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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

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Extremely versatile sinker. Coastal fishermen use this sinker to fish the bottom with a dropper loop configuration. They can also be used for trolling and mooching.
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$25.99 - $26.99
This bobber has a spring loaded "J" hook that reverses to lock on line or work as a slip bobber . It has a unique lever arm that detects even the slightest fish action. The matte finish is designed for less glare, orange top for sunny days and yellow top for cloudy days. It has a sonic welded assembly (not glued) for maximum strength. Aerodynamic design and weighted center allows maximum casts (30-40 yds) with pinpoint accuracy.
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Aluminum Oxide Boat Rod Top
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Aluminum Florida Lobster & Crab Gauge is ideally suited for Florida lobster and crab species. Each person engaging in the activity of hooping or hoop netting is required to have a gauge on their person.
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Fish Bomb Fish attractant made with Hi-Viz UV Additive is a Fish Oil aerosol attractant that fish can smell, taste and also see. This attractant can be sprayed directly on lures or baits, or locked down and used to create the ultimate chum slick. Easily spray down your lure or bait to provide the ultimate bite and hold reaction. Simply clip a Fish Bomb to a down line, lock down the tab and submerge it to the depth of where the fish are for the ultimate chum slick. the High Visible Ultra Violet enhanced additives stimulates the fish's vision allowing the fish to see the attractant. Ideal for use in fresh or saltwater fishing conditions.
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$124.99 - $154.99
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$2.99 - $3.29
A #3 Indiana JB Hot Flash blade with the addition of 5/8" float on a 42" 12 pound monofilament leader with a Red Hook makes a great live bait Walleye Rig.
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$6.09 - $7.59
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$2.79 - $4.09
The Original "EASY ON" Slip Bobber is now a part of the JB Lures line of fishing tackle! Twist on, Twist off. No line cutting. Fluorescent Red and Yellow paint. 15 Great options/sizes to chose from between 4 different body styles. 2/Pack
Nu-Mark Stringers With Floats
Nu-Mark Stringer with float
Boone Striker Billy Club
Ensure your catch tastes as fresh and clean as possible by bringing a quick end with the Boone Aluminum Bat. It's 17" long, made strong from aluminium, and has a rubber grip and wrist rope.
H&H Coastal Popping Rig W/ Monofilament
$41.88 - $52.68
Great for use when saltwater fishing. Monofilament line for strength and durability. 2 rigs per pack.
H&H Coastal Popping Rig W/ Wire
$41.88 - $52.68
Great for use when saltwater fishing. Wire line for strength and durability. 2 rigs per pack.