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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Aqua Clear Hi/Lo Fluke/Flounder /Trout/Croaker
$3.59 - $6.19
All clear and tangle free ready rigs. Black swivel. 22" long. Clear shot molded component , fish can't see them. Lower upper component. Great fishing Sea Trout, Croaker, Fluke and surf fishing.
Eagle Claw Wooden Trout Net
Features rubberized netting and lanyard.
Keepalive 20 Gallon Nite Glo
This Patented Night Fishing Bait Tank will keep a dull glow all night. Bait can be retrieved without the bright lights that spook bait. To charge, leave in sunlight during the day, or charge with spotlight. 18.5"w x 18"h Tank, KA460 Oxygen Infusor, Drain, Black Handles, Air Control Center, Hold-Down Plate For KeepAlive, 13" Hinged Lid with Twist Lock.
Sea Striker Standard Bottom Rigs
$2.29 - $34.50
Old Dominion-style wire bottom rig.
Sea Striker Economy Shark Rig
Model SSSRE is our economy shark rig for the smaller and mid-size fish. The 480 lb. test, 9' cable is attached to the 9/0 hook. Double sleeved with Micro-press crimps. Complete with instructions and shark information.
Hayabusa S-550E
Glow Fish Skin Sabiki. 6 hook set. Available in hook size 4, 6, 8, and 10.
Al's Goldfish Fly Line Eyelets
Eliminates knot in flyline where leader is tied. No splash when line hits water. Soft, smooth easier casting. Line does not catch when pulled through guides.
Billfisher Rigging Wire
$4.99 - $7.09
Soft copper wire is ideal for sewing bait or rigging ballyhoo. 50 pieces of 9" wire in a plastic tube. Tubes are packed individually in a hang-up poly bag with header card.
Plastilite Extra-Strength
$2.99 - $94.50
Water weightable. Clear styrene spinning float.
EGO Landing Net
$43.99 - $79.99
The innovative EGO Landing Net series has been designed to meet the broad spectrum of fishing demands driven by varied fish species, sizes, angler purpose and preferred fishing styles. EGO nets are setting a new standard in what a fisherman should expect in functionality, design and value. Floats. Innovative grip design. Unique scoop design. Non-tangle/hook free nylon mesh. Anodize octagonal aluminum handle. Product weight: 2.5lbs. Industry leading strength-to-weight ratio. Black with scoop net.
Frabill Leech Bag
Ideal for short term storage and transport of leeches. Fresh water flows easily through the mesh bag, keeping leeches lively throughout the day. The all-important hook and loop closures seal off escape routes from these skilled contortionists. Dual tabs make opening fast and simple.
Billfisher Hand Crimper
$19.99 - $43.99
Four-position tool crimps wire and mono from 50 lb. to 450 lb. test. Complete with hardened side cutter. The perfect tools for a professional crimp on Sea Striker® double sleeves. The Deluxe models feature special heat treated satin finish jaws and chrome handles for maximum corrosion resistance. Clam-packed individually.
Rapala Line Release
Automatic line release releases line when fish strikes. Included tackle box guide is the perfect companion to show Rapala lure trolling depths.
Sea Striker Interlock Snap Swivels
$27.48 - $71.88
An interlock snap connected to a barrel swivel. 12 pack.
Challenge Fish Scaler
This angler's tool features a specially designed and molded end for scaling fish.
Super Lube Sportsman's Kit
For the all purpose sportsman. Clear, clean and odorless. Excellent low temperature performance. Kit contains a precision oiler, 1/2 ounce of grease, wipe cloth and three foam swabs.
Church Tackle TX-6 Magnum Mini Planer Boards
Adjustable flex clip. Spring-loaded retaining pin allows for fast and easy removal. Fluorescent red.Made of foam filled plastic for flotation.
Mr.Crappie Crappie Rig
The design allows anglers to use one complete rig to tight line troll, spider rig, slow troll or vertical fishing techniques. Easy and quick to use. Designed to catch fish two at a time.
Hypark Mino-Mizer
Keeps bait fresh for 70 to 80 hours on one standard 6-volt battery. Salt or freshwater, 6 or 12-volt with converter. Cools and aerates.
