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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Yellow Bird 8
The original side surface planer. Enclosed back. Adjustable weight. Durable ABS plastic. Two XL pinch pad releases. Includes Tattle Flag System. 8" x 3"
Yellow Bird Big Bird Planers
Large planer board.
Yellow Bird Prescott Spinner Rigs
$5.89 - $6.39
Original Prescott spinners. 6" leader.
Yellow Bird Prescott Strip-On Rig
$5.89 - $6.39
The Prescott Strip-On Spinner is still one of the deadliest rigs ever designed for presenting live or dead bait. The spinners are great rigs for live or dead minnows, night crawlers or leeches. Originally introduced in 1893, Prescott Spinners have caught millions of fish for many generations of anglers.
Worth Packaged Split Rings
$4.59 - $5.79
Nickel steel. Clam packaged. 15 split rings per clam pack.
Worth Split Ring Plier With Rings
Pliers feature a comfortable handle with durable zinc plating. Rings are 25% stronger than stainless steel with extra durable zinc coating.
No Image
$8.69 - $11.49
Wordens Spin-N-Glo Walleye Rigs
The original winged drift bobber Worden's Spin-N-Glo has been a favorite of anglers for decades. Available with soft plastic wings or stiffer mylar wings, the Spin-N-Glo spins in the slightest of currents adding flotation and motion to any fishing rig. The buoyant Spin-N-Glo floats bait right where walleyes, steelhead, salmon and trout feed. In salt water it is a great addition for fluke flounder and other fish. The versatile Spin-N-Glo comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is available already rigged or in bulk bodies. Now comes in hot new color combinations including colored wings. The new wing colors, in combination with the coordinated body colors, give anglers a whole new look to their salmon and steelhead drift rigs, walleye worm harness rigs and more.
Wordens Spin-N-Glo®
Rigged with two Lil' Corkies and a Spin-N-Glo, Worden's Walleye Delight is the ultimate in walleye rigs[114}color, flotation, motion all in one. Add weight and your favorite walleye bait and the Walleye Delight is ready to fish.
Winn Grips Polymer Rod Grip Overwraps
$9.99 - $18.99
Non-Slip Polymer Technology - Use as an Overwrap or as the Sole Grip of the Fishing Rod. Fishing Rod Wraps are designed to use either as an Overwrap on existing Rod Grips or as the Sole Grip of the Fishing Rod (i.e. Jig Sticks used on the West Coast).
Windels Muskie/Pike Leaders
$3.69 - $9.99
12" ball bearing or crane swivel leader.
No Image
$43.99 - $74.99
Wild River Plier Holder With Retractable Lanyard
Heavy-duty fabric, binding and stitching for durability.Our Wild River Plier Holder comes with a retractable steel cable lanyard and heavy-duty metal belt clip. It has a hook-and-loop web strap to secure your pliers that's designed for easy one hand operation. This holder allows you to store your pliers and clippers on your bag or on your belt so they'll always be close at hand.
Water Gremlin Bull*Shot?
$21.48 - $25.08
Add a little weedless weight to your line with the Water Gremlin Bull-Shot Sinker Selector, a 57-piece collection of squeezably soft lead sinkers. Ideal for finesse fishing or split shottin', Bull-Shot is easy to use and as weedless as any slip sinker. Each Bull-Shot Sinker has an S-curved jaw that grips the line without damaging it. Squeeze each sinker on with your fingers and pry it open with your thumbnailno tool or teeth required. Includes multiples of 5 sizes packed in a reusable container. Made in USA.
Water Gremlin Bull*Shot?
Packaged: 1/2 Doz. Inside Pack Contents: 24 BS-1; 12BS-2; 8 BS-3; 7 BS-4; 6 BS-5.
Water Gremlin Dipsey Swivel Sinkers
$22.68 - $37.08
Has the ability to swivel on the looped brass wire. Commonly used for trolling or bottom fishing with live bait. Keep sinker 2-3 feet above bait. Very good for three line hook-up.
Water Gremlin Egg Sinkers
$9.79 - $27.48
Our oblong shaped Egg Sinker slips easily through weeds and rocks without getting constantly hung up. The large, smooth hole in the center allows for uninterrupted movement of the line, without the fish being able to detect the weight of the sinker.
Water Gremlin Gremlin Green Removable Split Shot Sinkers
Environmentally-friendly unleaded fishing sinkers. Made from tin. Contains no lead. Zip-Lip pack.
Water Gremlin Gremlin Green® Removable Split Shot Selector?
Environmentally friendly unleaded fishing sinkers. Made from tin. Contains no lead. Contents include 28-BB * 20-3/0 * 8-7 * 6-5 * Total contents: 62.
Water Gremlin Low Profile? Slip Sinkers
$21.48 - $25.08
So tough they won't dent up when banged on the rocks. The perfectly rounded hole stays round with no jagged edges, so it doesn't fray your line. Low Profile? is uniquely designed for going after hard-to-get-at bass. The Gremlin's Low Profile? allows your rig to sneak through weeds, moss and brush, minimizing tangles and hands-ups.
Water Gremlin Round Split Shot Sinkers
$21.48 - $25.08
The soft lead with controlled hinge tightly grips even the finest line without damaging it. Squeeze on with your fingers, pry open with thumbnail. Often used when snagging in weeds is a problem.