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Scales, measurers

Frabill Bump Boards
$24.99 - $54.99
Frabill Bump Boards allows for quick measurements right after your catch! Put away the tape measure, or any other hand-held supposedly convenient - device... this Bump Board has 'em all beat.
Salty Bones Folding Fish Sticks
The Salty Bones fish stick! This ruler shows fish length restrictions based on Florida rules. Made of durable plastic with the printed areas laminated and UV resistant, this is the perfect companion for your next fishing trip. Fish included: Atlantic Croaker, Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, Barracuda, Black Drum, Black Grouper, Black Tip Shark, Bluefish, Cero Mackerel, Cobia, Flounder, Gafftopsail, Gag Grouper, Goliath Grouper, Gray Snapper, Greater Amberjack, Jack Crevalle, King Mackerel, Ladyfish, Lane Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Permit, Pompano, Pigfish, Pinfish, Redfish, Red Grouper, Red Snapper, Sandbar Shark, Spot, Sheepshead, Snook, Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Seatrout, Tarpon, Tripletail, Wahoo, Weakfish, Whiting, Yellowtail Snapper. Notice: This ruler is meant as a guide, the measurements may not be perfectly accurate. Not responsible for errors or omissions.
Berkley Heavy Duty Fish Bag
Constructed of heavy duty PVC with a 18" ruler. Sturdy nylon handles to easily transport your catch. Designed for tournament fishing. Bag holds up to 16 gallons.
Gator Grip Golden Rule
Allows for immediate catch and release, with accurate weight and length measurements. Ideal for tournament fishing as well as for the casual fisherman. Aluminum with anodized gold color. Comes with weigh-in slips in a water tight pouch for recording the weights.
Gator Grip Weigh-In Bag
The tournament weigh in bags that will not rip and shows off your fish. This is a 2 layer 14 mil thick bag that contains a mesh polyester scrim between the two layers of polyethlyne. The polyethylene is much tougher then the imported pvc bags from other companies.
Frabill Crappie EZ-Check'R
Just drop the fish headfirst into the EZ-Check'r for a subdued quick and accurate measurement. Less handling so there's less stress on the fish. Nothing could be easier. Made of tough polycarbonate material. Measures Crappie up to 12". Easy to read and use. Rinses clean with water.
Berkley Big Game Lip Grip Fish Scale W/Tape
Get a grip on big, toothy fish. Protect yourself and your catch when landing and handling big fish in both salt- and freshwater. Features corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel body with positive locking jaws. Digital scale weighs in pounds and ounces or in kilograms.
Berkley 50 Lb. Fish Scale With Tape
50 lbs. portable digital fish scale. Calibrate measurements with zero balance adjustment. Built-in tape measures up to 39:/1 m. Folding handle and hook provides safe handling and portability.
Fish Grip Fish Grip
The Fish Grip is a new fish landing device developed by an expert angler and used by many fishing guides. You have our assurance that this quality product will help to successfully land a fish with less chance of injury either to the fisherman or to the fish, which may be released.
JE Sherry Fold Out Ruler with Ultimate Knot Guide
This 12" fold out ruler also contains ten of the best fishing knots to cover every fishing situation. The easy to read drawings are printed on waterproof plastic cards and are perfect for the tackle box or shirt pocket. Includes the three best knots for terminal tackle connections, the two best leader-to-line knots, the two best line-to-line knots, and the three best loop knots. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this guide has all you need.
Berkley Big Game Lip Grip With Digital Scale
Corrosion resistant stainless steel body. Positive locking jaw. Good for both freshwater and saltwater use. Built-in digital scale.
Rapala Fish Grippers
This deluxe, digital scale model is packed with upgraded features. Start off with rugged high-grade stainless steel construction for unmatchable toughness against fresh and saltwater environments. This digital scale allows measurements in lb./oz., decimal lbs., or kg. while the large easy-to-read display is big enough to see in pictures. Water resistant scale runs 600 hours on 2 AAA batteries, thanks in part to the 2 minute auto shut-off. Wrist lanyard keeps it on board.
Lipper Tool Scales
$22.99 - $30.99
Lipper? Tools come with a 26# or 60# scale which are calibrated in pounds and kilos. The LIP26 scale is calibrated in ½ pound increments and the LIP60 is calibrated in one pound increments. Both Lipper? Tool scales are certifiable by a qualified agency. We recommend the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). Both Lipper? Tools are constructed of premium 308 stainless steel, ABS plastic and a non slip rubber grip handle. They are especially constructed to withstand a sandy, salt-water environment. Simply rinse with fresh water and then dry. Spray your Lipper? Tool with a good rust preventative lubricant, being certain to cover all parts. Avoid storing your Lipper? Tools in a tight confinement or wet sheath. Lipper? Tools are guaranteed against all defects in material and workmanship for one year after purchase. 2207-0005: A deluxe handmade leather sheath that fits both Lipper Scales.
Fish Grip Floating Fish Grippers
$14.99 - $18.49
The Fish Grip is a new fish landing device developed by an expert angler and used by many fishing guides. You have our assurance that this quality product will help to successfully land a fish with less chance of injury either to the fisherman or to the fish, which may be released.
EGO Measuring Boards
$28.99 - $49.99
3/16" Anodized aluminum plate. Accurate measuring length down to 1/8". Durable. Laser etched for longevity.
Frabill Expandable Bump Boards
Measures fish from 8" to 36". Foam insert aids in flotation. Mounting holes for securing to boat deck. Manufactured from 100% recycled materials. 21.5"L x 5.625"W x 3.625"H.
Eagle Claw Fisherman's Tape Measure & Scales
$6.69 - $9.29
This handy pocket scale features easy to read numbers for accurate weight measurements and a fold-up weighing hook along with a 38" tape measure.
Rapala Sportsmans Digital Scale
Compact and extremely accurate, the 50lb. Digital Scale offers high-end features at a value price. Measures in both pounds and kilograms.
Rapala Scale
Measures weight with precision accuracy. 4 Minute shutoff feature ensures long-live with one 9V battery (not included). Water resistant.
Rapala Digital Scale Mini
The Mini Digital Scale measures up to 50 lbs. with precision accuracy. Pocket size features digital display, tare weight, 4 minute shutoff feature ensures 400 hour life with one 9V battery (not included). Chrome plated hook and water resistant design. Pound or kilogram measure.
Rapala 36
Outdoor ready adhesive ruler mounts anywhere on your boat for quick, accurate measuring. Include both inches and centimeter increments.
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