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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Billfisher Coastlock Snap Swivels
$389.99 - $579.99
Black swivel with black finish stainless steel wire snap. Completely rustproof.
Tackle Factory Wire Mesh Crab Net
$26.99 - $263.94
A green poly net prevents the crab from getting tangled. Heavy duty galvanized hoop features the patented EVERLOCK II. 1" diameter embossed aluminum handle.
Sea Striker Aluminum Beach/Surf/ Pier Cart with Liner
An all-around cart with aluminum frame. This cart comes complete with convenient utility table and liner. Frame feature 7 durable rod/accessory holders. Pneumatic wheels make for easy transportation of gear.
KROK Swivel Displays
$459.99 - $669.99
Braid Blue-Fin Harness
Provides the ultimate in stand-up back relief, as well as full support when wrestling with extra heavy equipment in the fighting chair. The Blue-Fin features include extra padding, woven nylon shoulder strapping with Velcro® closures and stainless steel "D" rings to accommodate drop straps.
Billfisher Heavy-Duty Bench Crimper
The Billfisher heavy-duty bench crimper by Sea Striker has five fixed hole positions. Adjustable tension. Wood base for mounting. Crimps sleeves 1.8mm to 3.3mm. Can be used commercially.
Anglers Choice
For-A-Cure Pink Hat Hook. A portion of the sale of this item will be donated to support breast cancer research. Your participation in this deserving and most worthy cause is greatly appreciated. Packed 100 No Break.
Billfisher Sleeve/Thimble Kits
$184.99 - $249.99
These Billfisher rigging kits contain 350 of the most popular items for offshore rigging. The 351 piece kit contains our CN-10 Crimper, both come in a handy storage box containing: 100 1.3 Black Double Sleeves. 100 1.6 Black Double Sleeves. 50 1.9 Black Double Sleeves. 50 2.2 Black Double Sleeves. 25 Small Stainless Thimbles. 25 Large Nylon Thimbles.
No Image
The SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner quickly removes rib bones and skin from your fillet, without losing any meat in the process. Fish cleaning has forever changed! Features: Stainless steel floating blade, Corrosion resistant removable intake wheel, 9'8" Cord plugs into standard 120VAC outlet, Two step power on for safety and control. Use indoors or out.
No Image
Stainless Crane Barrel Coastlock Snap Swivels
Braid Tuna Belt
Space-age plastic composites, and a wide one piece pad to spread out the forces, make Braid's Tuna Belt? one of the most popular in the line. You can apply up to 40 pounds of drag pressure with this gear to fish 50- to 80- pound tackle easily. Receiver accepts gimbal rod butt.
Keepalive 14 Gallon Livewell
$349.99 - $469.99
Includes: 15.5"W x 15.5"H x 20"L Tank, KA460 Oxygen Infusor, 3 Built In Trays, Drain, Black Handles, Air Control Center, Hold-Down Plate For KeepAlive, 13" Hinged Lid with Twist Lock, molded in graphics. Available in White, White/Blue Interior, and Insulated with Granite Exterior/Blue Interior.
Aftco Taper-Tip Flying Gaffs
$179.99 - $339.99
Swaged shaft. The hook seats in a tough plastic insert fitted into the tip and is held in place by a length of 20 lb. line tied to a steel post on the shaft. When the fish is gaffed, this line snaps to provide a clean and immediate release. A machined aluminum gimbal at the butt end of the shaft securely holds the attachment rope and with the plastic insert in the tip, prevents water from seeping into the shaft. Will float. 6' shafts with 1 3/8" butt diameters. Anodized rich gold finish to resist corrosion. Fitted with two black non-slip grips. Handle and hook are sold separately.
Betts Old Salt Deep Hole Cast Nets
$124.99 - $219.99
All cast nets come in a reusable mesh bag.
Braid Power Play Harness
Designed to help anglers apply maximum pressure to big game fish with the least amount of effort. Worn to support the lower back area, the Power Play Harness is fully adjustable in the seat area to provide added comfort for anglers engaged in extended battles with big fish. This is also an excellent harness for battling blue water game fish from a fighting chair.
Bear Paw Electric Fish Scalers
$94.99 - $349.99
Power driven - makes quick light work of scaling fish. Longer flexible cord for easier handling. Safe - scaling head revolves and deflects all scales downward without cutting the fish or causing injury to hands. Features extra hard Teflon® coating for quick, easy cleanup. Ruggedly built - resists saltwater and rust. EFS -Built with the average fisherman in mind. Ideal for the sportsman who has everything. HDEFS - Heavy-duty fish scaler for larger game fish. HDEFS-C - Cable only for HDEFS.
Aftco Two-Piece Tournamant King Mackerel Gaff
Features a black anodized shaft that is divided in two an 8' forward section with hook, and a 4' reat section, complete w/two rugged black vinyl grips. Constructed from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, and is joined in the middle with a ferrule and collet nut characteristic of the Aftco Unibutt. The ferrule and collet nut "joint" is extremely strong lightweight and fully waterproof when assembled. Both the ferrule and collet nut are permanently attached to the forward section, and because the end of the ferrule accepts a vinyl butt cap, this longer 8-foot shaft can optionally be used as a stand-alone gaff. When used together, the two pieces can be separated in seconds and stored separately. Equipped with a three-inch stainless steel hook, the 3612-HB Gaff is ideal for landing king mackerel, wahoo, dolphin and tuna, as well as other medium-sized saltwater gamefish.
Rapala Hawk Fillet Knives Bulk
$251.64 - $330.84
Features contoured, sure-grip handles with finger guards for added safety when filleting. Stainless steel blade.
Rapala Accessories - Bulk
$18.99 - $339.80
Make fast work of landing and releasing your catch without harm to you or the fish. Securely hold fish with one-hand. Quick release mechanism holds strong, yet releases with ease. Built from durable, molded heavy-duty plastic for ultimate corrosion resistance. Includes wrist lanyard for security.
Rapala Shears - Bulk
One tool for a multitude of cutting tasks. Shears are great for heavy leverage lopping to fine detail trimming. Includes striaght knife and serrated knive/fish scaler, bottle opener/bone cracker and vegetable peeler. 2-piece design allows for easy cleaning. Oversize grip is ideal size for large hands or working with gloves on. Packed 18 No Break.
Rapala SRHCF4B Salt Hook File 4
Rapala SRHCF4-B Salt Hook File, 4" double sided, high carbon steel, silicon treated with plastic handle
Fitec GS-1000 Ultra Spreader With T
$109.99 - $209.99
Ideal for shrimp and other deep water targets. Superior Strength, softer for better performance. Sinks faster, provides a tighter bottom seal. Six panel design on 6' and 7' net. Eight panel design on 8', 10' and 12' net which allows for more of an outward stretch. Heavy duty high count 90-pound-test braille lines. Stronger net with more secure closure on retrieval. Long high floating 50' long braided polyethylene hand line - Better for deep water and water current applications. Includes Fitec's own "Komfort Kuff?" Reduced chaffing on throwing wrist. We use insoluble tape on both sides. Placed two meshes away from the lead line. The tape acts like an airfoil and keeps the net open for a longer time.
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