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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Thill Pro Series Floats
$2.69 - $48.42
Slip bobbers are the ultimate for fishing live bait at various depths. Just a quick adjustment of the bobber stop puts the bait where you want it. A slick brass grommet insert allows line to easily slip through these premium balsa wood floats. Available in Unweighted & Weighted. Weighted bobbers are ready to fish.
Carlson Wing-It®
Use as slip or fixed float. Patented wing design results in less water resistance..virtually undetectable by light biting fish. More sensitive than round bodied floats. High-visibility design for increased bite detection. Durable construction lasts much longer than balsa floats. Available in three sizes; four color patterns.
Thill Slip Bobbers
Simple and easy to use. Just slip the tie off float shaft and onto line at desired fishing depth, pull tight, and clip ends. No springs or beads to fumble with or lose.
EGO Rubber Mesh Landing Nets
Ego Landing Net Features: Rubber Coated Nylon Mesh Floats Innovative Grip Design Industry Leading Strength-to-Weight Ratio Handle Design- Octagonal extruded aluminum with black anodized finish- Reinforced to provide superior strength. Hoop Design- Extruded Alimunum with a black anodized finish- Unique scoop design aids in landing fish. Grip Design-Functional grip aids in net control-Eliminates bulk yoke assemblies-Eliminates sharp edges/ angles- Protects mono line from being frayed or cut. Mesh Design- Non-tangle, Hook Free UV Resistant nylon mesh- lightweight with minimal water drag.
Keepalive Oxygen Hoses
$3.39 - $5.59
Internally ribbed hose to prevent kinking with hose covers for hose barbs at each end.
Keepalive Oxygen Cylinders
$149.99 - $174.99
Cylinder dimensions do not include the valve. Cylinders have a white coat of baked on bonded powder paint.
Keepalive Parallel Mounting Oxygen Regulator
Quality craftsmanship and materials make this product a must have for any fisherman.
Rod-Runner Express Fishing Rod Caddy
Introducing the latest in fishing rod transportation. Whether you're fishing bridges, beaches, or boats; inshore or offshore, freshwater or saltwater. Now you can go fishing faster and stay fishing longer with the rod-runner Protect & respect your fishing rods with a rod-runner Carry up to 3 fishing rods in 1 hand -great for trucks, SUV's, even compact cars. Wash down & rig secured rods quickly. Interchangeable rod holders for light or heavy tackle. Compact & durable ABS with UV inhibitors
Shur Strike Striped Bass Rig
$1.59 - $2.39
Rigs tied with a sinker slide in conjunction witha crane barrel swivel and snap.
Sea Striker Pompano Rigs
$1.79 - $22.68
Tied on 25 lb. mono with gold Kahle-style hooks highlighted with a fluorescent red bead, a black swivel at the top and black sinker at the bottom. Individually packaged.
KROK Swivels
$4.09 - $30.99
All stainless steel construction. At least three times the breaking strength of the standard series. Compact, nearly half the size of standard swivels.
Sea Striker Mullet Rigs
Features size 2/0 hooks.
Sea Striker Interlock Snap Swivels
$27.48 - $71.88
An interlock snap connected to a barrel swivel. 12 pack.
Sea Striker Long Nose Pliers
$6.29 - $7.69
Available in a 6" or 8" model. Steel plated or stainless steel models. Individually skin packed on a display card.
Sea Striker Live Bait Float
Large pear shaped foam float, ideal for fishing live bait. The red and white float is four inches long.
Sea Striker Leader Wheels
$3.19 - $3.49
Leader wheels are the ideal way to roll leaders up for storage. Ridges in the center make it easy to secure your rig at any point on the wheel. The plastic wheels are available in 4" or 6" diameters.
Sea Striker Flounder Spinner Rig
The F2 Flounder Rig is made with 22" of nylon-coated Sealon® wire, a size 4 3-way swivel and size 14 Luxon connecting link. The rig is dressed with five size 8 red beads, a 4 nickel blade, and a 3 snap. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker Float Rig
This float rig is made from 72" of 80 lb. nylon-coated black Sealon® wire. It has a 5" red and white foam float. The bait hook is plated 8/0 size. The trailer treble hook is a 7794B-2/0 Mustad®. Used for floating or drifting live bait for king mackerel, amberjack, shark, etc. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker Egg Flounder Rigs
$32.28 - $33.48
Egg flounder rigs are made with 25" of 40 lb. test mono rigged with a sliding egg sinker. The bottom is dressed with a #4 nickel blade, four #8 red beads and a #3 nickel snap.
Sea Striker Egg Ready Rigs With Hook
$3.09 - $31.08
All rigs are constructed with 45 lb. nylon coated wire.
Sea Striker Economy Shark Rig
Model SSSRE is our economy shark rig for the smaller and mid-size fish. The 480 lb. test, 9' cable is attached to the 9/0 hook. Double sleeved with Micro-press crimps. Complete with instructions and shark information.
Sea Striker F2 Flounder Rigs
$4.89 - $4.99
Pro series fluke/flounder rings. Hooks are size 2/0 nickel plated wide gap tied with nylon or mylar dressing.
Sea Striker Fast Snaps
$5.19 - $6.49
These stainless steel fast snaps can be used in place of lock snaps or snap swivels. The unique design allows for quick attachment of your rig or lure and can also be used with a swivel. These are also known as fast links or spin links.
