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Floats-Bulk & Displays

Billy Boy Round Snap-On Foam Floats
$34.50 - $64.50
Cast A Country MileĀ®. No splash, breakage or sinking.
Billy Boy Slotted Foam Peg Floats
A float designed for EASY-ON/EASY-OFF. Slotted floats can be used for slip or fixed position. Very thin slot keeps the line inside. Beautiful, fluorescent finish on hard foam. Floats high in the water. No breakage or sinking, like plastic floats.
Billy Boy Round & Pear Snap-On Plastic Floats
$19.50 - $54.50
The only float you need. Has the price of imports and superior quality. Made with 30% more plastic-strong spring. Designed for slip float also.
No Image
$44.50 - $49.50
Lets the live bait hit the water naturally - no splash, breakage or sinking.
Billy Boy Popping Float?Balsi-Foam?
$10.68 - $32.28
Cup face makes popping and chugging sound that attracts fish. Made extra strong. Excellent paint finish.
Billy Boy Popping Float? W/Rattles
Well balanced for easy and loud popping sound. Rattle chamber designed to make more distinctive noise.
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