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Fishing Hooks

Eagle Claw Trokar Inshore Kahle Hook
Offset and non-forged.
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The Tournament Mutu Light is perfect for rigging smaller baits. Meets accepted billfish tournament specifications with its in-line, non-offset hook point that is angled 90 to the light wire shank.
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Berkley Fusion19 hooks are targeted to everyone, from the novice to the avid angler. The Treble Hook is an instrumental hook design used in a wide variety of angling methods. Each front of every package provides bait recommendations.
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Designed specifically for finesse techniques, and especially effective with a neko rig, the VMC Finesse Neko Hooks provide enhanced performance that capitalizes on faint bites and finicky fish. Engineered with a 3-degree offset point for a better hook up rate, the VMC Finesse Neko Hook features an adjustable fluorocarbon keeper that secures the thinnest and softest baits in place. Complete with a resin-sealed eye for increased peace of mind while fighting big fish, the VMC Finesse Neko hooks offer finesse specific performance that allows anglers to capitalize on light bites and finicky fish.
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Providing a fuller range of motion and a more natural presentation, the VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hooks offers enhanced performance that pairs with a wide-range of techniques. Whether you're Texas-rigging soft stick baits or creating your own jika-style rigs, the VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hook's welded stainless steel ring enhances the action of baits and eliminates the possibility of fish using the hook as leverage to spit the bait. Complete with a 3-degree offset point for better hook sets, the VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hooks deliver high-quality, innovative design that should be a staple in every anglers terminal tackle assortment.
Lunker City Slug-Go Hook
$5.49 - $6.09
These are the offset shank hooks that Slug-Go? was designed to work best with. All sizes from 2/0 and up are forged steel, for less give in the hook and more direct penetrating force at the tip where it counts.
VMC Tournament Circle Hook with Cone Cut Point
$21.99 - $59.99
The VMC 9789 Tournament Circle Hook is 6X strong with a non-offset hook. fully forged shank, Hi Carbon steel cone cut point. Imagine a hook made specifically for saltwater with built-up layers of ultra-thin black finish to withstand the harsh conditions of the saltwaster environment. Ultra-shartp, multi-step chemical sharpened hooks.
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Now available with rings through the eyes, this is an offset circle that falls between the Mutu Light and Mutu circle hooks in regards to wire gauge. Strong enough to hold big fish, yet light enough to rig small baits like sardines, while ensuring a lively presentation. The ring encourages baits too swim more lively and free. Features include a super-sharp, forged, hangnail point and a corrosion resistant Black Chrome finish.
Tru-Turn O'Shaughnessy Hook
Super strong, O'Shaughnessy design, forged, medium large ringed eye, spear point, Perma Steel® finish. 12 resealable bags with header card. Forged come ziplocked.
VMC Heavy Duty Flippin' Hook
Double spikes baitholder. Snelled and standard rigs. Resin closed eye. Strong enough for braided or heavy monofilament line In thick cover.
Gamakatsu Walleye LG Two Hook Rig
Designed utilizing a light wire, wide gap hook. Which allows your bait to float a little higher, keeping it out of the rocks and more consistently in the strike zone, and with a wide gap design for better hook ups. Each hook has a single baitkeeper barb on the back of the shank to hold bait. Also in addition to it's superior design an added attraction, on the bottom hook is a "glow bead" to protect the knot, and on the leading hook a "glow tube" that is adjustable for various sized baits. Pre-tied on 6 ft. of premium clear monofilament, and with an easy to use packaging, is sure to be a hit.
Falcon Gamakatsu Bait-Jerker Superline Series Weighted Hook
The patented Bait-Jerker® Hook is a weighted extra wide gap hook that is extremely effective for soft plastic baits like strait tail worms, Senkos, Flukes, frogs, tubes, creature baits and most Swim Baits. The weight is molded on to the shaft of the hook gives any soft plastic bait a horizontal life like action. The preferred method of rigging for any soft plastic is "Tex-Posed" weedless.
Mirrolure Replacement Hook Kit
Original parts to repair your favorite Mirrolure® lures. Now available in extra strong red finish #2 treble hooks that fit Mirrolure® models. S7MR, S20MR, S51MR, S52MR and STTR. Each kit contains all necessary hardware to renew three of your favorite Mirrolures.
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Add a little extra something to your presentation with Eagle Claw Trokar Swim Blade Hooks. These weighted swimbait hooks feature a hammered nickel willow blade to create flash and vibration in the water, drawing fish to your area. Utilizing surgically sharpened technology and a wide gap, you can expect more positive hooksets with Eagle Claw hooks.
