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Snaps & Swivels

Eagle Claw Fishfinder Swivels
$34.68 - $56.16
Fishfinder sinker slide, with duo-lock snap.
Billfisher Coastlock Snap Swivels
$389.99 - $579.99
Black swivel with black finish stainless steel wire snap. Completely rustproof.
InvisaSwivel Invisa Swivel
Invisa Swivel is a clear fishing swivel and is invisible under water. Invisa Swivel is its ability to self lubricate due to the space age material they are made of. These swivels will also protect your guides from nicks. Invisa Swivels can be bent hundreds of times and show no signs of fatigue or memory. Invisa Swivels are not effected by salt or fresh water so corrosion is not even a issue.
Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Swivels With Coastlok Snap
$35.94 - $51.48
High quality ball bearing coastlock snap swivels. Freshwater and saltwater swivels that provide a connection you can count on.
Eagle Claw Lazer Ball Bearing Swivels W/ Interlock Snap
$37.74 - $50.94
The Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Swivel with Interlock Snap provides smooth lure action and allows bait to spin freely in the water. Black. 5 pack.
Spro 3-Way Swivels
Offers anglers the ultimate in durability. These sought after swivels come in a variety of styles to fill the needs of any fisherman. Black.
KROK Stainless Snap Swivels
$4.59 - $12.49
All Stainless steel construction and is designed to enforce the superior breaking strength of the swivel while reducing the overall size of the components.
Lindy Crank Bait Snaps
For maximum lure action and fish-catching success when casting or trolling crankbaits, use Lindy Crankbait Snaps. A lure must be free to dart, dive, wiggle, and wobble without the constraints of direct ties to the lure-and without the action-killing burden of bulky swivel-snaps and leaders. These lightweight dark-colored snaps open and close easily, facilitating quick lure change and less down time.
Spro Ball Bearing Swivels
$7.59 - $11.49
SPRO Corp's premium ball bearing swivels offer anglers the finest in smooth rotation. Available in NS black or nickel, these durable swivels come in variety of configurations to fit the needs of all anglers.
Eagle Claw Snap Swivel Assortments
$4.29 - $4.59
A variety of swivels in each assortment.
Sea Striker Duo-Loc Snaps
$3.79 - $49.08
Strong stainless steel. Packed in vinyl tuck bag with hang up header.
Berkley Ball Bearing Swivels
Smooth, rotating ball-bearing swivels are the ultimate for reducing line twist. Brass swivels with matte black finish.
Rite Angler Barrel Swivels
$1.89 - $10.49
These durable swivels are black and are designed for rugged use in saltwater. 10 Pack.
Boone Black Barrel Swivels
Quality black barrel swivels. Designed to eliminate line twist.
KROK Stainless Snap Swivels
All Stainless steel construction and is designed to enforce the superior breaking strength of the swivel while reducing the overall size of the components.
Boone Black Duo-Lock Snaps
Various pound tests to choose from.
Berkley Ball Bearing Cross-Lok®
Wire-over-wire locking snap with smooth, rotating ball-bearing swivel. Matte black finish.
Berkley Cross-Lok®
Our patented wire-over-wire lock makes Cross-Lok Snaps extra strong.
Sea Striker 3-Way Swivel With Snap
Size #1, 3-way swivel with #5 duo-loc snap attached. Black-plated. 3 pieces per bag.
Kipper No-Knot Eyelets
Eliminates the knot in your fly line. No-Knot hangs on the guides of your rod. No splash when line hits the water. No-Knot eyelet inserts in the hollow core of fly line.
Kipper No-Knot Fas-Snap
$1.69 - $40.56
Made of spring steel for strength. Changes lures and hooks in seconds. Small, medium, large, and assorted.
Boone Black Crane Duo-Lock Swivels
Black crane duo-lock swivels
Eagle Claw Lazer 3-Way Swivels
$5.69 - $5.79
The Eagle Claw Lazer 3-Way Swivels allow you to tie two leaders to one main line. Offering quality performance at a great price, the Eagle Claw Lazer 3-Way Swivels also feature a stealth, black finish.
Sea Striker 3-Way Swivels W/Duolock
The Liquid Stix combos have always been known for their quality built construction. With a lightweight rod that is perfect for those beginner anglers just getting into fishing and the art of catching fish. With a quality 1 ball bearing reel you will be able to reel in your big fish easily all day long. This rod and reel combo comes pre-spooled ready to get the angler out on the water and catching fish.
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