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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Gee's Crawfish Trap
Packed 6 No Break.
No Image
$54.99 - $154.99
Stainless Crane Barrel Swivels
EGO S2 Slider Large Deep Rubber Net
Features 24" deep lightweight rubber bag with a 19" x 21 hoop, and a S2 Slider telescopic handle that extends 29" to 60".
EGO Kryptek S2 Slider Compact Clear Rubber Net
The innovative EGO Kryptek product series has been designed and test to meet your most demanding fishing needs and now features the Kryptek camo technology! We can't promise you'll catch a World Record trophy fishjust the peace of mind knowing you have the best in fishing tools and accessories for going after it!
Bait Cloud InLine Fish Attractant
Now available for InLine fishing! These balls have a hole through the middle so that fastening the ball to your line is easy. This gives you more control of your underwater attractant zone that will last long after the initial fizzing activation. Drop. Wait. Fish! BaitCloud has created an InLine multi sensory fish formula attractant using science and innovation to mimic nature. By studying the feeding behaviours of these species, we have engineered a multi-sensory product to trigger the instinctive feeding and hunting behaviours in sportfish.
Playaction Snap-On Rod Belts
$149.99 - $179.99
Quickest "put-on" in the world. Spring the arms open and snap the belt in place around the hips. Made of high-grade plastic with excellent memory. Closed cell comfort pad makes a comfortable belt that will not slip. Pin in the rotating ball can be used in either the vertical or horizontal position. Fits gimbaled rod butts to 1.25" in diameter and non-gimbaled rods to 1.5" in diameter. Excellent for use with a shoulder harness. Gimbal rotates 90° vertically and horizontally. Recommended line class is 50-80 lbs.
Fitec GS-1500 Ultra Spreader
$189.99 - $299.99
Created for guides and serious net throwers. Designed to generate their actual maximum spread potential. The exclusive Fitec process used to create this difference correctly balances the net panels with the proper length of the lead line, in turn allowing the user to catch more bait. Cast net users will be more successful than ever catching bait with the panel nets.
Betts Old Salt Deep Hole Cast Nets
$124.99 - $219.99
All cast nets come in a reusable mesh bag.
Billfisher Sleeve/Thimble Kits
$184.99 - $249.99
These Billfisher rigging kits contain 350 of the most popular items for offshore rigging. The 351 piece kit contains our CN-10 Crimper, both come in a handy storage box containing: 100 1.3 Black Double Sleeves. 100 1.6 Black Double Sleeves. 50 1.9 Black Double Sleeves. 50 2.2 Black Double Sleeves. 25 Small Stainless Thimbles. 25 Large Nylon Thimbles.
Pautzke Blue Crab Fuel Attractan
For more than 80 years Pautzke Bait Company has been the leader for fishing baits in North America. We continue our family tradition of providing the finest baits, scents and attractants to anglers with the most effective attractant developed for blue crabs: Blue Crab Fuel. Where else can you Soak A Rag and Catch A Crab? Blue Crab Fuel strives at drawing more and larger crabs in from a wider geographic area than simply using eel, bull nips, cut bait, chicken necks, turkey necks and menhaden by itself. Recreational crabbers and commercial fishermen using Blue Crab Fuel in conjunction with those baits bring larger and more crabs into traps at a quicker rate.
Billy Boy Lighted Pole Floats
$74.28 - $161.88
A lighted float that will work for the fishermen. Ours, which is made with wood, will support the heavy sinker used in this type fishing.
Bait Cloud Fish Attractant
Bring the fish to you with BaitCloud? Fish Attractant. Simply toss the ready-to-use sphere overboard, drop it down an ice hole, or throw from shore to your intended fishing spot. This biodegradable sinking ball is made from amino acids and proven attractants; as it hits the water, it immediately begins to "fizz" and release a visible cloud of scent-rich bubbles, creating a surface-to-bottom commotion that quickly pulls fish into the area. Plus, the scent-cloud lingers long after the fizzing has ended, keeping fish close by.
EGO Kryptek S2 Large Nylon Net
The innovative EGO Kryptek product series has been designed and test to meet your most demanding fishing needs and now features the Kryptek camo technology! We can't promise you'll catch a World Record trophy fishjust the peace of mind knowing you have the best in fishing tools and accessories for going after it!
EGO S2 Slider Landing Pvc Nets
$139.99 - $144.99
Both features deep PVC bags and both feature S2 slider handles that extend 29"-60".
EGO S2 Slider
Large rubber coated nylon mesh floats. Innovative grip design. 29" slider handle extends to 60". Non-tangle rubber coated mesh. 31" bag depth. Large hoop size 19" x 21".
