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Shellfish Knives & Tools

Anglers Choice Deluxe Carolina Oyster/Clam Knife
Of the same great design as our top selling 7" deluxe oyster knife. The 6" knife will also be a top seller. Sharp stainless point and edge with hilted hand protector, oval handle easily pops oysters.
Anglers Choice Crab/Lobster Pliers
Compact 5-1/2" aluma-blend pliers with an electrostatic enamel finish easily cracks crab and lobster. Use point handle to ram split larger Alaskan crab legs. PBCP-018
Anglers Choice Oyster Knife W/Plastic Hilt
The Anglers Choice OKE-001 Oyster Knife is designed with a sharp edge and point for easy opening of oysters. This 6-inch stainless steel knife comes with a hilted hand protector for extra gripping comfort. Anglers Choice offers a variety of fishing and hunting tools, from pliers and fillet knives to full hunting kits. Anglers Choice is guaranteed to have something for every outdoor enthusiast.
Anglers Choice Crab/Lobster Mallet
9" wood mallet with 1-1/2" diameter head makes easy work of cracking crabs and lobsters. CLMP-018
Anglers Choice Coastal Seafood Kit
Kit includes: A one size fits all no-slip shuckin' glove. Wide blade oyster shuckin' knife with guard. Narrow blade clam poppin' knife with guard. Devein and peel shrimp in one easy motion. Comes with a FREE sample of Old Bay Seafood seasoning.
Anglers Choice Shrimp Deveiner
11" long, high impact tool removes mud vein and outer shell of steamed shrimp in one easy motion.
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