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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
$54.99 - $59.99
Compact for transporting and storage, the Fat Boy Fillet Boards have ample room, with a wide surface to fi llet all species of fi sh. Heavy-duty sure-grip clamp with built-in handle. Made of durable HDPE foo d grade plastic. FDA & USDA approved.
Rapala Cleaning Boards- Ap Outdoors
$46.99 - $89.99
These totally portable "Professional Series" fi llet boards are made from FDA & USDA approved HDPE food grade plastic. With five sizes to choose from there is a size perfect for your needs. Juice groove keeps liquids from spilling off edges.
Eagle Claw Fishfinder Swivels
$35.88 - $56.16
Fishfinder sinker slide, with duo-lock snap.
Frabill Spray Bar Pump System
12V DC 500GPH low current pump. Aerates up to 30 gallons. Can be used to pump water in or out of boat or bait tank. Can also be used to wash surfaces. Suction cup mounts allow mounting to any non-porous surface. Spray bar can be permanently mounted or mounted with suction cups. Produces close to 100% saturation of dissolved cups. Package includes: pump with suction cups, spray bar, mounting hardware, 5.5ft. of flexible tubing. Spray tube can be cut to fit bait container. Standard 1/2 inch PVC pipe can be used to extend spray tube. Replaceable filter removes live-well debris. 6ft. power cord with copper battery.
Frabill Bump Boards
$24.99 - $54.99
Frabill Bump Boards allows for quick measurements right after your catch! Put away the tape measure, or any other hand-held supposedly convenient - device... this Bump Board has 'em all beat.
Forschner Cimeter Knife
Features black fibrox handle. Clam packed.
Maps Unique Maps
Detailed bathymetric bottom contour maps. Data includes numerous live bottoms, artificial reefs, wrecks, ledges, and other underwater features. Numbered sites include descriptions and coordinates. Maps are available in Near-Shore Series or Offshore Series. Both series are printed 6 colors, laminated and are foldable to various sizes. Offshore Series measures 27" X 34" (foldable to 11" X 27" or 11" X 13½") and covers past 100 fathoms. Near-Shore Series measures 17" X 24" (foldable to 8½" X 12") and covers approx. 30-40 miles offshore. 1360-0050, 0051, 0052, 0053, & 0054
Plastilite Spring Stick Floats
White with fluorescent red/orange oval floats.
Down East Clam Rakes
$54.99 - $79.99
5' clam scratch rakes. 4, 6 or 10 round teeth and a 60" varnished wood handle. Available with or without basket.
GOT-CHA Folding Knife 2 3/4
Folding Knife 2 3/4" Stainless Steel blade, 4" ABS body (blade closed), 6 3/4" overall length.
EGO S2 Slider Medium Landing Net
17 inch by 19 inch Hoop. 29 inch S2 handle extends to 60 inches. Innovative Grip Design. Floats. Bag depth of 15 inches.
Sea Striker Surf Cart Utility Table
Convenient work table for cutting bait, rigging lures, or just holding your drink. Designated pliers and knife holder, plus holes for hanging rigs. Stainless steel legs and solid top for durability. Fits all Sea Striker carts.
No Image
These rugged multi-purpose lights come with a 50 watt, 12-volt bulb and can be used for 6-8 hours on a fully charged 12-volt battery. The uniquely designed polyethylene shield provides excellent visibility with no blinding glare. Completely watertight. Perfect for flounder gigging or camping. Versatile C-clamp allows easy attachment to your boat.
EGO Rubber Mesh Landing Nets
Ego Landing Net Features: Rubber Coated Nylon Mesh Floats Innovative Grip Design Industry Leading Strength-to-Weight Ratio Handle Design- Octagonal extruded aluminum with black anodized finish- Reinforced to provide superior strength. Hoop Design- Extruded Alimunum with a black anodized finish- Unique scoop design aids in landing fish. Grip Design-Functional grip aids in net control-Eliminates bulk yoke assemblies-Eliminates sharp edges/ angles- Protects mono line from being frayed or cut. Mesh Design- Non-tangle, Hook Free UV Resistant nylon mesh- lightweight with minimal water drag.
