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Misc Fishing Accessories

Blakemore Rod Floater
Losing your expensive rigs can ruin a fishing trip. Rod Floater slips easily onto your rod and secures with hook 'n' loop straps. If your rod falls or is pulled into the water, it'll float. Standard: for casting, flipping and medium-to-heavy spinning rods. Small: for crappie, ultralight and kids' rods. 3 pack.
Bionic Bait Longer Lasting Bait
Bait-brining powder that significantly reduces enzyme breakdown and increases skin strength to produce a longer lasting trolling bait. 3 lb. bottle.
Magic Worm Blower
Keeps crawlers off the bottom, making them more visible to the fish. This can trigger more strikes as well as help stay out of the weeds. The injected air increases the size of crawlers, which makes a more attractive meal for the fish.Made in the U.S.A.
Legend Worm Glow
$11.33 - $48.14
Turns live worms chartreuse. Increases size of live worms. Makes worms more active and extents life of worms.
Berkley Line Counter
Accurate fishing depth monitor. One touch quick line set up lever. Automatic line release pressure to fit various fishing conditions.
Boone Monster Bags
$229.99 - $649.99
Our high quality fish bag is designed to keep your trophy sportfish at their maximum weight. Exterior of bag is UV resistant. Insulated w/closed cell foam. Insulated fish weight saver. Durable with top loading zipper.
Deep Blue Acrylic Lure Rack
$28.99 - $39.99
Tough laser cut 3/8" acrylic construction. 54 holes for lures, rigs and hooks. Attractive and functional design. A 2" x 6" tab bent at 90° to the top surface providing a more rigid rack that won't sag or bend. 4 suction cups and a 3M bumper make sure it stays where you put it.
EGO Kryptek Magnetic Release
The innovative EGO Kryptek product series has been designed and test to meet your most demanding fishing needs and now features the Kryptek camo technology! We can't promise you'll catch a World Record trophy fishjust the peace of mind knowing you have the best in fishing tools and accessories for going after it!
Sea Striker Surf Cart Utility Table
Convenient work table for cutting bait, rigging lures, or just holding your drink. Designated pliers and knife holder, plus holes for hanging rigs. Stainless steel legs and solid top for durability. Fits all Sea Striker carts.
Rod-Runner Express Fishing Rod Caddy
Introducing the latest in fishing rod transportation. Whether you're fishing bridges, beaches, or boats; inshore or offshore, freshwater or saltwater. Now you can go fishing faster and stay fishing longer with the rod-runner Protect & respect your fishing rods with a rod-runner Carry up to 3 fishing rods in 1 hand -great for trucks, SUV's, even compact cars. Wash down & rig secured rods quickly. Interchangeable rod holders for light or heavy tackle. Compact & durable ABS with UV inhibitors
Vexilar Depth Thermometer
Gives depth and temperature. Helps you stay in the preferred range where fish are most apt to be feeding.
Aftco Billy Club
Can't rust, won't break, never splinters, will not sink. Aluminum is harder than wood and knocks out fish faster, more surely. With thermoplastic rubber handle, flared end knob and sturdy nylon wrist cord for a firm, comfortable grip. Built to last a lifetime and if it falls overboard, it floats.
Baker Culling Tool
Baker innovation brings you this tournament-class culling system that pairs clip-on identification floats with electronic weight management. With each catch, you simply weigh the fish on a Baker scale, press a button to save that weight to a numbered memory position and tag your fish with the corresponding numbered float.
Rapala Rapala Accessories
Enhanced stripper wheel design improves performance. Removes 5 feet of line per second. High torque motor. Built-in hook sharpener. Fine grit aluminum oxide stone. Powered by 4AA batteries (not included).
Malin Blaz'R Line Guides
The new BLAZ'R Line Guide increases casting distance and reduces wind knots. It snaps onto the stripper / butt guide in seconds. The patent pending technology focuses the fishing line towards the target and speeds it to the desired destination. The BLG smoothly transforms the circular motion coming off the reel into linear motion resulting in farther casts. As the fishing line is retrieved, the 316 stainless steel spring wobbles, this wobble places a slight tension on the line as it is put back onto the reel. This reduces slack line and wind knots. In addition, the spring exes during a fight allowing the fishing line to rest on the existing guide ring and doesn't cause any additional wear on the fishing line. Improve your rods' performance.
H&H Catch-O-Matic
Hang or nail the Catch-O-Matic to at tree or post. To set, attach hook and bait of choice (not included) to snap swivel. Pull line to desired length and set trigger notch of reel.
O&H Fish/Frog Grabber Attachments
Features fast, corrosion-resistant jaws with sharpened teeth that hold frogs or fish tightly. Pre-drilled end for easy mounting.
Fish-N-Mate Scupper Fit Deluxe Kayak Carrier
Deluxe Kayak Carrier. Great for the beach, pier, home or garden. Providing parts and attachments for outdoor recreation. Quality craftsmanship and materials make this product a must have for any fisherman.
Wild River Tackle Tech Rigger Lighted Bucket Organizer
Handle with integrated LED light system allows for fishing from dusk to dawn. Storage pockets with securing straps for two 3500 style trays. Zipper pocket designed to hold your bait aerator and spare batteries with slot for air hose and the clear internal pocket keeps your maps and licenses visible but dry. Two pole pockets with securing straps. Removable plier holder goes from bag to belt so your pliers are easy to find, removable self retracting steel cable lanyard for clippers or small tools and web loops to help secure tools.
Breakaway Cannon Casting Aid
The bionic finger for fixed spool reels. Simply tape the Cannon securely to the butt of your rod in a comfortable position above or behind the spool rim, allowing space for the bale arm to rotate. Release the trigger and pass line from the spool over the capstan. Depress the trigger with the index finger to trap the line, then disengage the bale arm. The cast is made as normal by releasing the trigger at the precise moment.
Berkley Worm Blower
Injects air in small crawlers to enhance size and buoyancy. Keeps worms off bottom and in front of fish.
Berkley Fish Pole Bell
Spring tip design. Rod tip attachment.
Rod Saver Rod & Reel Storage Reel Wrap
A wraparound that is a fast, easy protective cover for your reels. Designed for all freshwater bait-casting reels. Protects from dust, moisture and sun.
Boone Double Tuna Bag
The Boone high quality double tuna bag is designed to keep your trophy sportfish at their maximum weight. Exterior of bag is UV resistant. Opens up quickly to approximately 40"x80". Insulated w/closed cell foam.
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