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Spears, gigs & poles

Sea Striker Gigs
$47.99 - $129.99
Stainless steel heads with lathe-sharpened points. Gigs are made to screw into our aluminum handles.
B&M Skin Packed Fish Spears
$6.09 - $48.99
Hand-forged spring steel, needle sharp points, premium grade.
Eagle Claw Fish Spear
$9.29 - $15.49
All-metal Fish Spear with barbed prongs. Pre-drilled to accept a stick or pole.
Eagle Claw Frog Spear
$4.29 - $4.89
Cumings Frog Gigs
Black 5-prong solid steel gig. 1-1/8" two-piece aluminum handle.
O&H Aluminum & Wood Flounder Gigs
$11.49 - $34.99
3/4" Aluminum handle gigs with stainless steel prongs. 1" Wooden handle gigs with stainless steel prong.
Frabill Deluxe Frog Gigs
Lightweight, durable telescopic tubular aluminum handles provide extra reach yet collapse down for easy transport and storage. Both feature extra sharp 2.5" wide 5 tine steel spearhead.
B&M Stainless Steel Frog/Fish Spears
We've re-created our most popular sized frog and fish spears in brilliant and durable stainless steel. Hand-forged to our specifications with needle-sharp points and barbs, these spears are a "lifetime investment" for the spear fisherman, and designed to perform for generations to come. Blister-packed for attractive and convenient display. includes mounting screw. Spear Handles sold separately.
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