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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Eagle Claw Fishfinder Slides
$35.88 - $56.16
With dual lock snap.
No Image
$54.99 - $154.99
Stainless Crane Barrel Swivels
No Image
These rugged multi-purpose lights come with a 50 watt, 12-volt bulb and can be used for 6-8 hours on a fully charged 12-volt battery. The uniquely designed polyethylene shield provides excellent visibility with no blinding glare. Completely watertight. Perfect for flounder gigging or camping. Versatile C-clamp allows easy attachment to your boat.
Sea Striker Duo-Loc Snaps
$3.99 - $51.48
Strong stainless steel. Packed in vinyl tuck bag with hang up header.
Ahi USA Cast Nets
$49.99 - $109.99
Premium UBE Chip Monofilament Netting, 3/8" square mesh, 80 lbs test Braille Lines and 3/4 lb. of actual lead weight per foot. 24 ft. handline is secured with a heavy-duty anodized swivel. Each net is packed in an attractive reusable hard-shelled container.
Plastilite Spring Stick Floats
White with fluorescent red/orange oval floats.
EGO Landing Net
$43.99 - $79.99
The innovative EGO Landing Net series has been designed to meet the broad spectrum of fishing demands driven by varied fish species, sizes, angler purpose and preferred fishing styles. EGO nets are setting a new standard in what a fisherman should expect in functionality, design and value. Floats. Innovative grip design. Unique scoop design. Non-tangle/hook free nylon mesh. Anodize octagonal aluminum handle. Product weight: 2.5lbs. Industry leading strength-to-weight ratio. Black with scoop net.
Sea Striker Sinker Slide With Links
$15.48 - $64.99
High impact nylon sinker slide. Complete with an American made #14 Luxon connecting link for easy opening. 0029-1080 & 0029-2352
Frabill Bait Quarters Floating Bait Wells
$64.99 - $84.99
Tie a Bait Quarters to your dock or boat slip; its special design allows the top of the container to float for easier access. The bottom of the net is specially weighted so it sinks yet maintain it's circular shape even in current. Special Velcro latched lid design keeps pesky birds out and bait secure. Soft 3/8" white nylon mesh netting is fish friendly, yet strong, and will not rough up fish like traditional wire or metal boxes. Made of non-corrosive materials. Bait Quarters collapse down for easy storage. Ideal for fresh or saltwater use.
EGO S2 Slider Kayak Net
Features 16" PVC bag with 17" x 19" hoop and S2 Slider handle that extends 18-36".
Ranger Collapsible Net
Features telescopic handle that expanse, 29-45" in length, 20" x 20" hoop size and 24" net depth.
Raw Accessories USA Bait Bucket
Digital Blue Camo Bait Bucket from Raw Accessories USA is lined and insulated with PolarBasics? insulator, and comes with a padded carrying strap
Ranger Landing Net
$36.99 - $54.99
Anglers Choice Fisherman's Pliers
Refill Pack, 6 Per Bag
Bullet Weights Cannon Ball Sinkers
$47.20 - $51.94
Salmon and steelhead anglers should know we have these popular sinkers in all sizes.
Betts Lead Weights Old Salt Premium Cast Nets
$54.99 - $184.99
A net that is properly designed to work. "How to" instructions brochure included with each net. 1 lb. per foot. Packaged in a utility box.
Sea Striker Gigs
$47.99 - $129.99
Stainless steel heads with lathe-sharpened points. Gigs are made to screw into our aluminum handles.
Eagle Claw Steel Leader W/ Ball Bearing Swivel
$62.28 - $67.08
High quality steel leader for freshwater or saltwater use.
Sea Striker ® Gaffs
$42.99 - $114.99
The hook is made from the strongest quality stainless steel available and is hand-sharpened with a knife edge point. Unlike round points cut on a lathe, the tip of the point will not lay over if a bone is struck while gaffing a fish. Handles are made from high polished aluminum. Features functional and desirable grips, the same used on professional exercise machines. Gaffs up to 3' have one grip. All gaffs 4' and above have two hand grips.
Sea Striker Bluefish Rigs
$2.29 - $71.76
The original Hatteras bluefish rig is made on 60 lb. black nylon-coated Sealon® wire. It has a 2" fluorescent oval float and a 7/0 plated hook. The 1/0 black 3-way swivel has a #14 Luxon connecting link for sinker attachment. Available with a plain or white bucktail hook. Use with natural strips or cut bait. Bulk packaging, 24 per ring or individually packaged.
Keepalive Economy Regulator
This is an excellent compromise for the angler that is looking for an inexpensive but reliable regulator. 11 Settings: OFF, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1½, 2, and 4 liters per minute. These settings will allow various oxygen ratios with inexpensive air stones. The KA903 also provides sufficient pressure and oxygen for premium quality diffusers as our KA970-O2, KA975 and KA9100 diffuser. Gold aluminum body with brass components. Designed for use in a marine environment. EXTRA protection to prevent moisture and dust contamination. The extension next to the hose barb keeps contamination from entering the orifice required for all regulators. The red dust cap provides additional protection if left on. Nut and Nipple style regulator body for use with CGA 540 Inlet Valve Cylinders. Oxygen tank pressure gauge with gauge protector. Barbed Outlet for direct attachment of oxygen tubing. Designed for use in a marine environment.
Fitec SS-1000 Super Spreader
$40.99 - $199.99
A "true" pound of weight per radius foot allows the net to sink at a faster rate. The SS-1000 covers all of your casting needs from a 3/16" mesh size up to a 1" mesh size for those mullets. Superior Strength, softer for better performance. Sinks faster, provides a tighter bottom seal. Stronger net with more secure closure on retrieval. Better for deep water and water current applications. Reduced chaffing on throwing wrist. A guide to throwing a cast net is included with each net and includes pictures in nets under 7 feet.
Rainbow Tough Bubble Floats
Made of tough Butyrate plastic, the Tough Bubble will withstand a lot more than other wimpy bubbles. The Tough Bubble is water fillable for greater control and longer casting distances.
Fitec RS-750 Super Spreader
$24.99 - $64.99
This is our lightest weight series. This series can fill the many needs of the cast net thrower. It is designed for the beginner to novice cast net thrower. Reliable performance with every use. Sinks fast, prevents bait escape, but easy to throw. Good all-around length for most situations. Triple tied system in joining lead line to the netting. A guide to throwing a cast net is included with each net and includes pictures. Includes throwing aid belt clip.
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