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Scents & attractants

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Specially formulated and scented with real coffee bean oils, Strike King's Coffee Scent Attractant masks the scents of humans and plastics for a more realistic presentation. The natural organic scent of Strike King's Coffee Scent Attractant is also incredibly attractive to fish, giving you the competitive edge and bringing new life to your soft plastics.
Pautzke Fire Cure
Soft but satisfying. Surfire formula. Go for the Krill. 16 ounce jar.
Mike's Brite & Tight Formula
New 3-in-1 Herring formula makes preparing your fresh or fresh frozen baits easy and effective. No mixing or additives needed. Just follow easy-to-use directions for great cured baits every time. Just add 1/3 bottle per dozen baits and allow to soak 24 hours. That's it! Your bait will be cured and dyed with added bite stimulants.
Mike's Lunker Lotion
Concentrated scents, neon colors and sticky formula make this a special fish attractant. Keeps scent on lures and baits longer. Apply directly to any lure or bait to increase effectiveness. 4 ounce bottle.
Mike's UV Gel Scent
The sticky formula holds scent on lures and bait longer, producing more strikes and fish. covers human odors and smell that are offensive to fish while adding special concentrated scents that make fish bite. 2 ounce bottle.
Bait Cloud InLine Fish Attractant
Now available for InLine fishing! These balls have a hole through the middle so that fastening the ball to your line is easy. This gives you more control of your underwater attractant zone that will last long after the initial fizzing activation. Drop. Wait. Fish! BaitCloud has created an InLine multi sensory fish formula attractant using science and innovation to mimic nature. By studying the feeding behaviours of these species, we have engineered a multi-sensory product to trigger the instinctive feeding and hunting behaviours in sportfish.
Pro-Cure Bad Azz Bait Dye
The most incredibly vibrant colors ever offered. Super powerful - super concentrated. Works great on herrings, anchovies, sardines, alewives, minnows, salmon eggs, prawns, shrimp, sand shrimp, squid, white shoepeg corn. Resealable plastic jars. Dyes can be blended for custom colors too. Works great in conjunction with your favorite brine solution.
Smelly Jelly Sticky Liquid
Stays on longer and gradually "milks" the scent off below the surface where it belongs. Also works great for injecting. Comes in a handy squeeze bottle with an easy-to-apply, no mess spout. Non-toxic and enviro-friendly. 4oz. bottle.
Mike's Glo Scent Bait Oils
Effectively masks out human odors and the same time adds appealing, attracting scents to entice fish. Especially effective on trout, salmon, rainbow, steelhead, panfish and other fresh and saltwater game fish. Works great on artificial lures and live bait.
Smelly Jelly Pro Guide Formula
$15.49 - $19.49
Larger supply for the serious fisherman. Salt and glitter are added to all Pro Guide scents which are available in our most popular blends.
Smelly Jelly Original Scent
Stays on longer than any of the others and takes the scent below the surface where it belongs. Non-toxic, bio-safe scents are very easy to apply. 1 ounce jar.
Pautzke Fire Brine
A proprietary mix of Dad Pautzke's most tried-and-true curing agents and vibrant dyes, Fire Brine? provides the toughening, coloring and scent agents that are the key elements of a brine, all in a simple one-step, out-of-the-bottle mix that makes it easier than ever for anglers to achieve the perfect baits, whether they're advanced or raw beginners.
Pro-Cure Super Gel Baits
$8.09 - $20.99
Made from real bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids in a sticky base that sticks and sticks to lures for an exceptionally long time. Works great on iron jigs for saltwater too.
Pro-Cure Bait Oil
$8.09 - $20.99
Made from real whole fresh bait, these pure uncut oils are the most powerful in the industry. Enhanced with powerful antioxidants to assure fresh, quality scent and potent fish-attracting flavor. Oils can be used to marinate baits in, or inject into baits, or squirt onto live bait or lures. When you're after catfish, sturgeon, halibut, fluke, flounder, and other bottom feeders. Heavy Liquids are fish oil emulsions that sink like a rock, then break up and crawl along the bottom, sending out a heavy scent trail right to your bait.
