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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Aqua Clear Components Tees
"Tie Your Own Rigs".
Aqua Clear King Fish / Spot / Perch Rig
$3.79 - $3.89
The Rig comes with size 8 hooks with floats & red beads. Brilliantly colored beads and long sturdy hooks ensure catching and holding your fish. Be prepared with Aqua-Clear.
Sure Life Better Bait
$11.87 - $255.24
Conditions water. Removes chlorine. Keeps bait frisky. Lowers bait losses. Stimulates a natural slime coat. Removes heavy metals. Reduces fungus and bacteria. Adds electrolytes.
Eagle Claw Lazer Ball Bearing Swivels W/ Interlock Snap
$37.74 - $50.94
The Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Swivel with Interlock Snap provides smooth lure action and allows bait to spin freely in the water. Black. 5 pack.
Forschner Cimeter Knife
Features black fibrox handle. Clam packed.
Eagle Claw Dial Box Sinker Assortments
$2.99 - $11.99
180-001 - Split-Shot Sinker Assortment. 02180-002 - Removable Split-Shot Sinker Assortment. 02180-003 - Egg & Split-Shot Sinker Assortment. 02180-004 - Bass Casting Sinker Assortment. 02180-005 - Worm Weight Sinker Assortment. 02180-007 - Micro Split-Shot Sinker Assortment. 02180-008 - Removable Split-Shot Sinker Assortment. 02200-001 - Split-Shot, Egg, Pinch-On Worm Weight, Bait Casting Sinker Asssortment. 02180-006 - Rubber Twist-Lock Sinker Assortment. 02200-001 - Split-Shot, Egg, Pinch-On, Worm Weight, Bait Casting Sinker Assortment.
Rapala Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife Set
Rapala® Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife makes even the toughest filleting chores a quick and easy task. Two removable rechargeable battery packs provide an ample power source to complete the job. Charger base allows charging of one battery to a full charge in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Both a 6" and 7-1/2" reciprocating style blades are included. The whole set packs neatly into a compact carrying case so you can bring the ease of filleting everywhere. Premium motor will provide years of service. Case: Blow Molded Plastic. Blades: Stainless Steel.
Super Glue Gel
$2.49 - $3.59
Super easy, super fast, bonds in seconds. Gel formula won't drip or run. 2 gram tube.
Maps Unique Maps
Detailed bathymetric bottom contour maps. Data includes numerous live bottoms, artificial reefs, wrecks, ledges, and other underwater features. Numbered sites include descriptions and coordinates. Maps are available in Near-Shore Series or Offshore Series. Both series are printed 6 colors, laminated and are foldable to various sizes. Offshore Series measures 27" X 34" (foldable to 11" X 27" or 11" X 13½") and covers past 100 fathoms. Near-Shore Series measures 17" X 24" (foldable to 8½" X 12") and covers approx. 30-40 miles offshore. 1360-0050, 0051, 0052, 0053, & 0054
Calcutta Circle Live Bait Rigs
$4.49 - $4.69
Whetheryou're fishing a stream, stalking the flats, working the surf or trolling the oceans , Calcutta fishing products are developed by avid fishermann to perform in any condition. 2 pack.
Lindy Floating Snells
For off-bottom or suspended walleyes. Move the adjustable high-vis float up or down the snell to hold bait off the bottom and keep bait visible above weeds, rocks and bottom debris. Carded.
Little Joe Walleye Spinners
1 Per bag, 6 per card.
Little Joe Crawler Harness
1 Per bag, 6 per strip card.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp®
$1.89 - $2.39
L917,L918, & L919 features a clear monofilament line attached to a 3-way swivel and a dual lock snap for attaching a weight. The snell consist of a 1 ½ cigar peg float with the line running through the float and is pegged to the line just above the hook. L920 features a 66"-58lb. clear monofilament line attached to a heavy black swivel. The terminal end features a Lazer Sharp platinum black octopus L226BP hook. L921 Features a 26"-47lb. clear monofilament line attached to a black swivel. Attached to the main line are two 2½" leader with two of the Lazer Sharp platinum black baitholder L181BP hook. L922 Features a 38"-48lb. clear monofilament line. The terminal end of the rig has a 2 2/3" cigar float attached to the line just above the Lazer Sharp gold baitholder hook. L923 Features a 38"-48lb. clear monofilament line attached to a black swivel with a sinker slider attached to a clip for attaching a weight. The terminal end features a Lazer Sharp® platinum black octopus L116mg hook.
Atlas Bait Sac Floaters
Used especially to tie egg or bait sacs. Replaces 25% of bait with floaters. Keeps bait off the bottom. 300 per bag.
Atlas Spawn Nets
$3.89 - $5.39
Soft nylon netting for cluster or single egg spawn sacs. Single eggs, clusters, cheese, liver, etc. Makes up to 40 average-size sacs. Available in nylon rolls and 4" squares.
Plastilite Bank Rod Holder
A great tool to use to keep your rod steady on the bank while fishing.
Plastilite Doc's Kwik Fast Bobber Stop
Simply slide up and down line for desired depth.
Plastilite Fillable Spinning Bubble
1" clear plastic spinning bubble. Pull apart to fill - snaps together. No plug to lose. Streamlined pear-shaped for easy casting.
Plastilite Spring Stick Floats
White with fluorescent red/orange oval floats.
Mike's Lunker Lotion
Concentrated scents, neon colors and sticky formula make this a special fish attractant. Keeps scent on lures and baits longer. Apply directly to any lure or bait to increase effectiveness. 4 ounce bottle.
Mike's Glo Scent Bait Oils
Effectively masks out human odors and the same time adds appealing, attracting scents to entice fish. Especially effective on trout, salmon, rainbow, steelhead, panfish and other fresh and saltwater game fish. Works great on artificial lures and live bait.
Pacific Catch Halibut Rigs
Tied with 20 lb. test premium monofilament, this popular rig features two low-visibility black crane swivels, two fluorescent attractor beads and a black snap swivel for quick and easy sinker attachment. Offered in two hook styles: Bronze live-bait hooks and 3x strong treble hooks.
Down East Clam Rakes
$54.99 - $79.99
5' clam scratch rakes. 4, 6 or 10 round teeth and a 60" varnished wood handle. Available with or without basket.
Hayabusa S-510E
Saba-Aurora Sabiki. Ultra one-touch fishing set. 6 hook set. Available in hook size 6 and 8. Silver. 4' 8" leader.
Ardent Saltwater 3-Pack
Includes Reel Butter, Reel Grease & Reel Kleen.
Challenge Bait Lagoon Bucket
Foam inserts to ensure proper flotation. Fits inside a 5 gallon bucket.
Ardent Line Butter Conditioner
Conditions all types of lines. Improves casting distance. Minimizes memory and twist. Protects from UV light. Reduces backlash.
Hayabusa S-650E
Hage-Aurora Sabiki Fluorocarbon.
Fin Strike Stainless Steel Split Rings
These stainless steel split rings are ideal for connecting hooks to all sizes of lures. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, they are quick to spring-back after opening.