Sea Striker Sinker Slide With Links
$15.48 - $64.99
High impact nylon sinker slide. Complete with an American made #14 Luxon connecting link for easy opening. 0029-1080 & 0029-2352
EGO S2 Slider Large Deep Rubber Net
Features 24" deep lightweight rubber bag with a 19" x 21 hoop, and a S2 Slider telescopic handle that extends 29" to 60".
Promar Umbrella Dip Net
A great bait catching dip net. Features strong Ace Nylon netting on a galvanized steel frame. For easy operation, its spring-loaded frame pops the net open for use and folds completely in one quick step. Specially designed hemmed edges insure your catch will stay in the net. Complete with 25 ft. rope.
Sea Striker Striper Hi-Lo Rigs
$2.59 - $2.79
Striper hi-lo clam rigs tied with two bronze baitholder hooks and a crane barrel swivel.
Calcutta Hook Remover
$24.99 - $26.99
Hook Removers feature 420 stainless steel tube and plunger, non-slip molded handles for a firm grip, spring loaded plunger for ease of use, and a wrist lanyard for security.
Frabill Bait Quarters Floating Bait Wells
$64.99 - $84.99
Tie a Bait Quarters to your dock or boat slip; its special design allows the top of the container to float for easier access. The bottom of the net is specially weighted so it sinks yet maintain it's circular shape even in current. Special Velcro latched lid design keeps pesky birds out and bait secure. Soft 3/8" white nylon mesh netting is fish friendly, yet strong, and will not rough up fish like traditional wire or metal boxes. Made of non-corrosive materials. Bait Quarters collapse down for easy storage. Ideal for fresh or saltwater use.
Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings
Heavy duty split rings, ideal for connecting hooks to all sizes of lures. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, they are quick to "spring-back" after opening. Available in black chrome and stainless colors.
Sea Striker Grouper Rig
$5.59 - $7.39
Made with Mustad 39960-13/0 circle hooks, 150 lb. mono and double sleeves. All rigs have 2/0 Billfisher swivel.
Baker Scissor 'N Forceps
These multi-purpose 6 ½" Scissor / Forceps work great for hook removal, weight crimping and de-barbing hooks. Made of saltwater resistant stainless steel this tool offers three locking positions to maximize leverage. Plus, Scissor / Forceps are sized to easily fit in tackle boxes or fly vests.
Church Tackle The Walleye Board
Designed so the board can be removed with one hand. Spring-loaded retaining pin holds the line in a groove at the rear of the board. Adjustable keel weight keeps the nose of the board tracking in the water even when using deep diving plugs or heavy weights. Absorbs no water. Made in USA of non-corrosive materials suitable for saltwater use. Fluorescent Red.
Luhr Jensen
20 square inches of high-attracting adhesive panels in the color of your choice. Individual strips are 2" X 5". Adds additional flash and impact to wobblers, spinners, troll blades, flashers, and dodgers. Adhesives are waterproof and stick tight.
Texas Tackle Split-Ring Pliers
$18.99 - $20.99
These are the split ring pliers that Salt Water Sportsman Magazine called the "World's Best Split-Ring Pliers." Surgical stainless steel for corrosion resistance and dependable long life.
Off Shore Or-10 Planer Board Release
Half the size of our standard release to cut down on weight and drag. Unique design employs a sliding spring, giving a choice of tensions. Comes with a split ring and quick clip for use with in-line or standard planer boards. Bright yellow for visibility.
Sea Striker Crab Trap Line
48 foot crab line.
Comal Round Snap-On Floats
Red Snap On/Off 3"
Billfisher Aluminum & Super Single
$3.29 - $11.99
Highest quality single sleeves.
Eagle Claw Rod Tip Repair Kits
$9.79 - $10.49
Kits includes rod tips and rod cement.
K&E Bobber Speed Stop
A must for slip float fishing. Passes through open or closed face reels. Made of nylon, won't cut line. Adjusts by sliding up or down line - stays where you put it without knots.
Ahi Sabiki Rigs
$2.59 - $3.09
Ahi USA Sabiki Rigs are produced with only the highest quality components. All Ahi USA Sabiki Rigs include Ball Bearing and Crane Swivels designed to minimize line kinks and twist. Equipped with sharp high quality hooks, hand tied to super strong NYLON CHIP leader material, these rigs are enhanced with green glow and red flash beads. We have a selection of the most popular sizes and styles.
Storm Accessories
Consisting of adhesive-backed, pliable decals - called SuspenDots? and SuspenStrips? - this system instantly transforms a Storm ThunderStick® or any diving/floating lure into a super productive suspending lure.
