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Electric Fillet Knives & Access

Mister Twister MT-1201
$15.99 - $41.99
30% more power. 50% more cutting torque. Heavy-duty gears and bearings. Relaxed hand design.
Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife
Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife produces 80 continuous minutes of runtime without any loss of power. Lithium Ion batteries provide a consistent speed and torque from fillet to fillet, without reduced power or slow down as battery power wains. Quick charge time, a full 80 minute runtime charge takes less than 2 hours. Low "memory" effect increases the number of charge/discharge cycles for longer battery life. Advanced air flow design keeps quiet, high torque motor running smoothly for years. Relaxed grip body ensures comfort and secure grip while 7 reciprocating blades make fast work of any filleting task. Includes 110V AC battery charger.
Rapala HDEFACSC Heavy Duty Electric
Rapala HDEFACSC Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife combo, includes electric fillet knife, 6" and 7-1/2" blades, fillet fork, padded carry case and 8 Ft AC power cord
Rapala Replacement Blade
$12.49 - $13.99
The blades that ship with Rapala® Electric Fillet Knives are designed to last the life of the knife. However, on occasion a blade may get lost or damaged from misuse, so Rapala® offers replacement blades. Works with all models of Rapala Electric Fillet Knives.
Berkley 8
8" stainless steel blade resists corrosion. Standard size fits most electric knives.
Rapala Electric Fillet Knife Set
The perfect electric fillet for the cabin or home, this wall-powered Fillet Knife Set features an advanced air flow design motor, 6" and 7-1/2" reciprocating blades with an 18 foot 110V power cord in a travel case. Relaxed grip body is ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue during even the biggest fillet marathons. Case: Blow Molded Plastic. Blades: Stainless Steel.
Mister Twister EZ-Scaler
Cleaning fish can be a chore, but Mister Twister's new EZ-ScaleR will clean your pile of fish in just a few minutes. The EZ-ScaleR's reciprocating heads move at 2,800 to 3,200 revolutions per minute lifting virtually one scale at a time. Without a doubt, this is the world's fastest fish scaler. Fits MT-1201.
Rapala Electric Fillet Knife & Fork
Plug into any 110v wall socket and start filleting. 7.5" reciprocating blades. Quiet, long lasting motor with advanced airflow design offers years of service. 7 foot power cord. Includes fillet fork to securely hold catch.
Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife Set
The Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife Set works wherever you are. Powerful and quiet motor, with advanced air flow design, makes fast and effortless work of any filleting chore. Includes all adapters for plugging into any wall outlet, connecting to trolling motor battery posts or plugging into car or boat lighter outlet for full filleting power. Set includes both 6 and 7-1/2 reciprocating blades, the right sizes to match your filleting job. Everything fits neatly into convenient travel case. With this complete kit, it's like a shortcut to the frying pan. Case: Blow Molded Plastic. Blades: Stainless Steel.
Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife
With twice the blade speed and three times the power of standard electric fillet knives you can easily cut through rib bones, backbones and make fast work of walleye, salmon, trout, and other large fish. Dishwasher safe 7-1/2" reciprocating style blade is included, the right size for almost all filleting needs. Vibration is dampened via the custom advanced air flow body design which also keeps the motor running cool and smooth. Comfortable, relaxed grip provides fatigue free filleting. 8-foot power cord gives you plenty of reach for working around the fillet table.
American Angler Electric Fillet Knives
$164.99 - $239.99
Design provides comfort, convenience and control. Advanced cooling system for cooler operation. Powerful motor and updated transmission engineered for optimum filleting performance regardless of the catch. Ultra sharp blade design for faster filleting. Enhanced safety features including blade release, trigger lock, grease guard and grip. One year limited warranty.
Berkley Electric Knife Set
8 stainless steel blades resist corrosion. Side release buttons prevent accidental blade release during operation. Runs on 110 volt power for maximum performance. Includes carrying case.
Mister Twister Saltwater Piranha
Increased cutting surface creates less drag and provides smooth even cutting. Durable, expandable, curly power cord. More Power, More Torque & More Speed.
Rapala RRFNSC Lithium Ion Cordless
Rapala RRFNSC Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Combo, includes cordless knife, 6" and 7-1/2" blades, 2 Lithium Ion batteries, 80 minute run time, wall charger and padded carrying case
Rapala Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife Set
Rapala® Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife makes even the toughest filleting chores a quick and easy task. Two removable rechargeable battery packs provide an ample power source to complete the job. Charger base allows charging of one battery to a full charge in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Both a 6" and 7-1/2" reciprocating style blades are included. The whole set packs neatly into a compact carrying case so you can bring the ease of filleting everywhere. Premium motor will provide years of service. Case: Blow Molded Plastic. Blades: Stainless Steel.
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