Pautzke Blue Crab Fuel Attractan
For more than 80 years Pautzke Bait Company has been the leader for fishing baits in North America. We continue our family tradition of providing the finest baits, scents and attractants to anglers with the most effective attractant developed for blue crabs: Blue Crab Fuel. Where else can you Soak A Rag and Catch A Crab? Blue Crab Fuel strives at drawing more and larger crabs in from a wider geographic area than simply using eel, bull nips, cut bait, chicken necks, turkey necks and menhaden by itself. Recreational crabbers and commercial fishermen using Blue Crab Fuel in conjunction with those baits bring larger and more crabs into traps at a quicker rate.
Bait Cloud Fish Attractant
Bring the fish to you with BaitCloud? Fish Attractant. Simply toss the ready-to-use sphere overboard, drop it down an ice hole, or throw from shore to your intended fishing spot. This biodegradable sinking ball is made from amino acids and proven attractants; as it hits the water, it immediately begins to "fizz" and release a visible cloud of scent-rich bubbles, creating a surface-to-bottom commotion that quickly pulls fish into the area. Plus, the scent-cloud lingers long after the fizzing has ended, keeping fish close by.
Pro-Cure Super Sauce
$8.59 - $10.99
Pro-Cure Water Soluble Oil
Water Soluble fish oils that totally dissolve into the water column travel faster and further than regular fish oil, and are easily picked up by a fish's olfactory receptors (the ability to pick up smells and scent in the water). Plus they are UV enhanced and loaded with amino acids to trigger strikes. One sniff and you'll realize how much more intense and easy to smell these new water soluble fish oils are. They are perfect for injecting into baits, or squirting directly onto marabou jigs, glow bugs or chunks of sponge. They won't matt down the finest hair or feathers. Water soluble fish oils will wash off faster than regular oils, but don't worry. We packaged them in our new 4 oz. squeeze bottle, rather than our normal 2 ounce size.
D-Funk Fish D-Funk
$5.89 - $9.39
Actually desalts odor causing bacteria on a molecular level. Amazingly effective for hands and skin, fishing and hunting gear, coolers, cutting boards, counter tops, boat surfaces and more.
Voodoo Menhaden Milk And Oil
$109.98 - $149.98
The Menhaden Milk is a revolutionary new product designed to attract fish both inshore and offshore. The unique feature of Menhaden Milk is its ability to mix throughout the water column instead of floating primarily on the surface. Because of its water miscible properties, menhaden milk keeps your chum slick constant at whatever depth you release it thus allowing you to chum fish to your boat at any depth. The Menhaden Oil is tournament grade and cold-pressed.
Bang Fish Attractants
$9.79 - $16.49
Unique rendering process with live bait produces the natural concentrated oils of the most prevalent forage species. Bang gives the angler an edge by encouraging the fish to hold onto the bait longer. This gives you more time to set the hook.
Spike-It Scented Markers
Scented Markers are designed particularly for the crankbait fisherman for color and scenting hard bodies. Scent Markers can also be used to color and scent soft plastic lures in a matter of seconds.
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A biological enzyme attractant that simulates the scent of actual live prey, it also masks any fish repelling odors that might be on your hands or bait as well.
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Fish Bomb Fish attractant made with Hi-Viz UV Additive is a Fish Oil aerosol attractant that fish can smell, taste and also see. This attractant can be sprayed directly on lures or baits, or locked down and used to create the ultimate chum slick. Easily spray down your lure or bait to provide the ultimate bite and hold reaction. Simply clip a Fish Bomb to a down line, lock down the tab and submerge it to the depth of where the fish are for the ultimate chum slick. the High Visible Ultra Violet enhanced additives stimulates the fish's vision allowing the fish to see the attractant. Ideal for use in fresh or saltwater fishing conditions.
Spike-It Dip-N-Glo
$5.99 - $6.99
Dip-N-Glo scented dyes are specially formulated for dipping plastic lures such as worms, grubs and even skirts to produce an immediate, permanent color change while the fish attractant deeply penetrates the lure to produce a long lasting scent.
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