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Aqua Clear Striper Rig/ Live Bait
Bait Eel - Spot . 5" leader- live bait. Allows bait to swim freely.
Aqua Clear Components Tees
"Tie Your Own Rigs".
Aqua Clear King Fish / Spot / Perch Rig
$3.79 - $3.89
The Rig comes with size 8 hooks with floats & red beads. Brilliantly colored beads and long sturdy hooks ensure catching and holding your fish. Be prepared with Aqua-Clear.
Aqua Clear Shark Surf Rig W/Fish Finder
$4.69 - $5.09
Built with 100-pound test line, the Aqua Clear 32 in Shark Surf Rig with Fish Finder has what it takes to stand up to a large catch. The hook and double-crimped leads give you all the durability you need to bring it in.
Aqua Clear Hi/Lo Fluke/Flounder /Trout/Croaker
$3.59 - $6.19
All clear and tangle free ready rigs. Black swivel. 22" long. Clear shot molded component , fish can't see them. Lower upper component. Great fishing Sea Trout, Croaker, Fluke and surf fishing.
Aqua Clear Striped Bass, Drum & Bluefish Rig
Features size 3/0 double nickel hooks.
Aqua Clear Single Leader 36
$4.09 - $4.19
"Fish Get the Bait - Crabs Don't". You catch more fish. Good fishing for Fluke/ Flounder/ Trout.
Aqua Clear Striped Bass Fish Finder Rig
$2.99 - $3.69
Bait holder hook 48" leads-fish finder. 70# test. Dupont leader.
Aqua Clear Modified Fish Finder Long Cast Rig
Finder-Long cast 8/0 blk nic hook
Aqua Clear Striped Bass Drum Hi-Lo Clam Rig
$3.09 - $3.19
Virtually eliminates tangles
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