Calcutta King Rigs
Let Calcutta take care of all of your king fish rig needs and spend more time fishing. The rigs are made from quality single strand wire and hooks and come in several sizes.
Sea Striker Spot & Kingfish Rig
Excellent spot or kingfish rig tied with 40 lb. DuPont® mono with one fluorescent red and one fluorescent yellow 1" float with long shank #6 nickel hooks, nickel barrel swivel at one end and mono loop for lead at other end. Made in USA. Individually packaged.
EGO S2 Slider Kayak Net
Features 16" PVC bag with 17" x 19" hoop and S2 Slider handle that extends 18-36".
Billfisher Loop Protectors
Spring-type chafing protectors.(10 Pack)
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Spiral Spring For Soft Plastics
Lazer Sharp Spiral Spring for Soft Plastics
Flambeau Insulated Minnow Bucket
Our Insulated 8 Quart Minnow Bucket has a lid with a hinge open top for easy access, with areated holes on top and aerator clip. Comes with a black plastic handle for easy carrying, and a 1 inch foam insulated wall to keep your bait cool and fresh.
Billfisher Coastlock Snap Swivels
$389.99 - $579.99
Black swivel with black finish stainless steel wire snap. Completely rustproof.
Team Catfish Sinker Slides
Sinker slides are the handiest little catfishing gizmos you can find anywhere. Imagine being able to change sinker sizes or take the sinkers off your poles whenever you want to without cutting your line. We have the solution and its a real time saver. The Sinker Slide. These great products also allow you to fish a slip sinker rig with a super slick slide that your line travels through.
Luna Sea Cush-It Floating Rod Butt Cushion
$12.95 - $31.99
The "Cush-it" grips on any rod handle making it easy to pass the rod from one angler to another. The ultra-tough "Cush-it" protects the angler as well as the boat. What a great way to keep your boat free from dings and your anglers free from bruises!
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Bait Rigs
$14.34 - $17.94
Lazer Sharp® hooks. The 12-lb. main line comes with a nickel barrel swivel at one end and a barrel swivel with safety snap at the other. Make your fishing experience even better with this easy-to-use, "pull-from-the-package" rig.
Carlson Fishin' Glue
$5.59 - $7.99
1/3 oz. Bottle of Specialized Low-Viscosity Fishing Adhesive. Waterproof & Scentless. Thousands of Uses Strengthens knots on all types of fishing lines Holds soft plastic baits, trailers on hooks & jigs Repairs cracked rods, loose guides and broken lures instantly No waiting, cures in 2 - 5 seconds on most materials Hunters - secure knots on decoy lines and repair arrow fletching
Berkley Ball Bearing Cross-Lok® Snap Swivels
Wire-over-wire locking snap with smooth, rotating ball-bearing swivel. Matte black finish.
Billfisher Cable Cutter
Hardened steel jaws cut stainless steel 7 x 7 cable with ease. Handles feature vinyl grips and can be locked in the closed position to protect the cutter when not in use.
Ranger Collapsible Net
Features telescopic handle that expanse, 29-45" in length, 20" x 20" hoop size and 24" net depth.
Mertens Eyebuster
Removes paint from jig eye.
Sea Striker Haddock Rigs
Features 4/0 nickel wide gap hooks, perfect for a haddockbite, includes a stainless sinker release.
Black Marine Hook & Rig Holder
This tough non-corrosive, non-rotting, plastic material will shed water; helping to prevent rust..keeping hooks sharp and within easy reach.
Eagle Claw Steel Leader W/Ball Bearing Interlock
For freshwater and saltwater use. Built to be tough, durable, and functional. 3 pack.
Eagle Claw Surgical Pliers With Scissors
TheEagle Claw Surgical Pliers W/Scissors was designed to be the most suitable companion to any fishing expedition. Featuring some of the most enduring materials available, theEagle Claw Surgical Pliers W/Scissors is the perfect way to make sure you have a productive day on the water. If you're a professional or beginner fisherman looking to be sure you are using some of the finest products the sport fishing marketplace is offering, then you will want theEagle Claw Surgical Pliers W/Scissors
Raw Accessories USA Bait Bucket
Digital Blue Camo Bait Bucket from Raw Accessories USA is lined and insulated with PolarBasics? insulator, and comes with a padded carrying strap