VMC Treble Hook with Cut Point
$3.79 - $29.99
Features short shank, hi-carbon steel. Cut point.
Mustad Classic Beak Hook
$2.49 - $34.99
Beak, forged, reversed, 2 slices in special long shank, ringed.
Owner Worm Hook with Cutting Point
$5.59 - $6.09
Worm hooks with worm-holding 90° bend shoulder, extra wide gap bend and heavy-duty XXX strong shank for rigging big baits and hauling bass from heavy cover. Features include Cutting Point?.
Falcon Gamakatsu K Wacky Hook
$9.19 - $9.39
"K" Wacky® Weedless Weighted and Unweighted are made in 3/0 and 6/0 hook sizes. With the weed guard these hooks can be fished effectively in any cover and grass situations and with soft plastic stick or trick worms.
Gamakatsu Fluorescent Walleye/Steelhead Assortment
$13.99 - $16.99
Fluorescent assortment: 4 Hooks per color, red, pink, orange, chartreuse, glow with 20 hooks total. Assorted colors include 5 hooks per color green, blue, red, bronze, and black 25 hooks total.
Gamakatsu Offshore Octopus Hook
$5.79 - $28.99
One of the more versatile hooks in our line up, this hook is built to handle big fish. Used for everything from catfish to tarpon, the offset beak point penetrates quickly and can be used on either bigger live baits or for chunk baits.
Mustad Lure Ryder Stinger Hook
If you fish soft plastic swimbaits, you know how important it is to get the hooks right. In the Mustad® Lure Ryder Hook, you now have the ultimate stinger hook. With a double hook riding up and an attached rear-facing stinger below, this hook is certain to improve your hooking percentage with big plastics. Lightweight and stealthy, the Lure Ryder Hook doesn't detract from bait action when properly rigged. Ringed eye. Super durable, advanced black nickel finish offers 4 times the rust resistance of standard black nickel.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Painted Octopus Hook
The Eagle Claw® Lazer Sharp® Octopus Hook is the ideal choice for tying up live bait rigs and spinner harnesses. Made of high-strength forged wire, with an offset needlepoint and turned-up eye, the L2 Octopus Hook creates perfect alignment for snell knots. Painted finish comes in proven walleye colors; finish does not cover the point or affect the hookset. Long shank.
Owner AKI Hook with Cutting Point
$5.89 - $28.99
These saltwater hooks, with heavy-duty forged shanks and Cutting Point?, are the ideal combination for tying streamer patterns for saltwater game fish. Features include a straight eye for more efficient in-line hook sets and a black chrome finish.
Mister Twister Weighted Keeper Hook
$3.59 - $5.29
The key is the barbed Keeper® spear attached to the eye of the hook. This system means speedy hookups and more fish, while keeping the trailer straight, solid and virtually weedless.
Owner Gorilla Live Bait Hook
$6.89 - $7.39
Features include a heavy-duty XX strong forged shank, Cutting Point? and a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish. Ideal for rigging mackerel, squid and other large baits.
Gamakatsu Octopus Hook
$5.79 - $11.99
The Octopus Hook is the most versatile hook, known for its durability and strength and comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes including fluorescent.
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VMC Glow Resin Treble Hooks are made with durable epoxy resin infused with glow-in-the-dark coloring that stays charged for up to 15 minutes. Durable high-carbon steel construction with a black-nickel finish offers long-lasting performance, and sharp Cut Point Tips provide rock-solid hook sets. Great for using with spoons and lures.
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Highly effective with a range of finesse techniques, especially the Neko rig, the Owner Sniper Finesse Neko Hook employs a specialized construction that improves overall performance. Designed with a long shank and an offset point for better hook sets, the Owner Sniper Finesse Neko Hook features a silky gray finish and a Super Needle Point for lightning quick hook penetration. Complete with a fully sealed eye for improved performance with braided lines, the Owner Sniper Finesse Neko Hook delivers a super sharp, finesse specific design that allows angler to capitalize on the lightest of bites.
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$5.49 - $12.49
Gorilla Light bait hooks are a lighter version of our Gorilla hooks for a more natural presentation. Use for rigging smaller live baits like anchovies, or natural baits for snappers and sheepshead. Ideal when nose-hooking baitfish for king mackerel rigs. Gorilla Lights are a short shank all-purpose bait hook. Features include a strong forged shank, Super Needle Point, and a corrosion resistant black chrome finish.
