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Eagle Claw Trotline
$21.99 - $24.99
Enjoy freshwater fishing with the Eagle Claw trotline.
Promar Cotton Seine Twine
Strung in rolls, these multipurpose cotton seine twine balls (cable cord) come individually packaged and shrink wrapped.
Joy Fish Resin Bonded Nylon Twine
Uses special resin coated treatment for weather resistance, knot holding, and abrasion resistance. Great for hanging and/or mending nets.
Sea Striker Twine
30 pound braid hand line twine. Green 100'.
Nu-Mark Stringers With Floats
Nu-Mark Stringer with float
Catahoula Twisted Nylon Twine
Resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, mildew, rot, marine growth and most chemicals. Twine is stabilized with a special heat treatment to insure the highest level of twist consistency, with minimum amount of raveling, untwisting and kinking.
Catahoula Green Braided Nyltwine
Made from 100% nylon yarns, this green dyed twine is resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, mildew, rot, marine growth and most chemicals. The formulas we use to braid this twine have been developed to give just the right braid. Uses for this twine include trot line, decoy line, net making and mending, workshop, crafts, gardening, construction and commercial applications. Any place a high quality green braided nylon twine is needed this green braided twine will fill the bill.
Luhr Jensen Stringer Pro-Class Cable
10 brass sleeve and stainless steel hook assemblies. Allows fish to move around and live longer. Durable, vinyl coated cable.
Promar Minnow Seines
$25.99 - $69.99
These seines nets come assembled with floats and lead weights. Made from durable treated 1/4" poly coated black nylon.
Frabill Seine Nets
$20.99 - $59.99
Special poly netting won't absorb water; dries fast. Unlike brown poly nets, moisture won't rot Frabill floats. Camouflage black color blends in, won't spook bait. Heavy-duty floats won't crush or break off. Evenly spaced floats and weights for uniform spread and tracking.
Anglers Choice Wade/Float Stringer
Heavy diamond braid nylon with poly core, solid brass pin and patented hard shell float.
Ranger 4X12 Foot 1/8 Mesh Seine
$14.49 - $22.99
Made out of the highest quality poly on the market. These seines repel water and dry quickly. Complete with heavy duty floats and skinkers spaced evenly for perfect control in the water.
Magic Bait Trotline - Brass Spacers
150' Mainline - 25 hooks., 4/0., 50-Brass Spacers Machine Pressed 4 ft. apart. 25 size 1 Brass Swivels attached 25 Droplines.
Magic Bait Big Catch Trotline
150' Mainline - 25 hooks., 4/0., Permanent Plastic Beaded Spacers Molded on Mainline 4 ft. apart. 25 Stainless Steel Trotline Clips with size 1 Brass Swivel attached, 25 Droplines.
Eagle Claw Deluxe Vinyl Chain Stringer
Keep your catch on the line and swimming!
Eagle Claw Chain Stringer
$3.49 - $3.69
46" 9-Snap
Eagle Claw Fish Stringer
$1.29 - $1.49
Extra strong polyethylene twisted stringer with corrosion resistant needle and ring.
Eagle Claw Braided Nylon Stringers
Assorted colors. 0848-3354 and 0848-3355
Eagle Claw Polystringers
If you're a specialist or beginner fisherman trying to make sure you are using some of the very best products the angling marketplace has to present, then you'll need the Eagle Claw Polystringers,Assorted 3 Pack.
Eagle Claw Heavy Duty Fish Stringer
Eagle Claw Heavy Duty Cord Stringer. Heavy duty bass stringer with large twisted poly rope. Brass ring and needle.
H&H Trotline
$16.49 - $17.49
Enjoy freshwater fishing with the deluxe H&H trotline. Features a prerigged drop-line design.
Joy Fish Twisted Nylon Twine
Black braided nylon twine constructed of 8 carries round type twine. Tar treated for weather resistance. Easy to tie with excellent tensile strength.
Joy Fish Braided Nylon Twine
$5.49 - $17.49
Gold braided nylon twine is constructed of 8 carrier round type twine. Excellent for troll fishing line and other applications.
Lindy Chain Stringers
Easy-String Stringer, 60", 10-snap, 9 swiveled and movable snaps.
No Image
$4.09 - $4.79
Braided poly stringer.
Scotty Downrigger Net Minder
Quick release system for landing nets. The tangle free way to net a fish! Slide the rubber ring down the net handle. Clip the bottom of the net with the netminder. The net will release from the clip when the fish is caught in the net
Anglers Choice Rhino Stringer/ 10'& 30' Pier Stringers
Our life-time warranty pier stringers are the best on the market. Manufactured from heavy 3/16" diamond braid nylon and poly-core rope. Loop end is crimped with a heavy brass sleeve. 1/4" sharp point solid brass entry pin is punch pressed to rope end and can be pounded into bank. Keep fish alive with longer stringers to clear weed lines or reach water from taller docks, bridges, and piers. Poly bag w/ head card packaging. 0671-0279: 9 piece Display refill bag.
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