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Opti Planer Board W/ Flag
$28.99 - $44.99
Lightweight & perfectly balanced. Built-in signal flag system. Two sizes, each with left or right model. Medium - 8 in. x 3 in. x 1 in. Large - 10 in. x 3.5 in. x 1 in. Weight: Approximately .5 pounds.
Yellow Bird Side Surface Planers
They fly to the side. 2229-0001: Port left side Red Devil release with hardware. 2229-0002: Starboard right side Red Devil release with hardware. 2229-0012: Both port and star board.check description
Church Tackle Super Planer Tx-44
Our largest planer. It's designed for lead core, copper and when using drop weights, hard pulling lures, magnum dipsy divers, jet divers, dive bombs, or torpedo divers. The TX-44 can handle lead core and copper lines along with one pound of weight! The TX-44 sets upright in the water out of the gate, and performs great at higher speeds.
Church Tackle Walleye Board
Designed so the board can be removed with one hand. Spring-loaded retaining pin holds the line in a groove at the rear of the board. Adjustable keel weight keeps the nose of the board tracking in the water even when using deep diving plugs or heavy weights. Absorbs no water. Made in USA of non-corrosive materials suitable for saltwater use.
Church Tackle Mini Planer Boards
Spring-loaded for fast and easy removal. Absorbs no water. Bright red color makes it easy to see.
Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver
$13.99 - $30.99
Original directional design. Fish-attracting colors. Adjustable Positive Trip Mechanism. Welded ring construction on larger sizes.
Church Tackle Tournament Series Upgrade Kit
Tournament Series Upgrade Kit
Church Tackle TX-005
With the TX-005 Planer, now you can set the lure down to the desired depth and maintain that depth at any distance you choose behind the boat. It's great for trolling in congested areas and for more effective contour trolling along drop offs, contour lines, reef edges and weed lines in rivers, lakes or the ocean. Take advantage of the prop wash, which moves disoriented bait-fish, sediment and bugs around that attract fish.
Off Shore Or-10 Planer Board Release
Half the size of our standard release to cut down on weight and drag. Unique design employs a sliding spring, giving a choice of tensions. Comes with a split ring and quick clip for use with in-line or standard planer boards. Bright yellow for visibility.
Off Shore Or-12 Side Planerboard Releases
Every Off Shore Side Planer comes with 2 OR-14 Adjustable Medium-Tension Planer Board and In-Line Planer Board Releases. This set of releases let you choose between the standard "front and back" rig or the "Y" rig used by many of the pros.
Church Tackle Magnum Mini Planer Boards
Adjustable flex clip. Spring-loaded retaining pin allows for fast and easy removal. Fluorescent red.Made of foam filled plastic for flotation.
Church Tackle Special Planer Board
The TX-22 Special sets upright in the water with no forward motion, which gives it the ability to troll extremely slow without restricting performance at higher speeds. The TX-22 Special is reversible; it can be easily assembled to run either port or starboard and changed back in minutes. The Rear Pin is spring loaded for fast and easy removal, you will never have to go back to retrieve your board. The Adjustable Flex Clip can be adjusted for different line diameters and works great with mono, super braids and lead core. A fluorescent red flag is included, making it easy for you or other boaters to spot your board. The flag simply folds down for easy storage. The perfect weight distribution makes it very easy to retrieve. The TX-22 Special works with Church Tackle's Double Action Flag System and Tow-arm Release. Bright yellow in color, approximately 9 3/8" x 3 1/2".
Church Tackle Lock Jaw Clip
The Lock-Jaw fits our Walleye Board, TX-22, and TX-44 planer boards, but it is also designed to fit other side planers, drop weights and many other applications. Its pad holds great on mono, super braids, power pro, lead, wire or copper lines without damaging the line. The Lock-Jaw clip is made in the USA of top quality material and workmanship.
Luhr Jensen Jet Diver
Buoyant diver floats at rest. Different size for each diving depth. Fish attracting colors. Use trolling or river backtrolling.
No Image
Church Tackle's CO TX-007 Stern Planers will keep all of those lines separated and under control. Great for trolling in a congested area, the stern planer staggers your lines, letting you fish them at different depths and at different distances. This keeps lines from crossing, and it allows for more lines to be used off the back of your boat. It can also be run off of downriggers or be used as a buoy marker. Its professional-grade design performs with such little drag, you'll see the action in your rod's tip when a fish hits. Easy to set up, it attaches to line with a clip on the nose and a quick-swap swivel in back.
Yellow Bird Big Bird Planers
Large planer board.
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