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$17.99 - $30.99
Single Replacement Hook X-Strong - Perfect for replacing trebles on freshwater and inshore baits. These are a great for fishing areas with lots of grass or cover that make fishing with treble hooks virtually impossible. These single hooks are a lot less damaging to fish when practicing catch and release. Always be sure to rig the front hook with the point facing forward and the rear facing rear. Features include Black Chrome finish and Super Needle Point.
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The Owner STX-45 Zo Wire Treble Hooks are ideal for replacing your stock trebles and improving the hooking power of a wide variety of hardbaits. Featuring a 2X+ power construction and Owner's exclusive Zo Wire, the STX-45 Treble Hooks deliver a 20% smaller diameter than standard steel wire treble hooks for unmatched strength and unbeatable hook penetration. Zo Wire is also a much harder and denser material than standard steel so the Super Needle Point's stay sharper for a longer period of time.
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Big on expediency, Mustad's new kits offer a convenient quick and ready organizing solution packed with Mustad components, neatly organized in a foam-lined waterproof plastic box that measures 5.9 by 3.6 by 1.75 inches when closed. Technique oriented kits (bass, walleye, inshore saltwater and pike) include best-selling Mustad UltraPoint Hooks, Split Rings, and Fastach Replacement Clips (all matched to size) and a pair of Mustad Stainless Steel Braid Cutter/Split Ring Pliers.
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$3.69 - $6.39
Feature an extra-thin construction perfect for those light line, delicate situations. When the bite gets tough the Select Super Fine Finesse Hook by Mustad will help put fish in the boat. Mustads Micro-Sharp 4.3 point technology helps hooks penetrate with less effort allowing for lightning fast hookups. When faced with the need to scale down a presentation when dropshotting and splitshotting the Select Super Fine Finesse hooks are the hardware for the job.
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$3.89 - $12.99
Championed by top-tier professionals, the Mustad TitanX Wacky/Neko Rig Hook delivers unmatched, tour-level performance. Giving anglers the power necessary to handle big fish, while maintaining all of the finesse properties necessary for spinning gear, the Mustad TitanX Wacky/Neko Rig Hook features a long shank, fine wire, and UltraPoint technology that lends itself to lightning-fast hook sets. Perfect for neko-rigs, drop shots, and weightless worms, the Mustad TitanX Wacky/Neko Rig Hook delivers advanced performance that discerning anglers can appreciate.
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Eagle Claw HOOKSSASST Swivel and Sinker Hook Assortment, 122 per Pack, Size Assorted
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It's more than just a new hook. It's the origination of a revolutionary new technique made possible by Gamakatsu's industry-changing G Finesse series. Pro Staff, Shinichi Fukae, spent the last year perfecting the concept and proving its power. We've combined our G Finesse Worm Light with Tin Keeper Hook with the G Finesse Swivel Shot System to create the first ever Swivel Shot Worm Hook. Unique in form, function and finesse. Texas Rig the Swivel Shot Worm to be fished in and around cover. The light wire allows for threading extremely small diameter worms, held firmly in place by the near weightless, Tin Keeper. The hook also features our unique Nano Smooth Coat Finish. Adding the "twist-free" advantage of the Swivel Shot allows super fast rigging without tangles. You can be assured the presentation is always perfect, and that translates into more strikes and more bent rods
No Image
$16.99 - $17.99
Baitholder offset hook with ringed eye and two slices on the shank to keep bait firmly on the hook. Eagle Claw® point penetrates quickly. These forged hooks are strong enough to handle the most demanding conditions. Made in the USA.
No Image
Lazer Sharp® hooks are designed and engineered for the most discerning fisherman - and fish You can count on Lazer Sharp to stay sharper, and stronger, longer than any other hook made. Strong forged wire construction, non-offset hook, long shank, up eye, needlepoint. Live and chunk bait, Freshwater or saltwater use. Suggested use: Bass, catfish, walleye, tarpon, redfish, snapper, sea trout, snook, cobia.Made in USA
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This light wire, wide-gap pattern makes an ideal steelhead or walleye hook. Each has an offset bend and up eye. Lazer sharp® needle tips penetrate quickly, while the forged points are strong enough to handle the most demanding conditions.
