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Scalers & misc. tools

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Bicco Fish Scaler

Easy to operate, economical and compact. No more flying fish scales. [more]

Ohero Braid Cutting Scissors

Cut braided lines with precision everytime with this braided line scissor by Ohero. Stainless steel construction makes it suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater environment. Its serrated edges ensure a clean cut and rubber dipped handle provide firm grip. Comes with a protective sheath. [more]

Team Catfish Fish Gripper

Team Catfish Yellow Floating Fish Grips are "The Only" fish grip designed by the manufacturer to handle thrashing catfish. The plastic in the yellow (HD) grip is now blended to match the rolling and thrashing habits of very large catfish when landing or handling them. Best of all, They still… [more]

CUDA Titanium Bonded Snip

Great for cutting fishing line, rope, netting and fins! This Titanium Bonded 8" Snip has blades that are 3x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper for a longer period of time. Features an internal spring system, integrated wire cutter and a micro-serrated edge for increased cutting… [more]

Jackson Cardinal Nippers/Hook Cleaner

Leverless nipper for precise cuts. Nips fly line and heavy monofilament. Knot tool ties perfect nail knots, double nail knots, and snelled hooks. Easy directions included. Guarded needle cleans clogged hook eyes. Made of stainless steel. [more]

Big Norm's Big Norms Magic Scaler

Designed with "free-floating" fingers which remove scales quickly and easily without the scales flying in all directions. [more]

Boomerang BTC150 Zinger with

Zingers are great for keeping tools on a retractable reel, but sometimes the little ones just won't do the job.The Mid Size Zinger uses a light-weight zinc alloy carabiner that attaches to almost anything.Heavy Duty Kevlarcord and durable polycarbonate case to survive the elements for years to come. [more]

Worth Split Ring Plier With Rings

Pliers feature a comfortable handle with durable zinc plating. Rings are 25% stronger than stainless steel with extra durable zinc coating. [more]

T-Reign 5" Forceps With Small Retractable Gear Tether

Every fly fisherman needs forceps at hand, and having them on a retractor keeps them close and dry. Small Retractable Gear Tether. 24" Kevlar® cord. Strap or carabiner attachment. Designed and assembled in the USA. Lifetime Service Policy. 5" Forceps. Corrosion resistant stainless steel. 3 position… [more]

Anglers Choice Led Mini Magnetic / Clip-On Light

1-3/4" x 1-3/4" compact design. These lights have a clip-on base that also has a magnet built in so that they can be attached almost anywhere. High lumen white light with 3 replaceable AG-10 (lr1130) batteries. Display packed 24 No Break. [more]

T-Reign Small Fishing Gear Retractor

Tough 24" Kevlar cord for a quiet, smooth extension. 4 ounces of retraction force. Color: black. 1.5" wide. Rugged polycarbonate case. Weather-proof materials safe to use in any environment. Proudly Made in the USA by the company that invented the personal retractor in 1948. Rigorously tested and… [more]

Rapala Accessories - Bulk

The easiest way to hold slippery fish while filleting. Simply spearing through fish locks it to your fillet board making it the fastest, simplest way to fillet. Packed 24 No Break. [more]

EGO Kryptek Culling Beam

The innovative EGO Kryptek product series has been designed and test to meet your most demanding fishing needs and now features the Kryptek camo technology! We can't promise you'll catch a World Record trophy fishjust the peace of mind knowing you have the best in fishing tools and accessories for… [more]

Calcutta Round Handle D-Hookers

Dual density round handle allows for a firm, non-slip tool. Shafts are made from heavy duty stainless steel. "S" sharper head is designed to allow you to push or pull out hooks. Lanyard included. [more]

Rapala Rapala Accessories

Stainless steel construction hook remover. Permanent lock tip securely fastens to hook, allowing quick and easy removal without harm to prey. Built-in hook file & detachable hand lanyard keeps. [more]

Ventafish Vent-A-Fish Venting Tool

The Ventafish venting tool features a retractable needle that is constantly shielded from the angler, an easy to complete needle replacement process, a 45° front angle, and internal metal components made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. [more]

H&H Catfish Flipper/Hook Remover

Simply hold your line tight, slide the tool down the line and flip the fish off the hook. [more]

Anglers Choice "For A Cure For Cancer" Pink Hat Hooks

For-A-Cure Pink Hat Hook. A portion of the sale of this item will be donated to support breast cancer research. Your participation in this deserving and most worthy cause is greatly appreciated. Packed 100 No Break. [more]

T-Reign Large Fishing Gear Retractor

Tough 48" Kevlar cord for a quiet, smooth extension. 8 ounces of retraction force. Color: black. 2.5" wide. The large model has a lock that takes tension off the tether, allowing the cord to remain extended. Rugged polycarbonate case. Weather-proof materials safe to use in any environment. Proudly… [more]

Billfisher Release Knife

Features an ergonomic handle design, concave sides for attaching to tag stick, extra cutting blade in handle, and lanyard. [more]

Rapala Accessories - Bulk

Makes fast and safe work of removing deepset hooks and lures from toothy critters' mouth. Strong Spring and Wide Gap for Safe Removal. Durable Stainless Steel Construction. [more]

Challenge Fish Scaler

This angler's tool features a specially designed and molded end for scaling fish. [more]

Eagle Claw Line Clipper Kits

TACCKIT-1-Jig Eye Cleaner & Line Clipper Kit w/lanyard. TACCKIT-2 - Hook Sharpener & Line Clipper Kit w/lanyard. TACCKIT-3 - Jig Eye Cleaner, Line Clipper & Hook Sharpener Kit w/lanyard. [more]

Billfisher Wire Cutters

For hard/straight wire. 7-1/2" in length. A great tool to have around the house or the boat. [more]

Eagle Claw Line Clipper
$4.09 - $4.79

Choose a regular or jumbo size. [more]

Culprit ®

Perfect for cutting today's braided fishing lines. This economical set of blades easily cuts the strongest braided line as close as 1/8" from the knot. Rust-resistant, oversized handles, left or right-handed. [more]

Berkley Hot Line Cutter

Instantly cuts and cauterizes all types of fishing line. Prevents line from fraying and knots from slipping. Replaceable tungsten tip instantly heat to 1200°F and retracts when not in use. Includes replacement tip, 2 AAA batteries, and lanyard included. [more]

T-Reign 0TFS-1111 Sheath with built

Unlike other holders, ProSheath has an internal, retractable tether attached to pliers or a multi-tool, preventing drops or loss. The ProSheath ensures your trusted tools are protected, secure and conveniently at your side. Sheath: The heavy-duty thermoformed sheath is covered in 600 denier nylon… [more]

Eagle Claw Pistol Grip Hook Remover
$8.99 - $19.99

Easy pistol grip makes hook removal easier than ever! [more]

124 Results
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