Sea Striker Interlock Snap Swivels
$27.48 - $71.88
An interlock snap connected to a barrel swivel. 12 pack.
Sea Striker High Speed Planer Kit
Kit includes HS8 planer, planer cord, duo-loc snap attachment, rubber band, leader wheel, and storage bag. The "Poor Man's Downrigger" allows you to troll lures deep, but releases when fish strikes.
Sea Striker Bead Gulf Rigs
$35.64 - $60.84
One or two drop with bead. Monofilament or Steelon®.
Sea Striker Connecting Links
$41.99 - $52.68
American made. Luxon nickel-plated. Packed in vinyl reclosable bag with hang-up header. 12 per bag.
Sea Striker Duo-Loc Snaps
$3.99 - $51.48
Strong stainless steel. Packed in vinyl tuck bag with hang up header.
Sea Striker Double Drop Bluefish Rig
Double drop bluefish rig tied with 40 lb. mono. Uses #5 swivels, #3 snaps and a Luxon connecting link for the sinker. Uses one fluorescent red and one fluorescent yellow, 3/4" tear drop shape, hard foam float.
Sea Striker Poppin-Float Rigs
$49.08 - $59.88
Rigged with 40 lb. mono or 60 lb. Sealon® coated wire. Complete with egg sinker and beads.
Sea Striker Sinker Slide
$13.49 - $59.99
High impact sinker slide. Keeps the fish from feeling the weight of the sinker. 1000 per bag.
Sea Striker Sinker Slide With Links
$15.48 - $64.99
High impact nylon sinker slide. Complete with an American made #14 Luxon connecting link for easy opening. 0029-1080 & 0029-2352
Sea Striker Sinker Slide With Snap
$2.49 - $54.99
Black Sinker Slide with Duo-loc snap. 0029-1000 & 0029-2353
Sea Striker Bottom Rigs 2 & 3 Drop
$3.99 - $69.50
These are the most popular rigs for the North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia Coast. Rigs are tied with 40 lb. mono using #3 nickel snaps and #5 nickel barrel swivels and a plated connecting link. Items with a "K" in front of the stock number use a #5 sinker snap. All other use a #14 link. 2P - Made with 40 lb. DuPont® nylon. Well swiveled with #14 Luxon connecting link, nickel safety snaps. 2B - Like No. 2P, with fluorescent red beads just above snaps to attract fish. 2BCH - Same as 2B, but with chartreuse beads. 3P: A three drop rig when spots are running. Made with 40 lb. DuPont® nylon. Well swiveled with #14 Luxon connecting link and nickel safety snap. 3B: Like No. 3P, only with fluorescent red beads.
Sea Striker Bluefish Rigs
$2.29 - $71.76
The original Hatteras bluefish rig is made on 60 lb. black nylon-coated Sealon® wire. It has a 2" fluorescent oval float and a 7/0 plated hook. The 1/0 black 3-way swivel has a #14 Luxon connecting link for sinker attachment. Available with a plain or white bucktail hook. Use with natural strips or cut bait. Bulk packaging, 24 per ring or individually packaged.
Sea Striker Gigs
$47.99 - $129.99
Stainless steel heads with lathe-sharpened points. Gigs are made to screw into our aluminum handles.
Sea Striker ® Gaffs
$42.99 - $114.99
The hook is made from the strongest quality stainless steel available and is hand-sharpened with a knife edge point. Unlike round points cut on a lathe, the tip of the point will not lay over if a bone is struck while gaffing a fish. Handles are made from high polished aluminum. Features functional and desirable grips, the same used on professional exercise machines. Gaffs up to 3' have one grip. All gaffs 4' and above have two hand grips.
Sea Striker Snelled Bluefish Rigs
$5.39 - $79.08
The "SBR" series is made on a standard #1040 snell hook rig with twisted wire arms. The nylon-coated Sealon® wire hook float leader is attached to the rig. The "SBR" series uses 1 1/2" cigar floats and 1/0 plated hooks. The "HDSBR" series is the same as the "SBR" series, but made on a #1040HD heavy-duty snell hook rig with 2" floats and 4/0 plated hooks. Individually packaged. Individually packaged. 0029-0190
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