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Bullet Weights Ultra Steel®
Longer lasting. Retains its shape better with less oxidized build-up. Improved snag resistance and clean chambered holes. Less bulk than other non-lead materials. Out performs lead and brass. Environmentally-smart.
Water Gremlin Gremlin Green
Environmentally-friendly unleaded fishing sinkers. Made from tin. Contains no lead. Zip-Lip pack.
DOA Pinch Weights
$5.69 - $68.28
Improves casting distances and they can be taken off and used again and again. The weight makes a soft plastic jerk bait 1000 times more effective as you can get the bait down into the strike zone without using, action killing jig heads. It allows the lure to maintain a horizontal drop. They are made of soft lead and you can bend them with your fingers to fit the contour of the hook.
Gambler Pro Rat'Lin Weights
A brass worm weight with an actual brass rattle inside.
Top Brass Carolina Weights
The Precision Brass Carolina Weight is made from a special brass alloy that increases sensitivity and noise-making capabilities, while the unique design enhances the bottom dragging and bottom bumping requirements of Carolina rig fishing.
Lindy Walking Sinkers
Five sizes of Lindy's famous light-stepping Walking Sinkers, plain and painted. These practical components offer the creative angler plenty of choices for all live-bait rigging applications.
Sea Striker Sputnik Surf Sinkers
$3.49 - $51.48
These surf sinkers prevent your weight from moving in the surf. The stainless steel arms lock in place and anchor in the sand. When you are ready to retrieve, pull on the line and the arms snap open to allow for easy retrieval. Sputnik Surf Sinkers can actually increase the function of your rod by holding better with less weight than a pyramid sinker. Keep the lead weight lower and stay within the casting weight range of your rod.
Bead Chain Casting/Trolling Sinker
$6.69 - $12.49
Cast further, fish deeper. Stainless steel snaptite snaps make changing weights fast and easy.
Northland Slick Stick Bottom Bouncer
$8.89 - $9.69
The most versatile, sensitive and snag-free sinker weight on the planet.The patented Quick-Change? weight snap does it all , it allows you to change weight sizes in a snap. It also slides on your line. It was developed on the Professional Walleye trail, and designed to bounce the bottom and glide over jagged rocks, logs, stumps, moss and weed cover without snagging up. Unlike all other bouncers, the sleek "stick-shaped" design is made from an extruded rolled Super Stainless rod? to provide minimum resistance with maximum sensitivity when trolled or dragged along the bottoom.
Northland Rock-Runner®
Designed with a super-sensitive 5" wire feeler that glides over rocks, logs, stumps, moss & weed cover without snagging up. It also features a patented "Quick-Change? Weight Snap" that slides on your line, and prevents fish from feeling the weight of the sinker and spitting the hook. Eliminates line twist, frayed lines.
Northland Rock-Runner®
Designed on the Professional Walleye Trail® and is the most popular trolling sinker on the market today. It features a 10" stainless steel wire feeler that glides over jagged rocks, logs, stumps, moss & weed cover without snagging or hanging up. It's deadly trolled with spinners, live bait rigs & floating plugs!
Eagle Claw Removable Split-Shot Sinker King Pack
$13.99 - $16.99
Great for all type of fishing. Lead. Choose your size!
Water Gremlin Pro-Packs
With Water Gremlin's Pro Packs you can display more than twice the amount of product in the same amount of space as fry pan selectors. Water Gremlin Pro Packs can also be used as "mini-tackleboxes" to store hooks, flies, etc. They are made of shatterproof plastic with sturdy dividers and a snap-loc hinged cover.
Water Gremlin Round Split Shot
$20.28 - $22.68
The soft lead with controlled hinge tightly grips even the finest line without damaging it. Squeeze on with your fingers, pry open with thumbnail. Often used when snagging in weeds is a problem.
Water Gremlin Egg Sinkers
$9.79 - $26.28
Our oblong shaped Egg Sinker slips easily through weeds and rocks without getting constantly hung up. The large, smooth hole in the center allows for uninterrupted movement of the line, without the fish being able to detect the weight of the sinker.
Bullet Weights Diamond Polished Brass Slip Sinkers
Brass Sinker Sz1/16 Ziplock 6Bg
Bullet Weights Spin Sinkers
$7.49 - $10.99
The banana-shaped Spin Sinkers have a barrel swivel attached on one end and a four-bead string swivel on the other end that allow the attached bait to mimic a wounded prey. A popular choice for saltwater fishermen everywhere.
