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Fishing Hooks

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Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Eagle Claw Trokar Inshore Kahle Hook

Offset and non-forged. [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Eagle Claw Aberdeen Hook

Light wire, non-offset, ringed eye, gold. [more]

Owner SSW Circle Hook
$7.09 - $35.99

Designed for presenting big baits with its big fish size, yet its all-purpose medium shank is lightweight. Also featured is a corrosion-resistant. [more]

Owner Phantom Tube Hook with Cutting Point
$7.59 - $8.59

Phantom Tube Hook? features a unique weighted system designed specifically for rigging tube and hollow baits weedless. Unlike rigs where weights are positioned along the shank of the hook, this hook allows for the placing of the weight "inside" the bait. When a bass strikes, it feels only the soft,… [more]

Owner Mutu Circle Hook
$7.59 - $37.99

Perfect for light tackle saltwater bait fishing. Lighter wire encourages live baits to swim more naturally. Hook design is great for catch-and-release. Features a super sharp, "hangnail" forged point and a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish. [more]

Fin Strike Flounder Chestertown Snelled Hook

Black Mustad® chestertown hooks with corn beads and 12" leaders. Six hooks per pack. [more]

Gamakatsu Superline Weighted Worm Hook

Gamakatsu's most popular worm hook would have to be the EWG. It was only a matter of time before they designed a new version, the "Weighted Superline EWG". Developed with the braided line fishermen in mind, it was designed with a heavier wire to withstand the demands of today's braids but also… [more]

Mustad Ultra Point Demon Perfect Circle Hook
$6.69 - $10.49

The Mustad Demon Perfect Circle hooks are ultra point hooks that are made with Mustad's wire technology and nor-tempering process making them lighter and stronger hooks Chemically sharpened Nor-Tempered Opti-Angle Needle Point Kirbed Point curved in 2X Strong Ringed Black Nickel finish [more]

Gamakatsu UV Octopus Hook
$4.79 - $5.29

Our most versatile hook, known for its durability and strength. The Octopus hook come in a wide variety of colors and finishes including Fluorescent. [more]

VMC Spindrift Hook

VMC Spindrift Hooks feature an integrated swivel to hook system. These hooks have a built-in stainless steel swivel which reduces line twists by enabling rotation, even at very low speeds. These hooks have a technical bend, designed for increased hooking rates while trolling, drifting, Carolina… [more]

Eagle Claw Medium Wire Double Line Snelled Hook
$2.39 - $28.68

Classic hooks, Plain shank, offset down eye and medium wire snell. [more]

Eagle Claw 189 Baitholder Hook
$3.29 - $31.99

2 slices, forged, offset, ringed eye. [more]

Magic Bait Hog Wild Sponge Hook

These Magic Treble hooks last up to 4 times longer than ordinary foam hooks. American made hooks and sponge. 3 Pack. [more]

Eagle Claw Weedless Hook

Non-offset ringed eye, long plain shank. [more]

Mustad UltraPoint Ringed Live Bait Hook
$3.49 - $103.96

O'Shaughnessy, not forged, straight, point bent in, ringed, opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, Nor-tempered?, black nickel. [more]

Team Catfish Super Circle Catfish Hook

The awesome new series of hooks includes the BIGGEST circle hooks ever designed for a catfish brand of tackle! They are called the Super Circles, and come in 9/0, 10/0, and 12/0. The 9/0 is a little larger than our 8/0 Double Action, which makes it one BIG hook! [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Big Game Hook
$18.99 - $59.99

Circle Sea?, offset, big game hook, Lazer Sharp®, ringed eye. [more]

Mustad Classic O'Shaughnessy Hook
$2.09 - $129.99

Forged, ringed, bronzed. [more]

Berkley FSN19TR1X10 Fusion19 Treble

Fusion19 Treble Hook, Size 10, Barbed, Needle Point, Round Bend/1X Strong, Treble, 8/Pkg, Black Nickel [more]

Berkley FSN19TR1X8 Fusion19 Treble

Fusion19 Treble Hook, Size 8, Barbed, Needle Point, Round Bend/1X Strong, Treble, 8/Pkg, Black Nickel [more]

Trapper Tackle Heavy Cover Super Hook

Made from XXX Heavy Gauge hi-carbon steel and designed to yank big fish out of heavy cover and structure, Trapper's Heavy Cover Offset Super Wide Gap Hook provides extra bite and better hook ups, making it ideal for frog fishing and flipping in and around thick vegetation and structure. The… [more]

Bear Paw Circle Snelled Hooks
$49.08 - $64.68

Hand tied 12" monofilament leaders with black nickel Sport Circle Hook. The sport circle hook design allows for both extremely effective hooking and holding of nearly every species of fish in both fresh and salt water! The specific shape of the hook minimizes throat and gut hooking of the fish and… [more]

Eagle Claw Trokar Big Nasty Flippin' Hook

Skeet Reese wanted the beefiest flipping and pitching hook possible, so Lazer Trokar developed the Big Nasty Flippin Hook. It has a much heavier wire than its little brother and its pronounced bend is said to keep bass pinned in super heavy cover. It will be available in sizes ranging from 3/0 to… [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Kahle Offset Hook
$3.49 - $34.99

Plain shank, non-forged, offset, ringed eye, Lazer Sharp®. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Hook
$4.29 - $4.59

Short shank, offset, up eye, x strong. [more]

Mustad Ultra Point KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble Hook
$10.99 - $13.49

Standard wire, standard length. Same shape as the original KVD in a llighter wire, longer shank version. Ideal for longer lures where hook tangling is not an issue and in applications where the heavier wire hook is not needed. [more]

Mustad Aberdeen Hook
$1.79 - $7.99

The Aberdeen Hooks from Mustad are light wire, round-bend hooks that will bend before they break. They are great for fishing with minnows. [more]

Mustad Ultra Point Power Lock Plus Weighted Hook

New sprint keeper with centering pin. Improves soft plastic grip strength as much as 80%. Features adjustable weights, Opti-Angle needle point, chemically sharpened, Nor-Tempered, includes bait holder. [more]

Eagle Claw 202 Aberdeen Hook
$2.59 - $18.49

Non-offset, ringed eye, light wire, gold. Available in several different packaging. [more]

Owner Ebi Baitholder Hook

A classic baitholder design, but with straight eye for more efficient in-line hook sets. Features two slices on outside of shank, a Super Needle Point. [more]

714 Results
Per Page 30 60
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