't weigh you down. Anti-microbial so it dries fast, reducing odors.
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