VMC Tungsten Worm Weight
$9.89 - $17.49
Small compact profile, 35% smaller. Easy to peg, no insert design. Increased cover penetration. Fewer snags. Lead-free. Ultra tough color coating.
Church Tackle Stingray Diving Weight
$10.99 - $13.49
Church Tackle's Stingray Diving Weights are multi-species inline weights engineered for success. The unique error-proof design allows anglers to put more fish in the boat. Water strikes the top of the weight, forcing the Stingray down. A fish on the line forces the nose upward, bringing the weight to the surface which takes the fight out of the Stingray.
Lindy Rattlin' No-Snagg®
Attracts fish to Lindy Rigs, Carolina Rigs, and other slip-sinker presentations. Rattles provide that "extra edge" when fishing in dirty, stained, or rough water. Makes its rattlin' way through the snaggiest rocks, wood, and bottom vegetation!
Water Gremlin Snap-Loc
$20.28 - $27.48
Snap-Loc's® amazing eye snaps on and off your line or swivel instantly. One of the world's most versatile, easy to use sinkers. Great for bottom or drift fishing.
VMC Tungsten Drop Shot Ball Weight
$11.49 - $17.49
VMC® Tungsten Drop Shot Cylinder Weights offer an increased hardness that results in improved feel for structure and light bites. 35% smaller profile than lead means better cover penetration with fewer snags. Easy connect line pinch allows weight to release when snagged, loosing only the weight and not the complete rig. Lead Free.
Eagle Claw Lazer Lead Nail Sinkers
The Lazer Nail Weights, from Eagle Claw, are small lead weights shaped like nails and designed to be added into soft plastic baits. The Eagle Claw nail weights, are as the name suggests, small nail shaped sinkers that are easily inserted into soft plastic artificial baits in order to change their falling action or speed. The ribbed design of these nail weights are ideal for keeping the weight securely in place even after a number of fish.
Water Gremlin Sinker Selectors
$5.59 - $41.94
Water Gremlin's unique reusable Fry-Pan Sinker Selectors? are color coded to identify each type of sinker and simply stock control, assuring you maximum fishin' sinker sales and plenty of profit dollars. Most importantly, reusable Fry-Pans make handy storage containers for the fisherman. They can be hung on the belt and used as a mini-tackle box.
Bullet Weights Tungsten Flipping Weights
$10.99 - $14.99
Tungsten has become popular among avid and professional anglers because of its smaller size compared to lead in compatible sizes. Because it is more dense then lead, a tungsten weight is 50 percent smaller in size then a lead counterpart. Many professional anglers have stated that the smaller, denser weight performs better in heavy cover.
Team Catfish Snagless Sinkers
Catfish anglers rejoice! Finally, a drift fishing or snagless sinker designed with you in mind. We have tested these sinkers in places where no sinker should go, they work! We have built them with a super slick slide on the top to run your line through, so all those soft bites will be detected making hook up's easier. The flexible design creeps and crawls over just about anything!
Off Shore Replacement Weights
$8.29 - $8.69
Used in combination with the OR-16 snap weight clip or the OR-18 snapper release to add weight onto your rod line.
Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Weights
$10.99 - $17.49
Featuring durable finishes in a variety of colors to better match up with your bait selection, the Strike King Tour Grade Weights are also insert-free, and won't fray your line. The higher density of tungsten allows the weights to be much smaller and more compact, so it is less obtrusive to your lure and presentation, and can also slip through cover more easily. Tungsten is also much harder than other alternative materials, meaning you can detect strikes and feel the bottom much easier as well.
Lindy No Snagg®
The banana-shaped design of the NO-SNAGG Slip Sinker was developed by legendary angler Ron Lindner. It allows the sinker to glide over heavy cover while giving the fisherman a better feel of the bottom-without tumbling, twisting, or impeding bait action. Extensive field-testing of the NO-SNAGG Slip Sinker in "unfishable" areas of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs has yielded 95-percent snag-free results! Lindy's sinker innovation enables anglers to fish rocks, brush, weeds, and stump fields like never before. And it works equally well whether Lindy Rigging, Carolina-Rigging, drifting, or trolling.
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