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Crabbing Nets & Supplies

Promar Mesh Dive/Game Bag
These dive/game bags feature all non-corrosive materials such as PVC coated stainless steel and treated Ace Nylon mesh. Works great for securing your catch or as a chum bag.
Foxy-Mate Crab Trap
$13.49 - $16.49
Catch more crabs with the easier-to-assemble FOXY-MATE. Its patented low-profile design and lower center of gravity, trap lowers into the water without toppling over. Sides close faster, too. Folds flat to take up a minimal amount of space in boat or storage area. Includes four cable ties to secure the top to the upright and a large reusable cable tie bait holder. Made of fully galvanized wire; line included. Individually packaged in illustrated, sealed plastic bag.
Tackle Factory Wire Mesh Crab Net
$26.99 - $263.94
A green poly net prevents the crab from getting tangled. Heavy duty galvanized hoop features the patented EVERLOCK II. 1" diameter embossed aluminum handle.
Down East Clam Rakes
$54.99 - $79.99
5' clam scratch rakes. 4, 6 or 10 round teeth and a 60" varnished wood handle. Available with or without basket.
Foxy-Mate Topless Foxy-Mate Crab Trap
A new member of the FOXY-MATE/Franklin family. Open at the top with tapered sides to allow easy stacking. Comes fully assembled and ready to use. Heavy duty galvanized wire and special rugged line. Spring Bait Holder Included. 10" high, 14" diagonal bottom.
Promar NE-48B 48 Ft Crab Trap Line
Nylon Crab Line great for securing crab traps, rings, or pots. 48 Ft Length, Black
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Aluminum Florida Lobster & Crab Gauge is ideally suited for Florida lobster and crab species. Each person engaging in the activity of hooping or hoop netting is required to have a gauge on their person.
Gee's Keep Traps Closed
EZ open is an accessorie to keep your minnow trap closed.
Sea Striker Crab Trap Line
48 foot crab line.
Sea Striker Crab Throw Line
This 25 foot crab line has a weighted stainless steel bait wire.
Eagle Claw 6
Round tines. Two piece handle for easy storage.
Franklin Telescopic Handle Crab Net
Telescopic handle version of King Crabber Net. Extends from 75" to 144". 13" hoop.
Eagle Claw Clam Rake Baskets
Clamming is great fun, easy to do and has delicious results. Handle and teeth are coated with a corrosion-resistant finish.
Cumings Aluminum Crab Net
Aluminum handle and bow. Lightweight for continuous use. 1 1/4" polyethylene netting. 13 1/2" X 14" bow size. 16" net depth. 10', 2-piece handle.
Promar Scallop Kit
Get started harvesting scallops with the Promar Scallop Kit, which includes a bait net, chum bag and gloves to protect your hands. Use for scallop harvesting. Includes a bait net, chum bag and gloves.
Promar Pro Lobster Dive Kit
Includes lobster bully net, game bag, aluminum tickle stick. Florida measuring guage. Puncture resistant latex palmed grip gloves.
Promar Lobster Dive Kit
All in one lobster kit is ideal for divers. Kit includes Florida measuring gauge, puncture resistant handling gloves, bully (catch) net, and mesh game bag.
Promar 6 Loop Crab Snare
Catching crabs with rod and reel is loads of fun with Promar's Crab Snares. Designed with 6 soft monofilament loops, allowing snares to close with less effort than other snares with more rigid heavy monofilament. Vinyl coated bait cage for durability.
Promar Star Crab Trap
It takes passion, patience and the right tools to capture and handle delectible crustaceans. The Star Crab Trap is a durable, pyramid-style crab trap that has a fully collapsible design and is constructed of high-grade wire and sealed with a protective coating. Comes with draw-up cords. 1" x 2" mesh sides. 1" square mesh bottom.
Promar LN-855 5 Ft Wood Handle
5 Ft Wood Handle Dip Nets are great for scooping up crabs, minnows, smelt, shrimp, squid, and other small species. Net comes with a sturdy 14" wire frame and fine nylon mesh netting, ideally suited for baitfish and shrimp.
Promar NE-111C Fun Color Cotton
Liven up your crabbing assortment with these fun bright colored Crab Drop Nets. Thes eye catching nets come in 3 bright neon colors which brighten up displays and are sure to creat a draw. A great product for the entire family. Available in Blue, Pink, and Neon Green. 18" Top Ring, 10" Bottom Ring.
Joy Fish Floats
Extra buoyant floats
Promar NE-48C 48 Ft Crab Trap Line
Nylon Crab Line great for securing crab traps, rings, or pots. 48 Ft Length, High Visibility Chartreuse
Promar Cotton Crab/Crawfish Net
This dual ring cotton net is ideal for catching crawfish and crabs.
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