Betts Lead Weights Mono Series Super Pro
$149.99 - $239.99
#20 & #21 SERIES - A strong demand for a high quality performance net is the idea for this engineered masterpiece. The standard for the industry. Packaged in a bucket. Panel net. Lead weights
Ranger Tournament Muskie Landing Net
$154.99 - $169.99
These special nets have many of the quality of a rubber net without the extra weight. Features a knotless, hook-free rubber coated nylon flat bottom net. It has 3/4" holes that create very little resistance in the water. Heavy duty octagon handles automatically line up for quick extension and slide up into hoop for easy storage. 5/8" Aluminum hoops with reinforcement at the critical stress points. All handles are hoops are anodized black. 6007-0073: Features telescopic handle that expanse, 29-45" in length, 20" x 20" hoop size and 24" net depth. Also collapses. 6007-0084: Features telescopic handle that expanse, 54-84" in length, 34" x 30" hoop size and 36" net depth.6007-0082: Features telescopic handle that expanse, 54-84" in length, 25" x 24" hoop size and 24" net depth.
EGO S2 Slider Reach Large Pvc Mesh
Floats. Innovative Grip Design. 48" Slider Handle Extends To 108". Non-Tangle PVC Coated Mesh. Flat Bottom / 20" Bag Depth. Large Hoop Size 19" x 21".
Sea Striker 2
Partially serrated blade edge and hard plastic handles for durability.
Voodoo Menhaden Milk And Oil
$109.98 - $149.98
The Menhaden Milk is a revolutionary new product designed to attract fish both inshore and offshore. The unique feature of Menhaden Milk is its ability to mix throughout the water column instead of floating primarily on the surface. Because of its water miscible properties, menhaden milk keeps your chum slick constant at whatever depth you release it thus allowing you to chum fish to your boat at any depth. The Menhaden Oil is tournament grade and cold-pressed.
Fitec SS-1000 Super Spreader
$40.99 - $199.99
A "true" pound of weight per radius foot allows the net to sink at a faster rate. The SS-1000 covers all of your casting needs from a 3/16" mesh size up to a 1" mesh size for those mullets. Superior Strength, softer for better performance. Sinks faster, provides a tighter bottom seal. Stronger net with more secure closure on retrieval. Better for deep water and water current applications. Reduced chaffing on throwing wrist. A guide to throwing a cast net is included with each net and includes pictures in nets under 7 feet.
Aftco Taper-Tip Flying Gaffs
$179.99 - $339.99
Swaged shaft. The hook seats in a tough plastic insert fitted into the tip and is held in place by a length of 20 lb. line tied to a steel post on the shaft. When the fish is gaffed, this line snaps to provide a clean and immediate release. A machined aluminum gimbal at the butt end of the shaft securely holds the attachment rope and with the plastic insert in the tip, prevents water from seeping into the shaft. Will float. 6' shafts with 1 3/8" butt diameters. Anodized rich gold finish to resist corrosion. Fitted with two black non-slip grips. Handle and hook are sold separately.
Betts Lead Weights Mono Series Pro Series
$114.99 - $194.99
A strong demand for a high quality performance net is the idea for this engineered masterpiece. Packaged in a bucket. Panel net. 1.30lbs. Lead weights.
Aftco Fighting Belts
The super-thick, closed-cell EVA foam back pad is engineered to maximize both comfort and leverage, so that when the belt is positioned relatively low across the thighs, the load is distributed evenly for maximum pull when fighting big fish stand-up style. Co-molded to the foam back pad is a heavy-duty, yet lightweight gold-anodized, stamped aluminum front plate. Super durable, it features posts at each side that accept unique Quick Clips, which "snap" the two piece belt straps (or optional drop straps) in place for quickly getting into or out of the belt. Also featured is a super strong, molded glass-filled nylon gimbal pocket that is engineered to quickly guide rod butts into an optimum fish fighting position. The gimbal pocket's stainless steel pin is adjustable. All fighting belts float.
Aftco Fiberglass Gaffs
Features special thick-walled, super strong, yet leigh weight E-glass handle construction, custom designed for extreme strength and rigidity. all of our fiberglass handles are rolled on proprietary mandrels using specific tapers developed by AFTCO, and are fitted in our factory with the same stainless steel hook in our popular Taper-Tip aluminum gaffs.
No Image
$124.99 - $154.99
Betts Lead Weights Super Pro?
$149.99 - $219.99
1/4" mesh mono. Comes packaged in a bucket. Panel net.
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