Sea Striker Hardwood Handle Gaffs
$17.99 - $23.99
Features stainless steel hook.
Sea Striker Hand Gaffs
$38.99 - $42.99
The hook is made from the strongest quality stainless steel available. Each hook is hand sharpened with a knife edge point.
Sea Striker Heavy-Duty Umbrella Rig
Heavy duty, 24 oz. lead with 10" arms (20" from swivel to swivel).
Sea Striker Heavy-Duty Mono Rigs
$11.88 - $26.28
Heavy-duty mono rigs. 3-color (blue, clear, red) mono 2 drop rigs.
Sea Striker High Speed Planer Kit
Kit includes HS8 planer, planer cord, duo-loc snap attachment, rubber band, leader wheel, and storage bag. The "Poor Man's Downrigger" allows you to troll lures deep, but releases when fish strikes.
Sea Striker Grouper Rigs
$5.39 - $7.09
The Grouper Rig is made on 30" of 150 lb. test monofilament. It utilizes a plated 8/0 heavy hook, a 2/0 Sea Striker® swivel and an egg sinker with beads on each end. All rigs are crimped with Micro-press sleeves.
Sea Striker Grouper Rig
$5.59 - $7.39
Made with Mustad 39960-13/0 circle hooks, 150 lb. mono and double sleeves. All rigs have 2/0 Billfisher swivel.
Sea Striker 3-Way Swivel With Snap
Size #1, 3-way swivel with #5 duo-loc snap attached. Black-plated. 3 pieces per bag.
Sea Striker 6
$7.39 - $8.39
Foam floats, ideal for shark fishing or other large game fish. The two-tone red and white. Packed plastic bag.
Sea Striker Billfisher®
Design your own rig with this heavy-duty spreader bar. Constructed with a high-grade stainless rod and six 2/0 nickel-plated sleeve swivels.
Sea Striker Bead Gulf Rigs
$35.64 - $60.84
One or two drop with bead. Monofilament or Steelon®.
Sea Striker Connecting Links
$41.99 - $52.68
American made. Luxon nickel-plated. Packed in vinyl reclosable bag with hang-up header. 12 per bag.
Sea Striker Croaker Rigs
#2 Nickel plated bait holder hooks. Also good for spots, pompano, kingfish, whiting and other small game fish.
Sea Striker Duo-Loc Snaps
$3.99 - $51.48
Strong stainless steel. Packed in vinyl tuck bag with hang up header.
Sea Striker Double Drop Bluefish Rig
Double drop bluefish rig tied with 40 lb. mono. Uses #5 swivels, #3 snaps and a Luxon connecting link for the sinker. Uses one fluorescent red and one fluorescent yellow, 3/4" tear drop shape, hard foam float.
Sea Striker Deluxe Shark Rig
Made with 9' of 480 lb. test stainless steel cable. Attached to the cable is 4' of solid stainless steel wire the solid wire will slip between the shark's teeth. This deluxe rig has an extra heavy 7731-12/0 Mustad® hook. All ends have double Micro-press sleeves.
Sea Striker Tri Beads
Often used as attractors or hook spacers on offshore lures. Packed in vinyl bag with reclosable flap. 50 Pack.
Sea Striker Titanium Spreader Bar
Titanium bar is rigged with a custom drilled "heavy swivel" in the center and stainless steel swivels on both ends. The titanium bar is 30" wide and allows for three drop lines.
Sea Striker Poppin-Float Rigs
$49.08 - $59.88
Rigged with 40 lb. mono or 60 lb. Sealon® coated wire. Complete with egg sinker and beads.
Sea Striker Quik Slide Sinker Slides
$4.99 - $5.19
These great products also allow you to fish a slip sinker rig with a super slick slide that your line travels through. Fish will never feel your line traveling through the slide until you whack him in the jaw. These are a must have for all catfish and surf anglers.
Sea Striker Redfish Rig
A deluxe redfish rig made with a #1 3-way swivel and sinker connected to a 3/0 stainless steel Mustad® hook, 60 lb. mono and a 2" fluorescent red float. Made in USA. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker Rattle Float Rig
For use with live bait or jigs as a visual or audible attractor. The rig is equipped with 4 noisemaking beads and inter-locking snap to make lure changing easy.
Sea Striker Snapper Popper Rig
Has a weighted popping 3" red/white float with a #6 hook dressed with natural color tubing. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker Snapper Rig
$5.69 - $7.39
Features a 39960-10/0 Mustad circle hook, 150 lb. mono and double sleeves for superior holding.
Sea Striker Sinker Slide
$13.49 - $59.99
High impact sinker slide. Keeps the fish from feeling the weight of the sinker. 1000 per bag.
Sea Striker Sinker Slide With Links
$15.48 - $64.99
High impact nylon sinker slide. Complete with an American made #14 Luxon connecting link for easy opening. 0029-1080 & 0029-2352
Sea Striker Sinker Slide With Snap
$2.49 - $54.99
Black Sinker Slide with Duo-loc snap. 0029-1000 & 0029-2353
Sea Striker Striper Hi-Lo Rigs
$2.59 - $2.79
Striper hi-lo clam rigs tied with two bronze baitholder hooks and a crane barrel swivel.