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Boone Live Bait Rigs
Uncoil and insert the live bait hook through the nostrils. Next, pin the treble hook by the dorsal fin or let it swing freely. Be sure to get your baits in the water quickly. Trolling speed should be slow, just moving forward. When using large baits, you will need to adjust your speed. 2 per pack.
Boone Egg Rigs
$3.09 - $4.39
Boone Egg Rigs make great trout, red fish, and flounder rigs. They are made with 7 strands of stainless steel wire with a super tough nylon coating which allows for smooth casting.Bulk, 10 per ring bar coded.
Boone Pompano Rigs
$1.79 - $1.99
Features wide gab hooks.
Boone Snapper Rigs
Two size 1 Mustad hooks, pre-rigged snapper fishing rigs with swivel.
Boone Grouper Rigs
$5.69 - $7.99
All Rigs have 30" of 200 lb Test Mono, 12/0 Heavy Hooks, a Crane Swivel, and an Egg sinker with Red Beads on each end, Crimped with Micropress Sleeves.
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