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Floats-Pkgd,Furn Lines,Stops

Mr. Crappie Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers
The Mr. Crappie Flo-Glo Lighted Bobber is a weighted snap-on lighted bobber that really works! Forget having to use the bulky, insensitive-style plastic anymore. Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers are three times brighter and can be seen three times further. Super sensitive to the bite, Flo-Glo Lighted Bobbers look and work like a bobber. They allow you to use as a slip or fixed depth bobber and offer super high visibility. Yellow/green. 2 pack.
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$2.79 - $3.19
Stained wood with fluorescent tops featuring premium balsa construction. These slip floats are great for use when targeting all species of freshwater fish. Floats are painted with hi-vis orange and chartreuse tops. Available in oval and pencil styles. These floats are made in the U.S.A.
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$8.07 - $16.14
This ultra slender, all balsa float stands 7 1/2" tall, requiring extra split shot for balancing.That means extra casting distance and getting the bait down quicker. When used as a slip flat, the added weight brings more stability in heavy winds. There's less drag felt by the caster and by shy biting fish. Ideal on still or slow-flowing water. Perfect for casting 10-30 yards for shy crappies, bluegills, walleyes, smallmouth or trout.
Thill Splash Brite Lighted Floats
The Splash Brite lights up when it hits the water and shuts off when it comes out of the water. No buttons, no light sticks, no battery required. Just slip it on and fish. The Splash Brite is built with Thill's premium standards. Its sealed and contained center slip float design features a line friendly grommet and Hi-Vis top. It offers little resistance and excellent sensitivity - making it a perfect daytime float once its battery dies. Fully Automatic. Lights activate upon contact with water. No batteries required. A true center slider slider slip float. Line friendly brass grommet.
Rieadco Night Bobby®
$3.09 - $7.89
Made of high impact poly carbonate. Two A-76 1.5 volt batteries are included (and sold separately). Shock resistant, light emitting diode, never needs replacing. Visibility up to 200 fee. Can be used for marking trot lines. Can be removed without cutting line, removing bait, hook or sinker. Allows line to slip freely when used as slip floater. Use for day and night fishing.
Carlisle Slip Floats
Balsa wood body with plastic tube for use with Bobber Stops allows for easy casting
Plastilite Extra-Strength
$2.99 - $94.50
Water weightable. Clear styrene spinning float.
Comal Round Snap-On Floats
Red Snap On/Off 3"
K&E Bobber Speed Stop
A must for slip float fishing. Passes through open or closed face reels. Made of nylon, won't cut line. Adjusts by sliding up or down line - stays where you put it without knots.
Little Joe Nite Brite Lighted Pole Floats
$10.49 - $10.99
Lindy's Nite Brite battery-light system, so popular among Nite Brite lighted slip-float devotees, is a new option in our Little Joe Pole Float line. Catfish hunters and others who pursue big nocturnal species with big bait will appreciate this marriage of our premium balsa Pole Floats to E. L. light technology. This union has produced Pole Floats that glow 20 times brighter and twice as long-lasting as most conventional lighted bobbers.1 float and battery/light per card
Eagle Claw Replacement Batteries
Replacement battery for Lighted Floats. 3 volt.
Eagle Claw Balsa Style Spring Floats
$3.99 - $5.29
Ideal for fishermen of any level of experience. Good for freshwater and saltwater when fishing for Bass, Walleye, Tarpon, Redfish, Snapper, Sea Trout, Snook, and Cobia. There are 2 in each pack.
Carlson Bobber Stops
$2.69 - $4.49
Adjustable to any depth.
Rainbow A-Just-A Bubble
$3.49 - $3.69
Made of tough butyrate plastic. For spinning or casting. Remove plug for easy water fill to control casting distance or can be used as a weight. Packed in individual bags with header, 1 dozen per box.
Thill Americas Favorite Bobber Stops
$1.49 - $15.49
Made from high-vis, fluorescent-colored, fine diameter material. These quality stop knots grip monofilament more easily and dependably than other bobber stops.
Eagle Claw Bobber Stops
$1.49 - $5.89
By affixing the Bobber Stop above your sinker, it keeps the entire Punch Rig contained in a compact unit that can easily penetrate and exit matted vegetation. Without it, your sinker and punch skirt would slide up and down your line away from the hook - diminishing the presentation value and increasing your likelihood of getting hung up.
Bomber Paradise Poppers X-Tream
Brings Carolina rigging to the top with splashy, clattering action that brings surface feeders to the top for a look-see. Titanium-Tuff wire and weighted for longer casts.
Billy Boy Bobber Fly
Billy Boy Bobber Fly Bobbers are weighted snap-on bobbers with balanced weight on both ends for extra sensitivity. Bobber Fly Bobbers work best when fish are finicky. When a fish picks up your lure, the bobber lays down. Set the hook! You don't have to wait for the fish to swallow the lure. Instructions included. 2 Pack
Billy Bay Brass Weighted Click Clacker
$4.99 - $6.69
The sight, sound, splashing-clicking and popping noises make a sound like bait fish, which attracts the feeding fish. Perfect for redfish, trout, cobia, snook, flounder, all bay fish and deadly in fresh water.
Little Joe Pole Floats
$3.09 - $6.59
Anglers who need high visibility floats when bait fishing for big fresh or saltwater fish will appreciate our premium, balsa Pole Floats. Available in weighted and non-weighted high visibility models.
Billy Boy Tubular Wood Pole Floats
$4.09 - $9.19
Each float has a line threader included. Floats designed to be balanced in the water. Bright epoxy paint that will not chip, seals the float, and will absorb water. The hole is open for easy threading - packed with bead and bobber stop.
Billy Boy Oval Slip Foam Floats
$2.49 - $4.69
Beautiful multi-striped, hand painted slip floats. Packed with bobber stop & bead - in bag with "How to" instructions.
Thill Night N' Day Glow Floats
$2.89 - $32.22
Black with fluorescent glow tops.
Eagle Claw Rod And Float Light Sticks
$3.19 - $4.19
Powder sticks are brighter and last 30% longer than liquid. Environmentally safe. Fits rod tips and bobbers.
Tackle 2000 Gamefish Series Rocket Bobber
$2.69 - $4.79
Game Fish Series multi color bulk packs, 6 1/4. Orange top for sunny days, yellow top for cloudy days. Great for 6# test and up. Weighted, long casting, super sensitive bobber. Can be a lock on or slip bobber, 2 bobbers in 1! Incorporates a built in hook remover located on the tip.
Billy Boy Lighted Pole Floats
$74.28 - $161.88
A lighted float that will work for the fishermen. Ours, which is made with wood, will support the heavy sinker used in this type fishing.
Balloon Fisher King Balloon Kits
$2.99 - $4.49
Custom Balloon clip for quick and easy use. Refill kits available as well. They provide bait depth control. Both salt & fresh water fishing uses. High quality, biodegradeable, 100% organic latex balloon.
Thill Premium Weighted Floats
$30.42 - $34.02
Whether used slip-style or fixed, Thill Premium Weighted Floats cast farther and more accurately in wind. Use fixed floats in the shallows or use a float stop and let the float slide to reach deeper fish. The vibrant black and fluorescent orange top makes it easy to see.
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