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Shellfish Knives & Tools

Carolina Oyster Knife
Stainless steel blade, one-piece plastic handle. Dishwasher safe. Made in U.S.A.
Anglers Choice Coastal Seafood Kit
Kit includes: A one size fits all no-slip shuckin' glove. Wide blade oyster shuckin' knife with guard. Narrow blade clam poppin' knife with guard. Devein and peel shrimp in one easy motion. Comes with a FREE sample of Old Bay Seafood seasoning.
Dexter Seafood Knives
$17.49 - $21.99
Sani-safe, stain free, high carbon steel, with white polypropylene handles.
No Image
$29.99 - $99.99
B&M Pinned Oyster Knife
2 5/8" stainless steel blade with guard and wood handle.
Anglers Choice Shrimp Deveiner
11" long, high impact tool removes mud vein and outer shell of steamed shrimp in one easy motion.
Anglers Choice Oyster Knife W/Plastic Hilt
The Anglers Choice OKE-001 Oyster Knife is designed with a sharp edge and point for easy opening of oysters. This 6-inch stainless steel knife comes with a hilted hand protector for extra gripping comfort. Anglers Choice offers a variety of fishing and hunting tools, from pliers and fillet knives to full hunting kits. Anglers Choice is guaranteed to have something for every outdoor enthusiast.
Anglers Choice Crab/Lobster Pliers
Compact 5-1/2" aluma-blend pliers with an electrostatic enamel finish easily cracks crab and lobster. Use point handle to ram split larger Alaskan crab legs. PBCP-018
Anglers Choice Crab/Lobster Mallet
9" wood mallet with 1-1/2" diameter head makes easy work of cracking crabs and lobsters. CLMP-018
Anglers Choice Deluxe Carolina Oyster/Clam Knife
Of the same great design as our top selling 7" deluxe oyster knife. The 6" knife will also be a top seller. Sharp stainless point and edge with hilted hand protector, oval handle easily pops oysters.
CUDA 3.5
These Cuda 8" Titanium Bonded Stainless Steel Freshwater Plier with Ring Splitter feature an integrated crimper and long nose for removing hooks. The full tang carbon steel construction is visible through the Cuda scale pattern, non-slip grips. Titanium Bonded Stainless Steel Blades that are three times harder than steel making blades and stay sharper longer.
Challenge Shrimp Cleaners
$1.39 - $2.09
This handy tool makes quick work of the tedious job of deveining and shelling shrimp.
Eagle Claw Oyster Knives
Features a rubberized handle and 3 3/4" stainless steel blade.
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