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Terminal tackle-Misc

Northland Snubber Stops
Neoprene rubber bobber/sinker stops.
Team Catfish Sinker Bumperz Knot Protectors
14 Heavy duty rubber knot protectors.
Bear Paw Line Leader Connectors
$40.68 - $51.48
Bear Paw line-leader connectors are a unique and simple way to attach your snelled hooks to you line with no use of knots. Every tackle box should carry these patented easy on easy off connectors. They are adjustable on your line, giving you the opportunity to design your own rig while placing the snelled bait at the depth you desire. Avoids line cutting and ends line weakening and fracturing due to knot strain. Ideal for winter fishing when cold hands make knot tying difficult.
Shur Strike Bottom Bouncers
$3.49 - $17.49
Features a stainless steel wire feeler that glides along the bottom without snagging or hanging up.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Heavy Duty Saltwater Sinker Slide
$2.99 - $99.36
Eagle Claw Saltwater Heavy Duty Sinker Slides improves the sensitivity and feel of bites by keeping the weight of the sinker from pulling on the hook. Catch more fish because they will never feel your line. These Sinker Slides are constructed of super-tough plastic and strong, durable snaps. A wide gap makes it easier to add and remove the sinker.
Northland Quick-Change Blade Clevis
Molded plastic. Flexible interchangeable snap clip.
Calcutta Leader Keepers
Plastic leader keepers keep everything coiled up for tangle free storage.
C&H Trolling Weights
$35.99 - $41.99
Designed for high-speed wahoo fishing, C&H Trolling Weights are hallow and come rigged with 900 lb. cable and 300 lb. ball bearing stainless-steel snap swivels. Best result between 8 to 20 knots.
Catahoula Trotline
For freshwater fishing. Features corrosion resistant hooks.
No Image
The Northland Speed Clevis is moulded and shaped from stainless wire and designed with a flexible Quick Snap that allows for blades to be interchangeable without re-tying. The metal design creates less friction allowing the blade to spin at slower speeds with a much truer action
Catahoula Trotline Brads
Prevents staging from moving on main line.
Daiichi Knot Protectors
14 Heavy duty rubber knot protectors. Use on surf-rigs, bottom rings and carolina rigs.
Rapala RMRC Magnetic Tool Release
Rapala RMRC Magnetic Release, powerful connecting magnets, carabiner clip, heavy duty split ring, holds up to 6.6 Lbs
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