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$4.89 - $7.29
The Gamakatsu Octopus Barbless Circle Hooks are circle style hooks with an inline point designed to meet circle and barbless regulations found in some regions. This hook has all the qualities of the standard Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Inline Point hook, but now without the barb. Gamakatsu designed these hooks to meet the needs of anglers who fish in bodies of water that have hook regulations that allow only circle style, inline point hooks and prohibit the use of barbs. Circle hooks are known to be great for catch and release applications in both fresh and saltwater due to their affinity for hooking the jaw instead of gut-hooking fish. We offer the black nickel colors of the Gamakatsu Octopus Barbless Inline Circle Hook in three sizes: 3/0 - 5/0 each pack contains six hooks.Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Inline Barbless Hook Features The absence of a barb is proven to reduce the chance of fish mortality as it affords an easier hook removal. Most anglers will prefer the barbed version as they are much more proficient at keeping fish hooked. The majority of anglers who need this hook are those who face hook restrictions in their local fisheries. The circle gap is very good for holding small prepared bait. Additionally, the circle style is know for jaw-hooking a greater percentage of fish than other styles. Inline hook point will result in less force needed to set the hook because it matches the angle of the hook eye and utilizes the full energy being exerted by the angler.Perfect for Salmon Mooching Regulation in CA.
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The Gamakatsu Spring Lock Monster Hook is also equipped with a center point screw that ensures perfectly straight and weedless rigging every time. Available in a selection of sizes to accommodate the biggest swimbaits, the Gamakatsu Spring Lock Monster Hook await trophy-caliber catches.
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Tommy Skarlis Awesome Walleye Hooks 16 peg display, 6 packs per peg, 96 packs total
No Image
Made with a premium Gamakatsu Treble Hook for enhanced hooking capabilities, it also features coated steel wire that is machine crimped and then dipped in a black rubberized coating to provide a stealthy presentation and increased durability as well. The Treble Stinger Rig can be used on a variety of baits and is ideal for large swimbaits when following fish are coming from behind and just striking the tail of the bait. Stop missing short striking fish and stop wasting time rigging terminal tackle with the Gamakatsu Treble Stinger Rig NSB.
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It features a dual titanium weedguard that is flexible enough to not inhibit bites, but stout and resilient enough to deflect snags when working your lure through brush piles, trees, etc. It also won't get bent out shape as easily as stainless steel. Fukae even designed the head with a unique oval shape and recessed line eye to help it come through cover more easily than the traditional round head of most wacky jigs. Available in black and green pumpkin, the Gamakatsu G-Finesse Series Wacky Jig Head also features a specifically designed hook that holds your bait in place, and allows you to better impart action to your bait, while also facilitating better hooksets.
Eagle Claw Trokar Drop Shot Hook
This hook is engineered for optimal performance when fishing with swimbaits. Features Octopus style, up eye, forged with ringed eye.
Eagle Claw Trokar EWG Flippin' Hook
The only hooks in the world that are surgically sharpened, using patent-pending Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). Extra wide gap. Barbed straight shank. TroKar barb on shank.
Gamakatsu Octopus Hook
$4.59 - $18.49
Specially designed bend allows the hook to penetrate quickly and hokd, while still complying with the barbless hook regulations so prevalent in today's world.
Roboworm Gamakatsu Rebarb Hook
$6.99 - $7.09
Rebarb Hooks are designed specifically for rigging soft plastic worms. The molded plastic "Rebarb" on the hook shank holds the worm securely in place. When rigged properly, the plastic Rebarb is pushed through the worm and backed up to wedge against the inside of the worm to prevent it from sliding down.
Owner Phantom Tube Hook with Cutting Point
$7.59 - $8.59
Phantom Tube Hook? features a unique weighted system designed specifically for rigging tube and hollow baits weedless. Unlike rigs where weights are positioned along the shank of the hook, this hook allows for the placing of the weight "inside" the bait. When a bass strikes, it feels only the soft, natural texture of the tube, so it is less likely to drop the bait. Properly rigged, the Tube Hook is completely weedless. Additional features include a 45° eye bend, short shank, huge wide bite, Cutting Point®, and black chrome finish.
Mustad Aberdeen Hook
$1.79 - $8.09
The Aberdeen Hooks from Mustad are light wire, round-bend hooks that will bend before they break. They are great for fishing with minnows.
Mustad Big Game Tarpon and Tuna Hook
$28.99 - $34.99
Tarpon and tuna, forged, knife edge point, tapered brazed ring, Duratin.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Hook
$4.39 - $9.69
The Eagle Claw® Lazer Sharp® Octopus Hook is the ideal choice for tying up live bait rigs and spinner harnesses. Made of high-strength forged wire, with an offset needlepoint and turned-up eye, the L2 Octopus Hook creates perfect alignment for snell knots. Painted finish comes in proven walleye colors; finish does not cover the point or affect the hookset. Long shank.
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