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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

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$329.99 - $339.99
Stained wood with fluorescent tops featuring premium balsa construction. These slip floats are great for use when targeting all species of freshwater fish. Floats are painted with hi-vis orange and chartreuse tops. Available in oval and pencil styles. These floats are made in the U.S.A.
Keepalive 20 Gallon Nite Glo
This Patented Night Fishing Bait Tank will keep a dull glow all night. Bait can be retrieved without the bright lights that spook bait. To charge, leave in sunlight during the day, or charge with spotlight. 18.5"w x 18"h Tank, KA460 Oxygen Infusor, Drain, Black Handles, Air Control Center, Hold-Down Plate For KeepAlive, 13" Hinged Lid with Twist Lock.
Billfisher Coastlock Snap Swivels
$389.99 - $579.99
Black swivel with black finish stainless steel wire snap. Completely rustproof.
Sure Life Better Bait
$11.87 - $255.24
Conditions water. Removes chlorine. Keeps bait frisky. Lowers bait losses. Stimulates a natural slime coat. Removes heavy metals. Reduces fungus and bacteria. Adds electrolytes.
Keepalive Complete Livewell Systems
$279.99 - $439.99
All tanks include drain, black handles, built-in air control, 13" lid with twist locks, and molded graphics. NOTE - KA30001WB no aerator included. Order KA460 or KA1100 to complete the system.
Billfisher Sleeve/Thimble Kits
$184.99 - $249.99
These Billfisher rigging kits contain 350 of the most popular items for offshore rigging. The 351 piece kit contains our CN-10 Crimper, both come in a handy storage box containing: 100 1.3 Black Double Sleeves. 100 1.6 Black Double Sleeves. 50 1.9 Black Double Sleeves. 50 2.2 Black Double Sleeves. 25 Small Stainless Thimbles. 25 Large Nylon Thimbles.
Frabill Power Catch Landing Nets
$179.99 - $209.99
Exclusive, ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in your palm & provides positive control of the net. Brute Hoop has been re-engineered to maximize strength & resist drag in water. The heavy-duty extruded aluminum yoke provides ultimate strength at critical stress point of the net. Finish is impervious to saltwater corrosion. Pow'R-Lok? yoke systems feature advanced engineered composite construction providing strength in a light weight design. Design eliminates searching for spring buttons. Corrosion-resistant materials hold up in both fresh and saltwater.
Braid Blue-Fin Harness
Provides the ultimate in stand-up back relief, as well as full support when wrestling with extra heavy equipment in the fighting chair. The Blue-Fin features include extra padding, woven nylon shoulder strapping with Velcro® closures and stainless steel "D" rings to accommodate drop straps.
Billy Bay Lockdown 21 1 Man Ladder Stand
$149.70 - $339.99
ENCLOSURE OFFERS GREAT CONCEALMENT - Hunt from command central. The Outpost Ladder Tower with camo blind enclosure gives you the best view possible with 360 degrees of viewing, thanks to eight zippered panels, while still keeping you concealed in a 10' tower. The sturdy cross bracing makes it extremely stable and there is plenty of interior space for the hunt. The perfect way to get a full-view without detection.
C&H Fish Bags
$179.99 - $569.99
Keep those fish cold. Great for icing fish in tournaments or for boats that need more fish storage. Insulated C&H Fish Bags clean up easily with soap and water. Fold up for compact storage. Handles for easy carrying.
Fish-N-Mate Fishing Carts with 3rd Wheel
$319.99 - $379.99
Nylon composite swivel front wheel with front mounted lock now in both the Fish N Mate and the Fish N Mate Jr. carts.
Betts Lead Weights Super Pro?
$149.99 - $219.99
1/4" mesh mono. Comes packaged in a bucket. Panel net.
Fuji Hardloy® Rod Top
0178-0219: Assortment of Saltwater BPLT (Black Stainless) 60 tops: 5 ea. Size 8(65), 8(75), 10(7), 10(8), 10(9), 12(10), 12(11), 12(12), 12(14), 16(10), 16(11), 16(14). 0178-0220: BPLT (Black Stainless) 100 Tops: 10 ea. Size 6(5), 6(55), 6(6), 6(65), 8(65), 8(7), 8(75), 8(8), 5 ea. Size 10(8), 10(9), 12(10), 12(11).
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$199.99 - $229.99
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